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Eons ago, vampires tried to turn the Dark Fae in order to harness their magic, only to create a demonic energy more powerful than they could have imagined. Quietly amassing their strength for centuries, the Vampiric Fae — led by the merciless Myst, Queen of the Indigo Court — are determined to enslave the world. Only one witch stands in her way....Cicely Waters had alwaysEons ago, vampires tried to turn the Dark Fae in order to harness their magic, only to create a demonic energy more powerful than they could have imagined. Quietly amassing their strength for centuries, the Vampiric Fae — led by the merciless Myst, Queen of the Indigo Court — are determined to enslave the world. Only one witch stands in her way....Cicely Waters had always thought she was simply one of the magic-born — a witch who can control the wind — but when she returned home to New Forest, Washington, she discovered she's also one of the shifting Fae. Now she must perfect her gift. For Myst, Queen of the Indigo Court, has captured Grieve, the Fae prince who holds Cicely's heart. To save both her beloved Grieve and her friend Kaylin — whose demon is waking — Cicely must journey into the heart of the Indigo Court. But even as Cicely gathers strength, old alliances are breaking faith. And new allies, like the hedonistic vampire Lannan Altos, promise to take Cicely down a far darker path than she's ever travelled before....

Title : Night Veil
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Night Veil Reviews

  • Karissa
    2019-03-15 21:17

    This is the 2nd book in the Indigo Court series. I got a copy of this to review through the Goodreads First Reads program. I really did not like the first book, Night Myst, but by the time I had read that book I already obtained this review copy. So, I thought “maybe the series will get better” and went ahead and tried to read it. I just couldn’t finish it, I got maybe 100 pages in and it was just so awful.In the first book Cecily discovered that she is one of the Fey who can shift shape. In this book her quest to save her lover, Grieve, from the hands of the Indigo Court continues. She has allies to help her, unfortunately one of their allies the vampire Lannan is requiring payment from Cecily in a way that is taking her down dark and depraved paths.I read the first 100 or so pages of this book and just couldn't take anymore. This book is just as bad as the first book was, the only reason I even started this book was because I got it for review.The language is incredibly awkward, the characters sound like 2D paper cut outs. The writing style is incredibly hard to read. The writer uses very short sentences that make this sound like an awkward kid’s novel at times. Added to that the book just takes itself so incredibly serious. I am sooooo done with this series.Seriously in the middle of discussing a battle with the Queen of River and Rushes, the two characters start discussing hummingbirds and how their life is sacred and how hummingbirds need to make sure not to fly into stuff as part of their everyone has trouble surviving you know? I am all like...uh...okayyyyy....not even sure why we had to digress. It was so weird I was laughing at the awkwardness of it all.Seriously I was so frustrated with the horribleness of this book, I threw across the bed in frustration. I love my books and try to treat them with respect, but I do not like books that waste my time....was this book even edited? Okay enough ranting, back to the review….Let’s not even talk about the characters or plot. Cecily is abused by all of the men in her life. Her romance with Greive consists of her and him having rough sex whenever he can sneak away from Myst (the queen of the Indigo Court). Then the vampire she is working with Lannan, frequently abuses her physically, mentally, and sexually; her friends feel bad but what can they do? The whole thing is yucky feeling and the heroine is in tears as often as she is kicking butt or taking action.I just don’t know what else to say. I disliked the characters, they didn’t come alive for me. The plot is pretty darn lame and the writing is horrible. The idea behind this world with vampiric fey is interesting, but it is executed poorly.Overall I hated this book. I guess if you liked the first book this one is more of the same, so you will probably enjoy this one too. If you hated the first book (like I did) this book is more of the same and worse so you will probably hate it even more. Not recommended. If you want to read an excellent book about the Fey check out Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series, Kaylana Prices’s Alex Craft series, Karen Chance’s Dorina Basarab series, Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series, or Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles. All of these books are much much better books about Fey than this one.

  • Ritzy
    2019-02-26 20:14

    Hmmmm ... not the greatest read. Picked it up as a guilty pleasure, and ending up feeling more of the former than the latter. I can't go so far as to say "no redeeming qualities," but the relationship between the main character and her men is pretty unpleasant. And I do mean all the men. The vamps, the ubervamps, the shifters, and those that house demons. For what is sold as a kick-ass heroine, we see her emotionally and physically smacked around a lot. And in the end, she is still pining after a guy who is not much good to anybody. I typically love the shapeshifters, and particularly those that become wolves, but I do not love this Grieve guy. Bit of a nancy-boy type.The first book had this cool, almost Stephen King-like set-up, showing us this small community containing lots of secrets, and they have their backs against the edge of forest containing big, bad and dark things hiding inside it. And then Galenorn went off into this imaginitive fantasia thing, with the Myst queen, etc. It had promise.This installment - lots of whining people doing stupid things, and they should know better.Anyways...I'll be moving on to better things.

  • Stacy
    2019-03-07 14:11

    reviewed by http://urbanfantasyinvestigations.blo...The reason I picked up book one in the Indigo Court series was because the cover completely jumped out at me and as I was reading thorough the book I could picture Cicely being exactly like the cover portrayed her.NIGHT VEIL starts just after NIGHT MYST ends. Grieve is pretty much a prisoner and under the control of Myst. Cicely is adjusting to all the things she learned about herself in book one and preparing for battle against Myst. Cicely in NIGHT VEIL finds out who her allies and enemies really are and you will be shocked at the revelations. I have not come across one book of Yasmine's yet that I did not enjoy. The Indigo Court series is mystical, filled with action, and has a great array of characters and creatures. The story flows perfectly through the twists that Yasmine throws at us. So much happened at the end of NIGHT VEIL that I wish I would have waited to read it until it was closer to book 3 coming out because Im dying to know what happens next. If you have been a fan of Yasmine Galenorn's or have read the first book in the Indigo Court Series NIGHT MYST you will not be disappointed in reading NIGHT VEIL and if you have never read anything of Yasmine's go grab book one and jump in.

  • Samantha
    2019-03-05 20:32

    Yasmine Galenorn’s Indigo Court series is addictive and the latest addition to the saga is no exception. Night Veil is a mystical and captivating read and the author’s creativity shines through.Night Veil picks back up where Night Myst left off. The whole gang is back and preparing for their battle with Myst, the Queen of the Indigo Court and the vampiric fae. This time around more than just the Queen stands in their way and they face more dangers than before.Cicely Waters, a witch, learns that she is not only magic born but is part Cambyra Fae, a shifter fae. Trying to deal with her new powers and learning who to trust is proving to be hard. At the end of the last book, Myst decides to make Grieve, the man Cicely loves, her consort. Cicely is more determine to win the war against the Indigo Court, especially after her past with Grieve is revealed.While strategizing how to take down Myst and the rest of the vampiric fae, Cicely’s friend Kaylin goes into a deep trance. The demon who has invaded his body when he was born is finally waking. Cicely rushes to find answers to save her friend while a division in her group ensues. In order to save her love ones, Cicely must put her faith into some of the people she doesn’t trust such as Lannon, the vampire who she begrudgingly works for. Galenorn’s creativity is beautifully exposed in this series. Her world of vampires, fae, witches and other paranormal beings is fun and imaginative. She adds new creatures to the tale that spices up things a bit and adds a twist to the paranormal realm. However, I really wish the author would stop trying to fix all the problems that Cicely has with sex. As soon as she has a confrontation with Lannan, she runs to Grieve. When she gets all stressed out and emotional, she calls for Grieve to fix it with sex. The sex ploy really takes away from the romance between Cicely and Grieve. There is also the fact that I felt like there is little growth in the characters from the first book to the second. Normally in a series as each book continues where the next left off, the reader can get a sense in how the characters are changing and developing. I’m not sure if I got that with this book, making the characters appear one dimensional. The author does lay the foundation for more books in the series. Several things need to be cleared up and I hope that she stays on track and develop the plot more. Night Veil lacks a bit of action but Cicely’s background, parentage and her past is all revealed in this book. Overall, the pace is fast, the story is engaging. Night Veil is a great addition to the urban fantasy genre.

  • Jesslyn
    2019-03-23 13:31

    Sloppy writing! Freaking 3 pages ago you talk about the chick wearing pants and now her legs are showing from the slit in her skirt? Sloppy, people, sloppy. Especially for a fully priced $7.99 Kindle book.I am done with this book. I have absolutely no interest in this character or her 'voice'. IMO, there was no emotion to her. The entire book felt like the inner voice that was used just listed off a series of things she was doing. This-happened-and-I-was-scared. THere didn't seem to be any expansion of the emotion after that. Ugh and double-ugh.I stopped after a scene where a woman comes in to get a protection charm and when Cicely 'sees' that she is a victim of spousal abuse, she didn't even try to put any extra into the charm (although she did return her money) and there was zero feelings of sisterhood. She actually did a can't-save-everybody mental shrug that turned me so far off that I may not even pick up another of the writer's books.My Goodreads Updates"Is it me? "...Cicely. I'm afraid that if you don't have sex tonight, you'll get sick." Really? Seriously, is Ms. Galenorn a Laurell K. Hamilton wannabe?Ugh, ugh and double ugh. Cause Cicely already drowns her sorrows in sex to the point of imagining what an unconscious friend (who needs help not to die) would be like in the sack. I'm stuck because the plot/story premise is so good, but she's about to lose me""I don't like making the character do stupid things to serve the plot. This book seems to take that as the main model. Big ugh to that. I also need to like the characters a bit more. They seem so...flat. 'I did this and he did that". "I love him so much so let's f*#k". Really? Thats all the emotion the writing has conveyed so far. Definately not Cat & Bones or Barron & Mac whemo"My Kindle Notes and Highlights (expressing much frustration)And whatever I could do to keep Myst from destroying the joy of summer, I would willingly do.Note: Lets hope she starts being MUCH more of a thinker from this point. She hasnt been the brightest bulb I found myself walking off the path, mesmerized by her sudden appearance. Krystal, my mother.Note: What an idiot I know that Lannan just wants to watch me in something like this.Note: So why wear it? The dumbass moves that are put in to advance the plot don't work for me As she held the sign, I pounded it into the ground, first scooping away a good foot of snow to reach the dirt.Note: Wow, they must be strong. Its the middle of winter and the ground is frozen

  • Sibil
    2019-03-08 14:13

    More 2.75 stars.Con questo secondo volume le cose sono andate molto meglio che col primo, perché l'autrice riesce a far nascere la curiosità nel lettore su un sacco di cose: per buona parte del libro, per esempio, ci chiediamo chi sia il padre di Cicely, e nella seconda parte del libro, invece, ci chiediamo chi sia il padre di Peyton e cosa ci sia dietro il suo ritorno, perché le cose potrebbero essere più complicate del previsto.E un'altra cosa buona è che i protagonisti del libro non siano esattamente quello che sembrano. Ad esempio diversi personaggi che nel primo libro mi piacevano (anche se "piacere" è un termine un po' forte, perché il primo capitolo non mi era piaciuto per nulla) qua si sono rivelati personaggi non così "buoni", mentre dei personaggi che prima proprio non mi piacevano hanno rivelato un insospettato lato nascosto (non che ora siano diventati buoni, ma potrebbero forse essere meno peggio del previsto). Anche la trama, rispetto al libro, è più interessante, perché si sta preparando una guerra, e Cicely si trova proprio nel mezzo di tutte le fazioni interessate, che a quanto pare sono parecchie. All'inizio sembrava che il tutto si potesse riassumere in "liberare Grieve dalle grinfie di Myst e poi eliminare Myst dalla faccia della terra con l'aiuto dei vampiri". Peccato che, anche se la base del piano rimane quella, le alleanze che si erano formate nel primo libro non sono più così solide, tutti sembrano avere secondi fini (e alcuni di questi proprio non sono a favore della nostra eroina), quindi l'autrice riesce a far rimanere vivo se non proprio l'interesse, almeno la curiosità.Probabilmente potrebbe sembrare che questo libro mi sia piaciuto, visto soprattutto i miglioramenti rispetto al precedente, ma non è così.Anche se ci sono cose interessanti, che sono riuscite a incuriosirmi, è stata comunque una lettura molto noiosa, ogni volta che chiudevo il libro non mi sentivo minimamente motivata a riprenderlo, e questo non è certo un buon segno. Non saprei dire bene cosa sia andato storto, ma i personaggi mi trasmettono poco, lo stile dell'autrice non mi piace particolarmente e la noia è il sentimento che ha predominato su tutta la lettura.Mi dispiace, ma ho deciso che non continuerò questa serie.

  • Lindy
    2019-03-05 21:04

    Reviewed for TwoLips Reviews, LLC3 Kisses, 1 Pepper (M/F, explicit sex)Night Veil picks up where the cliffhanger in the first book in the series left off. After returning to her hometown to find much has changed, Cicely Waters has also learned a lot about herself and what her true powers are. She always knew that she was a magic-born witch, but now she knows she's part Fae as well. And it's a good thing she's realizing her new abilities, because her long-ago love, Grieve, has been taken prisoner by the Indigo Court, and Cicely must save him. To do so, she must face Myst, the Vampiric Fae queen and ruler of the Indigo Court. Not an easy task, even on a good day. Meanwhile she has an ally who is in a coma because his inner demon is waking up, more people keep disappearing from their small town, friends who become adversaries, and enemies she has to trust whether she likes it or not.The author’s inclusion of a character list for reference and a music playlist are both appreciated. I’d especially like to see more authors include music playlists in their books, not only because I find it fascinating what they listen to while writing, but also because it’s a way for me to discover fun, new music.Yasmine Galenorn's second book in the series, Night Veil, will appeal to readers who like a lot of action, urban fantasy, dark paranormal fiction, world building, politics, and intrigue. There are twists galore and the author is undeniably creative, but while I definitely appreciated the ‘dark and creepy factor’ of this book, I personally prefer a lot more focus on the romance and not so much on the paranormal aspects of a story. I had a very hard time getting through this book, but my issues were strictly a matter of taste and are no reflection on the quality of the story. It should be noted that it would be extremely helpful to read the first book in the series before starting this one.

  • PepperP0t
    2019-03-21 19:16

    Shifting fae, Cecily, is a busy girl. She's still learning the depth of her powers and how to master them. Clueless Cecily is both super smart and dumb as a post depending on the page as she leads her intrepid team. Her boyfriend, Grieve, is still a captive of her enemy, Myst, who hasn't stopped sending minions to test the barriers of Indigo Court. It's all Cecily and her cadre of helpers can do to keep Myst's minions at bay while the minions overrun the town, attack warded areas for weak points, murder its citizenry and mericlessly harry Cecily and company. (It's like Sunnydale, the people won't move even though their town has an inordinate amount of death by dark creature.) But for my taste the characters don't have enough depth to maintain interest.Frienemies are rampant in this outing. Friends become enemies and there's an overwhelming number of outright enemies among the fae, vampires, witches, shadow hunter and assorted minions in this little town throughout the outing. Lannon gets to be elevated a bit when it becomes clear his time with Cecily is more than a repayment of a debt to him. As a couple there was more chemistry with Lannon than Grieve. This reader is good with dark paths and works well with odd but somehow cannot connect with this series. It took me over a month to read this and I don't have the satisfaction of a book well read. Perhaps I'll attempt book three and hopefully it'll be more to my taste but 'reading is believing.' The outing is wordy with plenty of filler.

  • Kristina
    2019-02-23 16:22

    What I LovedOpinion ChangeAt the beginning of the book I had my character likes and dislikes and I was hoping a particular character would be killed. By the end of the book there was so many crazy betrayals, uncovered plots and hidden secret agendas that my character likes and dislikes changed. I'm still reeling from all the stuff that happened on every page of the book.CharacterCicely: Another great kick ass female character, with her own vulnerabilities and strengths. We get to learn who her father is in and more about her past life in this book.Grieve: I really liked him more in this book, like with Cicely we get to learn a little more about him as well. I'm so looking forward to the next book and learning even more about him.Sexual TensionThe first book didn't have a huge amount of sex in the book, but this one steps it up a notch and adds a bit more. Yasmine's books definitely not for the faint of heart, you have got to be able to handle the rougher side especially with the book having brother and sister vampire lovers.Didn't LikeWhat is there not to like about Yasmine's work, she isn't afraid to push any boundaries and I love that about her books.Recommendation A series definitely for the adult audience, a lot of mature and steamy content.InformationIndigo Court series1) Night Myst 2) Night Veil3) Night Seeker July 3, 20124) Night Vision July 20135) Night's End TBA

  • Kara-karina
    2019-03-12 15:22

    *SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT*Ha, I knew Lannan couldn't have been that bad and that sadistic!But I digress.Although Sisters of The Otherworld is still my favorite series from Yasmine Galenorn, Indigo Court is not far from it. All the trademarks of Yasmine are present - rich fantasy, messy relationships, and dark twisted intrigues.It took me awhile to get into this book, but once I did I couldn't stop reading. Cecily is still trying to save Grieve from Indigo Court; her small town loses more and more people to Shadow Hunters every day; vampires to whom Cecily is contracted pressure her to do their bidding; relationships at home get more and more tense; and Kaylin who is supposed to play important part in the destruction of Myst is in coma because his demon is trying to hatch...It's all a hot mess, with some allies turning enemies and some enemies becoming allies, but I loved it! Cicely and Grieve, by the way to me are not as interesting as Lannan - a vampire to whom Cecily is contracted and who plays quite a dark and twisted game with her until someone else hurts the girl and then you see that there is so much more to him than you thought....If you haven't read anything by Yasmine yet, do give her a try. She is definitely worth it.

  • Emilie E. Faye
    2019-03-17 17:23

    Night Veil is the second book in Yasmine Galenorn's Indigo Court series and it picked right up where Night Myst left off. The story continues as Cicely is betrayed by people she considered friends, saves Kaylin's life, finds out who her father is, uncovers more about her past life, and loses allies in this action-packed sequel.Did I mention that it's absolutely amazing? No, this wasn't my favorite book ever, but it was pretty darn awesome! I was left on an emotional roller coaster ride that I almost didn't want to get off of. The end wasn't a cliffhanger, but it did leave me empty and craving for the next book in the series, Night Seeker. I give this four stars because I really liked it but it wasn't the best book I have ever read. Regardless, Yasmine Galenorn is an amazingly talented author and I absolutely cannot wait for more.

  • Kim
    2019-03-25 20:30

    I enjoyed this book even more then the first. There is a a lot of action, it's faced paced and the storyline flows smoothly.The same characters that you or hate are back full force.Cicely is still very much wrapped up in the Vampires game. And offer that sounds to good to be true, is. Those that are bad, may just have a good side and those you think are on Cicely's side aren't. Intrigue abounds as does the love that Cicely and Grieve share, even though it is strained in certain parts. Luckily we still don't have a love triangle even though Cicely seems to pick up admirers at the drop of a hat.We find out much more about Cicely's father and her true mother in this book. Memories from another time come rushing back with a vengeance. Myst is still the enemy, but there are others made along the way.A new character, Luna, is introduced as is the faction of the Consortium. If this series stays on this track I can't imagine it won't soon become a favorite.The only reason this book got 4 stars instead of 5 is that there are still certain times when the wording of a passage is an issue. Other then that a great, fast, easy read.

  • Kipi
    2019-03-19 19:14

    Imagine an audiobook that has a reader so boring you'd rather listen to politicians' tax-planning. Imagine the same book with naïve plot, moronic Mary Sue "heroine" who ponders on how her friend would be in the sack while the same friend is in trouble, insta-love (they're ancient soul mates..........) and LKH-y sex scenes, abusive rapist vamp and a collection of supes. A collection, which is so vast and ridiculous you'd think someone watched Rocky Horror Picture Show on LSD and thought how to make it supernatural. Add a RIDICULOUS reader, who portrays the scary monsters by a voice that reminds me of an old squeaky lady who got her behind stuck in a toilet seat.That, to me, is Night Veil. Needless to say Im saving this on my ipod just in case my sanity allows me to continue this just for laughs.

  • Kim
    2019-02-26 13:28

    O.k. I loved the first book, and this one is good too,and more like 3 and a half stars. I just had so much trouble with Lannan the vampire who creeps my crap, that I had trouble getting through the first part of the book and at one point I was not sure I WAS going to finish the book. This one is a little grosser with technicolor descriptions that I really didn't need and a few words would have sufficed instead. By the end of the book, I did have a perspective shift about the crap creeper, and I did want to drop a 500,000 ton silver weight on the entire town at one point, but by the end, I understood WHY our heroine has her bodice ripper moments of stupidity. The book left me not sure if I want to continue or not with the series. It is well written but it bothers me, and that is something only I can decide.

  • Ju Transcendancing
    2019-03-02 15:33

    I love the Otherworld series, but this one lacks a certain richness and buy-in from me, though I'm enjoying it well enough to continue. The elements that I particularly like - the queerness, polyamory are also not present here and I miss them. Right now the story seems to small - or too large, but doesn't quite work for me that only this one group seem to be noticing anything... I also spend a lot of time thinking that Cicely and Grieve are just a bit too overdone, I don't find them believable most of the time... I don't find Cicely believable much at all, though I want to. This is essentially my review for the three books I've read so far of this series. I want to like it more than I do... and I keep reading, hoping.

  • Darcy
    2019-02-24 20:03

    I thought the first book in this series got really bogged down with the world building, I had hoped that this book would be easier to read as the world would be established. But that wasn't the case for me. I read about 12 pages and then put the book down, putzed around the house for a couple hours, picked up another book read a 100 pages, then picked up this one again. After reading another 20 pages things didn't pick up, there were all these people, Cicely kept thinking/whining to herself that Grieve was gone. I just couldn't take it any more. While I really like the Sisters of the Moon series, this one just isn't for me.

  • Samantha (Book Lover's Cozy Cafe)
    2019-03-14 21:24

    Night Veil was a key book in the Indigo Court series. It sets you up for what's going to happen in the rest of the series. Alliances and enemies have been made. Families are torn apart while some are reunited. This book is definitely interesting to read, and it has captured my attention. If you are looking for something with a little bit of everything, and different, then the Indigo Court Series is a definite must read.

  • Ivy
    2019-03-13 21:31

    4 starsYay!!! Enjoyed this book. Glad that Cicely met her father, Wrath. Wonder what will happen now they're at war. Hope Peyton will be able to meet her father soon. Wonder who Rhiannon's father is. Glad we were able to see who Cicely, Grieve, and Chatter were in their past lives. Also wonder if Rhiannon and Chatter will get together. Can't wait to read Night Seeker!!!

  • Heather
    2019-03-17 19:30

    Felt like I was reading the first book all over again. Nothing too new in the first part of the book. Gave it up becuase it was just repeating everything. Might try again at a later date.

  • Michelle the Romance Witch
    2019-03-15 17:19

    interesting plot and a thorough story, though i still reserve my judgement as to this actually being considered romance.

  • Robin Hall
    2019-03-13 19:25

    I always start reading these books and not being very involved but by the ending I'm hooked again. I have a bit of a hard time getting drawn into this world but I love the intrigue.

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-03-25 17:26

    Second in the Indigo Court urban fantasy series revolving around Cicely Waters as she and her friends scramble to protect themselves and the town.My TakeSmall bits of this are evolving into a story starting to resemble Galenorn's Otherworld series in that Cicely is gathering her friends and allies together. Ooh, this is kind of eerie and weird. I'm getting a very nasty impression of Geoffrey with some questions about Lannan. Then there's Lainule's actions... Yup, spooky enough that I'm starting to wonder who are the good guys in this tight little group. And don't get me started about Leo!Nice bit of Cicely's backstory with Grieve and Kyrstal. Don't know what Grieve's hurry was. He's fae. He's got forever.Galenorn is a bit too much tell with a clumsy approach to introducing one of the dramas of Night Veil: Kaylin's evolution and if they can beg the help he'll need. It's like this throughout the Night Veil with great dramas that, well, fizzle, and others that do provide tension. Maybe I'm asking too much.Then there's Cicely. Supposedly an intelligent woman---no, I'm not assuming she's brilliant. But she is supposed to be street smart, and she has Ulean to help her escape trouble. So why does this "intelligent" person do so many stupid things? There are the vampires and that dumb contract that irritates me so. There's the tragedy of Grieve and Cicely and the lack of thought put into their interactions. It's too dangerous for her to be around Grieve now, and of course, she does want to be with him. Fair enough. But, do her thoughts have to be so idiotic? This goes back to my personal prejudice against those clichéd fallbacks.And then the house. Veil House. Galenorn makes a big deal of how the house is sitting on a powerful crossing of ley lines. And they can't hole up in the house? What? They'll get an apartment and that'll work so much better?? Gimme a break.I understand Galenorn using the vampires to instill fear, terror, and utter humiliation. It just irritates me that Galenorn set up that contract in Night Myst, 1, as she did, and then contradicted everything in it. It's stupid, I know, to harp on that one point. But it bugs me. That's another thing. If Cicely is so valuable to the vampires, why are they so willing to degrade and hurt her? Galenorn does not allow Cicely many choices. Not that she has this not-too-bright girl thinking very hard or doing any research to find out what she needs to be wary of.Color me stunned. And confused. I do not understand Anadey's reasoning in this. How is this supposed to help their situation? How can she betray Cicely like this?Whoa. Even though Galenorn was trampling a path to this ending, it was not what I expected. In some ways, it was too easy. That little speech of Kaylin's, true as it may be, could have used some finessing.The StoryWhile isn't that just lovely?! Geoffrey and Regina taking over and implementing their own plan without thinking. Almost like Geoffrey when he first turned Myst all those centuries ago.The results of that latest stupid plan have merely ramped up the attacks and the deaths on the inhabitants of New Forest. Results that force the wicked three into revealing their plans early. It almost makes Kaylin's oops to the Consortium seem benign and their demands a walk in the woods.The CharactersCicely Waters is a witch who learns in Night Veil that she is soulmates with Grieve---and of the importance of the heartstone. Ulean, Cicely's Air Elemental, bound to her service by Lainule, protects and warns Cicely. Aunt Heather was taken and turned in Night Myst; all that's left of the family is Cicely's cousin Rhiannon Roland. Leo Bryne is Geoffrey's day runner and Rhiannon's fiancé with a fascination for vampire culture. Grieve was a prince in the Court of Rivers and Rushes, nephew to Lainule, the Queen of Summer, and born of the Cambyra Fae, a Shifting One. Then Myst attacked, and he is the focus of her plot for vengeance. Chatter, while not noble, is his best friend and cousin, but Cicely rescued him in Night Myst. Turns out that a Fae named Wrath is her father, the Lord of Summer and Lainule's consort---the owl who has been training her to shift. And there's a purpose to her birth...Anadey runs the town diner and is a shamanic witch who can work with all four elements. Peyton Moon Runner is her daughter as well as the temporary short order cook. She's half-werepuma and half-magic, and she's setting up Magical Investigations alongside Cicely. Only, the father, Rex, who ran off, is trying to wriggle back into the picture.Kaylin Chen is a 101-year-old martial arts sensei and dreamwalker possessed by a night-veil demon. The King of Dreams and his shaman have been watching his progress. Luna is a bard with issues. Geoffrey the Great is the Northwest Regent for the Vampire Nation, turned when he was a warlord during the Xiongnu period. Regina Altos is the Emissary to the Crimson Court; her brother, Lannan, is a professor at the Conservatory, and a sadistic, cruel vampire who delights in the humiliation of others. Crawl is the Blood Oracle, a thing twisted and corrupt, a vampire who gave it up to become seer to the Queen. He sired Regina and Lannan. Tim Wylde, Alder, and Snell are all weres reined in by Ben Sagata, the alpha of the Lupa Clan.Ysandra Petros is from the Consortium; she was a close friend of Marta's.Myst, Queen of the Indigo Court, was fae before Geoffrey turned her, and she intends to destroy Cicely while her Shadow Hunters destroy the world starting with New Forest. Shy and Cherish (she was Myst's daughter) are Grieve and Cicely in a long ago time. When both betrayed their own races. The Vein Lords, a.k.a., the Crimson Court, a.k.a., the Vampire Nation, are the vampires. Yummanii are the fully human. The Consortium is a worldwide organization of supernaturals, who, along with the Vein Lords and certain officials, run the world. The Court of Dreams, a.k.a., the realm of the Bat People who are the children of demons, can be too real as a place of both dreams and nightmares come to life for the eaters of hope, love, and dreams. Akazzani are a group of historians---yummanii and magic-born. Guardians. The Moon Spinners are the new society in New Forest.The CoverThe cover is cold with a slightly whacked-looking Cicely standing in the snowy woods in her skintight, white lycra pants, her white leather vest, zipped open to show off her cropped burgundy top, and holding her bloody knife while the gray-and-white wolf that is Grieve lurks in the background. The colors are perfect: the cold chill of white and the Indigo Court with the red of blood.The title is all about Kaylin and his own heritage, the Night Veil.

  • Francais Parker
    2019-02-28 16:03

    World Building: A++Mythology: A++Feels: A+++Suspense: A+Plot-Twists: A+++Villains: A+Girl Power: A++Guy-Hero: A+Love-Interests: A+The world that Galenorn has built is captivating and the mythology she created for the very foundation of this series is fascinating. Very immersive. The conflicts, politics and intrigue are enthralling.For you clean-readers: this book DOES have mature content. You'll need to do some self-editing or scene-skipping to read this one.

  • Kelcey
    2019-03-13 19:22

    Well, that was much better than anticipated. Finally, some fun twists and turns. Yay (view spoiler)[ owl daddy, reincarnation all day every day, Kaylin feels, and finally getting rid of that ass Leo (too bad he took his cat- the cat was awesome) (hide spoiler)] Now, I just can't stop reading. It's like eating chips. They are not great for you and you can't have just one.

  • Katherine Moss
    2019-03-25 15:30

    Another cliffhanger in this series. I read this one in a single day ...

  • Bücherfresser
    2019-03-14 15:25

    "Eher enttäuschend …"
Inhalt:Die Geschichte um Cicely geht weiter, denn Myst wird immer stärker und giert nach Macht. Dabei greift sie immer wieder Cicely und ihre Freunde an, die in Bedrängnis geraten. Doch dann erschließen sich Cicely auf einmal ungeahnte Geheimnisse …Story 2.5/5Spannung 2/5Charaktere 2/5 Fantasy 3/5 Tiefgang 1/5Meinung:
„Eishauch“ ist der zweite Band aus der „Das dunkle Volk“ Reihe von der Autorin Yasmine Galenorn. Auch im zweiten Band geht es wieder um Magiegeborene, Vampire und Feen.

Auch in „Eishauch“ spielt Cicely die Hauptrolle. Die Geschichte wird wieder aus ihrer Perspektive erzählt. Dabei spitzt sich der Konflikt am Indigo Hof immer mehr zu, Cicely lässt sich auf einen Deal mit den Vampiren ein und plötzlich offenbaren sich Cicely so einige Lücken in ihrer Familiengeschichte. Wo in Band eins nur davon gesprochen wurde, dass Myst mehr Macht will, setzt sie dies nun in die Tat um. Die Vampir-Feen werden blutrünstiger, Cicely und ihre Freunde werden immer öfter angegriffen.Schatten betraten und verließen die höhle: Groß waren sie, dünn, zweibeinig, die Flügel nach hinten zurückgefaltet. Sie bewegten sich sehr bewusst, als würden sie in einer Prozession gehen, die Schritte abgehackt, kräftig, bestimmt.(Seite 115)Insgesamt erfährt der Leser nun einiges mehr über die Geschichte der Vampir-Feen und über die Verbindung zwischen den Vampiren und den normalen Feen. Dazu lernt der Leser nun auch Cicely und ihre Freunde, sowie ihre Kräfte besser kennen, da häufiger Konflikte entstehen. Im groben waren das in meinen Augen die positiven Aspekte der Geschichte, denn die Fortsetzung konnte mich so gut wie gar nicht überzeugen.Mir ist „Eishauch“ einfach zu oberflächig. Die Geschichte ist für eine Fantasygeschichte zu sehr Mainstream, nichtssagend und extrem kurzweilig. Dazu finde ich den Plot im zweiten Teil noch vorhersehbarer, die Dialoge sind mir zu simpel und auch der Erotikteil konnte mich in keiner Weise ansprechen. Die „Sexstellen“ sind ruppig abgearbeitet und eher ekelig als romantisch …Grieve setzte sich auf und zog mich auf seinen Schoß. Das Feuer in mir tobte noch immer, aber zumindest war der schlimmste Hunger gestillt. »Bist du dir sicher? Ich will dir nichts antun.«(Seite 232)Insgesamt habe ich „Eishauch“ nicht gerne gelesen. Ich hatte keinen Draht zu Cicely und ebenso fehlte die Verbindung zur eigentlichen Geschichte. Die Vampir-Feen wirken nun nur noch wie blutrünstige Killermaschinen und haben mein Interesse auch nicht mehr aufrecht erhalten können.Der Schreibstil ist sehr flüssig zu lesen, allerdings auch recht simpel und nicht gerade tiefgründig.Das Cover passt zur Reihe und strahlt genau den Inhalt wieder.Ich stand noch immer im Wohnzimmer und starrte mit offenem Mund auf die Tür. »Was zum Geier machen wir denn jetzt?«Kaylin, der hinter mir stand, lachte. »Na, heiraten, denke ich.«(Seite 320)Fazit:
Insgesamt vergebe ich gut gemeinte 2 Sterne für „Eishauch“. Mich konnte die Geschichte nicht ergreifen. Die Fortsetzung ist noch oberflächiger, noch simpler und ziemlich vorhersehbar. Ich konnte leider so gar nichts mit Cicely anfangen, vielleicht gibt es aber den ein oder anderen Leser, der an dieser Mainstream-Fantasy Lektüre doch seinen Spaß findet.

  • Katie
    2019-03-13 13:32

    I enjoyed this novel to a certain extent, but not as much as I enjoyed the first one. This one was a bit of a bore and it was all rather expected. Something that I personally don't like in my novels. Even if I do enjoy the author of the series, this novel was still boring. It just seems to all run together when a novel reaches this point, and it truly did seem to with this one. Which is rather sad when it's only the second novel in this series.Ever since the Cicely has gotten back to town it's been one blow after another for her. First her family is torn apart, then she finds out that Grieve is no longer the man that she once knew, and now she's bound to Lannan. A bond that she hates with a fiery passion, but one that she willingly made. Even if it was only to save Grieve from his current fate. A fate that has only gotten increasingly worse because of Cicely herself. For now all of the Indigo Court have been reduced to their madness and bloodlust. A fate that wouldn't have happened if Cicely hadn't gone to Grieve. Because while Lannan was taking his blood payment from her he was also inserting a new drug into her bloodstream. An experimental drug that has the possibility of either weakening the vampiric fae or killing them. However, this drug backfires terribly. Because now all of the Indigo Court no longer have any control over their own madness. They feed at random and killed just for the sole pleasure of it. Even more so than they already did. But there is a bit of a bright side to this drug too. Because none of the vampiric fae can tolerate the sunlight even the slightest. Not even a little bit of it. An that includes Grieve himself. Except Grieve knows that he can't control himself and in his last attempt at sanity he sends Chatter with Cicely. For if he didn't his friend could very well end up dead. And Grieve could never forgive himself if that were to happen. But right now Cicely can't forgive herself for what's transpired. Because even though she didn't know about it, it's still her fault. Which makes her even more determined to fix it.This novel would be considered an adult romance/urban fantasy novel. A novel that is just about the same as the first one in this series. It even had the same aspects as the first one. Right down to how the characters themselves were even portrayed. Which made this novel a bit dull in the plot department. Mostly because the plot seemed to be the exact same as the other novel as well. However, this novel did add a few new characters into the mix. And they created a flare that this novel was in desperate need of. However, when it comes down to the final recommendation I'd say that it's a bit of a different one. For this novel is for those of us who truly do love the world that Yasmine Galenorn has created. And if you don't like her world, than this novel certainly isn't for you at all. Nor the series for that matter.*Read on April 21st, 2017

  • Sarah
    2019-03-24 18:21

    Night Veil picks up the story just a few days after the ending of Night Myst and is another great installment in Yasmine Galenorn's Indigo Court series. This is a series that I would suggest reading in order & this review will probably include slight spoilers for the first book so if you haven't read it yet then I wouldn't recommend reading any further.Cicely and her friends are preparing for war against the Vampiric Fae and Cicely is determined to rescue her soul mate Grieve from Myst's clutches. The dangers are great and Cicely knows that the vampires and fae who claim to be her allies have their own agendas and are happy to use her to get what they want. What she is having trouble figuring out is how to stop being caught in the middle and becoming collateral damage along the way. With friends becoming enemies and enemies behaving like friends it is impossible for her to know who can be trusted. Can she find a way to rescue Grieve or has he been lost to her forever?Night Veil is a fast paced story and there were plenty of twists and turns that shocked me along the way. I think the story was a little less dark than the first one (there were less scenes with Lannon taking advantage of Cicely for example) but that isn't nessicerally a bad thing and there is still a lot of action. Cicely is growing into her new abilities, she is still protective of those she cares about and she takes a lot of responsibility on her shoulders to try and keep everyone safe. We learn more about her past life with Grieve and see why their connection is so strong and we also find out more about why Myst is so keen to destroy Cicely and her friends. There are some shocking betrayals along with a few surprising alliances forming and I'll be really interested to see how this plays out in the next book.It was good to get to know the side characters better - I love Cicely's cousin Rhiannon and am pleased to see her harnessing her powers, I'm curious about how the changes in Kaylin will affect him in the future and I'm looking forward to finding out more about Luna. I still don't feel like I know Grieve well enough to have fallen for him but it was good to discover more about his past and I'm hoping he'll have a larger role to play as the series continues.If you enjoyed Night Myst you'll like Night Veil even more, some loose ends are tied up and although the story doesn't end on a major cliffhanger it sets things up well for the next book - Night Seeker. I'd definitely recommend the series to urban fantasy fans and am looking forward to getting my hands on the next installment.

  • Anorielt
    2019-02-27 17:19

    Erster Satz: Myst führte ihr Volk in die Schatten, und dort verbarg es sich in den Tiefen der Legenden. Hier ist er nun also, der zweite Band um Cicely und den Indigo-Court. Ich bin ganz ehrlich, eigentlich wollte ich das Buch nicht lesen. Mondschein gefiel mir zwar, aber es war teilweise sehr verwirrend und einige Dinge hätte die Autorin besser und ausführlicher erklären müssen um Missverständnisse zu verhindern. Zwar fand ich die Geschichte gut, aber ich hatte nicht das Bedürfnis umbedingt weiterzulesen. Jetzt bin ich froh das ich Eishauch doch gelesen habe, denn es ist bei weitem besser als sein Vorgänger. Noch immer ist die Situation kritisch. Myst geht auf die vollen und macht jetzt offen Jagd auf die Bürger von New Forest. Immer wieder kommt es zu Auseinandersetzungen mit etlichen Toten. Die einzige gute Wendung ist, das die Vampirfeen durch das Virus das im ersten Band verteilt wurde, nichtmehr in die Sonne gehen können und die Bewohner so zumindest am Tag vor ihnen sicher sind. Der Winter und damit Myst halten New Forest und die Umgebung fest in ihren Klauen und es ist nichtmehr auszuschließen, das Myst eine erneute Eiszeit einläuten könnte. Cicely ist noch immer fest entschlossen Grieve zu retten und ist dafür sogar bereit die Vampire zu hintergehen. Doch dann kommt alles anders und plötzlich muss sie sich entscheiden. Die Geschichte ist teilweise zwar noch immer leicht verwirrend, aber es ist schon viel besser als im ersten Band. Außerdem ist dieser um einiges interessanter und spannend, denn er knüpft direkt an die Geschehnisse aus Mondschein an und es ist somit keine Anlaufzeit dabei. Es geht sofort in die Vollen und das fand ich richtig gut. Der Großteil der Geschichte dreht sich diesmal und Grieve und Cicelys Vergangenheit. Einige Dinge kommen ans Tageslicht, endlich lernt sie ihren Vater kennen und am Ende ändern sich die Dinge noch einmal komplett. Eine wirklich gelungene Fortsetzung mit einem Ende, das einen dazu verlockt weiter zu lesen. Vielleicht eine Reihe die von Band zu Band besser wird, aber das werden wir erst sehen wenn der dritte Band erschienen ist. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fazit-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Im Gegenteil zum ersten Band, ist Eishauch schon viel geordneter und weniger verwirrend. Es geschehen zwar immernoch viele Dinge auf einmal, doch diesmal ist es leicht den Überblick zu behalten. Cicely konzentriert sich vor allem auf ihre Vergangen und Grieves Rettung und bringt damit Dinge ins rollen, die alle vernichten könnten.

  • Jeanne
    2019-03-07 19:17

    This book almost made 4 stars, but I couldn't quite go there. The story is strong and the characters are well defined. The plot - as seems to be typical with all fae related series - is very convoluted with a lot of scheming and back stabbing characters. While this is not necessarily a bad thing (in fact, I rather enjoy not always being able to figure out who is behind what and getting surprised by a turn of events in the story), sometimes this story can feel a little too contrived and a little too convoluted. Honestly though, the thing i have the biggest problem with is the complete inhumanity of the vampires in the story. Truth is, no matter how difficult to kill or how powerful, if a group of people proved themselves to be so uncaring and so cold that they had absolutely no concern at all for humans, the humans would never have allowed them to remain in power to the extent this story has them in power. The absolute aloofness and coldness of the vampires becomes a turn off to the story line (at least for me). Even some of the fae characters we have met turn out to be concerned only with the politics and results of a given plan they may or may not be backing at any given moment. While it is understandable that some of the vampires and fae would behave this way (much like humans have individuals who are worse than others) we have so far only met two fae (Grieve and Chatter) and no vamps that seem to have any concern for anyhitng other than themselves or their "plot of the moment". Admittedly, we have only met those vamps and fae who are involved in the plot (those trying to get it in place or those trying to stop it), but it just gets to be too much to be enjoyable. I do like the story over all and, as long as I'm not reading several of these back to back, then I'll likely continue the series. I'm not putting the next one at the top of the to be read pile when it comes out, but it will get added to the pile.All in all, a decent read - but again, don't expect the romance portion to be resolved and if you need an HEA in each of your books or you are looking for a little, easy, laid back read then this one is definately not for you.