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A suspenseful gay romance novel about an alpha bartender, an art historian with a mystery and a homeless teenager in need of helpThis bartender’s art lies in more than mixing drinks …Randy Vaughan is a six-foot-three mass of mysteries to his customers and his friends. Why does a former Secret Service agent now own Mata Hari, a successful piano bar? Where did a muscle daddyA suspenseful gay romance novel about an alpha bartender, an art historian with a mystery and a homeless teenager in need of helpThis bartender’s art lies in more than mixing drinks …Randy Vaughan is a six-foot-three mass of mysteries to his customers and his friends. Why does a former Secret Service agent now own Mata Hari, a successful piano bar? Where did a muscle daddy get his passion for collecting fine art? If he’s as much a loner as his friends believe, why does he crave weekly sessions at an exclusive leather club?Randy’s carefully private life unravels when Jack Fraser, a handsome art historian from England, walks into his bar, anxious to get his hands on a painting Randy owns. The desperation Randy glimpses in whiskey-colored eyes draws him in, as does the desire to submit that he senses beneath Jack’s elegant, driven exterior.While wrestling with his attraction to Jack, Randy has to deal with a homeless teenager, a break-in at Mata Hari, and Jack’s relentless pursuit of the painting called Sunrise. It becomes clear someone’s lying to Randy. Unless he can figure out who and why, he may miss his chance at the love he’s dreamed about in the hidden places of his heart.Note: Lying Eyes is a standalone gay romance novel with consensual bondage and a strong happy ending. It contains potential spoilers for Robert Winter’s prior novel, Every Breath You Take....

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lying eyes nights at mata hari 2 Reviews

  • Judith
    2019-04-02 18:58

    4 Stars.I haven't read Every Breath You Take,the previous book Randy featured in but that definitely didn't spoil my enjoyment of this,so this is a standalone.It's my first read by this Author and I was impressed.The main focus of the story isn't just the relationship between the two MCs.There's intrigue and one twist,in particular,I didn't see coming at all.I'm not normally a fan of older characters and,at first,I wasn't sure what to make of Randy(51) but as the story progressed I fell a bit more in love with him......everyone should have a Randy in their lives,he's just the guy who would never let you down.Randy's passion is Art...It's where he saw his future,until life got in the way.....The owner of a successful bar, he's been burned,by love,before so he gets his kicks at a BDSM club,Cuir.He has a certain thing......the touch of leather,the feel of leather,the smell of leather......but that's not all.Although he has good friends he cuts quite a lonely figure and as a reader you can feel he wants more than just kinky hook ups.Enter Jack...Jack is British and let me just say being British myself the Author got it spot on with the dialect and British references.He's an Art Historian and has come to the US because he's more than a little bit interested in a particular painting Randy has.....-but is Jack all he appears to be?and,-can Randy trust him?So,the scene is set.Two men who have an obvious attraction to each other but things are never straight forward....Anyone who knows me will know BDSM really isn't my thing and while I'm obviously not an expert on the subject,I would say it's definitely not full on here.It's more a bit of Bondage/Dominance which doesn't invade every part of their lives and it worked for me here.A massive shout out to a supporting character in Danny.I loved that boy.YES,he made mistakes here but I would absolutely LOVE to get his story.....I'm a sucker for troubled young boys.Conclusion:Recommend for:The intrigue,engaging plot,older characters and a bit of healthy kink.....I received an Arc of Lying Eyes from Indigo Marketing and Design,in exchange for an honest review.

  • Nancy
    2019-04-24 21:47

    Cross-posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw Reviews After meeting Randy Vaughan, sexy older bartender in Every Breath You Take, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to read his story and find out why he is not in a relationship and why he retired early from the Secret Service.Those mysteries and a few others gradually get solved as Randy learns more about Jack Fraser, an English art historian who is extremely interested in a post-impressionist painting Randy purchased while he was in London. Meanwhile, a homeless teenager is assaulted outside Randy’s bar and Randy, all big muscles and soft heart, dispatches his assailants and brings the kid home. Danny has secrets, but doesn’t hide the fact that he finds Randy hot. Though this is an awkward situation for Randy, he remains firm and never allows their relationship to move beyond friendship. While Danny is living with him, Randy also hides his weekly visits to an exclusive leather bar. To his surprise, he discovers the sexually submissive Jack shares similar interests. I loved Jack’s passion towards his job and found the story rich with interesting details and history of post-impressionist art and was fascinated by how much work and research goes into determining the authenticity of a painting. While Jean-Pierre Brousseau was a fictional artist, he sure felt real to me. I also loved the glimpses into Randy’s warm and caring personality. Despite his skittishness about relationships and his gruff exterior, Randy cares deeply about his friends, treats his employees well, and is devoted to Danny’s care. This was a perfect mix of romance, mystery, and suspense that was a lot of fun to read. Weighty issues, like overcoming the pain of betrayal, and learning to trust and forgive are explored, lending depth and complexity. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and hope Danny will make another appearance. *This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2019-04-01 21:49

    While I loved September Pride, the author's first novel, Lying Eyes didn't engage me in the same way. Maybe it's the creepy leather-pants guy on the cover? Hmmm ...More likely it's that the story has several subplots and is heavier on the mystery than the romance. I liked Randy; he's thoughtful and kind, truly the "bigger man" in every sense of the word. Jack, however, is not as well developed a character, and his behavior wasn't consistent throughout the story. The chemistry between Randy and Jack felt a little forced to me; there was a random BDSM scene thrown in that seemed gratuitous: why was it even in there? The blurb warns us that Randy has a lot on his hands, including a "homeless teenager, a break-in at Mata Hari [Randy's bar], and Jack’s relentless pursuit of the painting called Sunrise." I love art history, so I liked the discussion of the origins of the painting. Much happens in the last couple of chapters, to the point that I felt overwhelmed by the many plot lines.The ending is a HFN. The emotions weren't quite there.

  • Ariana
    2019-04-08 22:51

    *4,5 stars*I think this one is Robert Winter's best so far.We met Randy in Every Breath You Take as the true friend and hero who saves Zach from the clutches of a crazy stalker. I loved him then and was looking forward to find out more about him.At 51, he definitely falls into themature MCcategory, which (of course *g*) brings a huge smile to my face. At six foot three, a"mountain of a man", a former Secret Service agent and the owner of a gay piano bar, you wouldn't suspect nor expect his deep interest in art. But it was his first passion, the one he was going to make a career of before tragedy stroke and changed his life path in the aftermath.I loved Randy. Apart from his outer attributes his innate goodness, his loyalty and willingness to help those in need make him most attractive inside and out. He is one of those guys you want to have at your side as your friend and support because you know he will have your six at all times.And yet Randy is very lonely and craves companionship. It is something he hasn't allowed himself, partly because of his more specified sexual desires.Enter Jack Fraser, the 'perfect English gentleman', three piece suit, posh accent, trendy beard and all. I enjoyed the 'Britishness' of this character, the references to the UK, (like the TV show Broadchurch, Stoke-on-Trent etc). Jack is an art historian who is desperate to see one of the pictures in Randy's art collection.When the two meet sparks flyall around. Jack is pushy and Randy gets pissed off big time, ... just if there wasn't that immediate attraction between them! I loved that first part of the book which has enemies to lovers written all over it.It becomes obvious pretty soon that there is more to the story about the picture, and the mystery thickens as the plot unfolds slowly. And so does the relationship between Randy and Jack. Randy is clearly smitten, but nothing could ever happen between him and Jack, he is sure. Particularly because of his special likes in bed. I have to admit I don't think the addition ofBDSM(it was more the "B and D" than the "S and M" - so no worries about any heavy scenes here!) was really necessary to the story. Two hot guys enjoying each other with a bit of dominance and bondage would have worked totally fine for me.Although I loved the second scene between the two men, the first one felt somewhat wrong. Not that I am an expert on these kinds of things, but the terms of Jack's submission was somewhat blurry.And mostly - BDSM is based on total trust (I know that much), something neither man has at the time of their sexual encounter. And this is where I get to the stickiest point of the book - Jack. Or more Jack and his relationship to someone else. I won't go into depth what this exactly entails, all I'm going to say is that he is in some way committed which makes it impossible for Randy to act upon his feelings. (No cheating involved!) Still, it hurt. It felt wrong what he did, and it really annoyed me how Jack treats Randy. Ok, I will own up to it - I wanted to punch Jack quite a few times (sorry). Where does he find, for example, the cheek to ask Randy (view spoiler)[ if he had any other guys in the time they are apart when it was HIM who left Randy high and dry and heart-broken and with no clue whether he would return?(hide spoiler)] *argh, biting my knuckles*What I really enjoyed in this book isthe mystery plot . You just know something is going on with Danny, a young man Randy saves from getting beaten up, and the picture Jack is after, something 'bigger and more serious', and although I did have an inkling about one or the other development, I wasleft surprised in the end. I was deeply touched byRandy's forgiveness . I am talking about forgiveness BIG TIME here, guys. It's another thing which shows what a stellar guy he is. Not sure I could have done what he does. I loved however how things turn out.Hugely enjoyed the 'cameo' appearances of David and Brandon from September and Thomas and Zach from Every Breath You Take!But while we were left short on romance in book 2, Randy and Jack make up for it (even though Jack left me exasperated *g*). This, together with an engaging plot and some thriller action make for a great read.ARC graciously received by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Christelle
    2019-04-22 23:50

    **3.5 stars**In Every Breath You Take, we were introduced to Randy, the sexy ex-secret service agent, bar owner and painting fan. And it’s his passion for art that leads him to encounter Jack, a British assistant curator, interested in one of the paintings Randy acquired a few years ago. Not necessarily Randy’s top priorities, as he’s set on finally securing his bar business after resigning from his old job, honouring the memories of his uncle, his role-model, and helping Danny, a homeless young man that he saved from an altercation. But, still, the constant apparitions of Jack make Randy deeply aware of his loneliness.There is a sense of melancholy that appealed to me : I was moved by the reflexions shown by Randy and Danny and the act of forgiveness that Randy mastered.The plot is well done : yes, I had suspicions in overall but I didn’t see it coming regarding one of the “plotters”, to be honest. And it didn’t overwhelm the romance. Speaking of it….Here lays my niggles : I couldn’t figure out Jack nor understood the attraction Randy felt toward him, so the romance totally alluded me. Maybe Jack’s POV would have helped me ?…I don’t know.Nonetheless, this confirms that Robert Winter is on my list of “authors to read” : three different books so far and I’m hooked.

  • Simone
    2019-04-24 21:59

    ***3 - 3.5 Stars***First things first: that cover... Seriously? Nope! Our first official act during our buddy read was to search for a replacement to ban the visual of this creepy guy from our minds. Imagine our collective sigh of relief when we found him...Yep, better! Much better!!! ;-)There is not much to tell about the story, though. I ended up liking, but not loving it. I'll skip a summary because when you read the blurb it says everything you have to know. What I really liked was the part that involved Danny, the homeless boy, whose story broke my heart, although it turned out to be a bit different from what I expected. The author definitely earned Brownie points for involving an asexual character in this story and for the slow take on the romance in the end. Thank goodness, there is no declaration of undying love for each other, just a hint that Randy and Jack will try to make it work, but you get the feeling that they will succeed eventually. The mystery was okay, but nothing to write home about and in the end it was wrapped up a bit too conveniently for me.Nonetheless, Josy and I had lots of fun during our BR, which included drooling over hot and sometimes brain-bleach-requiring gifs and lots of laughs. Thank you, Josy, for reading this with me and for being once again on the same page... ;-)

  • Fabi
    2019-04-22 23:05

    This is the third book I've read by Robert Winter. The first one, September, was 5+ star brilliant. But it wrecked me. It left me emotionally drained. I'm not the kind of person who can read those books often.I had to give Winter another try. His brilliant writing called to my inner reader. I read Every Breath You Take. I enjoyed the story and was glad to find that this mystery/suspense romance didn't try to shatter my emotions. Yet I still hesitated a little with this new author. The two books were very different from each other.When the third book, Lying Eyes, came out, I honestly thought I'd pass on it. I wasn't pulled in by the cover and the description mentioned a BDSM theme which I normally don't like reading. Then an ARC opportunity presented itself and I jumped off the fence and decided to try a third time. I kept thinking that the brilliance of the writing was worth another go.It took less than two pages to suck me in to the story. There is something very smooth and compelling about Robert Winter's writing. It's the rare author who can take my mind completely into the plot so that I lose sight of the mechanics of the writing. I'm convinced. I'm sold. I'm a fan!In his latest novel, Winter let's us get to know Randy. We met him as a side character in the previous book. After reading this one, I feel I know Randy so well that I have to remind myself he's not a friend in real life.Randy is big, strong and smart. His only weakness is a caring nature. He's been taken advantage of before and it cost him. So he's more skeptical now. He guards himself against trusting.When Jack barges into his life, Randy shores up the walls of his reserve against the immediate attraction. He's not about to let himself be played for a fool twice in his life.I found myself agreeing with Randy's impressions and actions where Jack was concerned. I respected his careful assessment of the situations. I admired his smart deductions about Jack's intentions.If you would have told me, before I read this book, that I'd be interested in a plot theme revolving around art, I would have rolled my eyes. But Winter sold me on it. I bought in quickly to Jack's career as a museum curator. I was fascinated by his process in identifying and describing paintings. I felt Jack's yearning to solidly build his career and his self-worth by confirming the find of a lifetime I worried that Jack could be capable of going too far in his aim to succeed.I especially worried about Randy when his caring nature was fully revealed in the way he helped and sheltered a homeless teenage boy. Randy's relationship with Danny was the catalyst for my heart. I fell head over heels for Randy when I saw how caring and sympathetic he could really be. Danny served to clearly show the type of man Randy truly was.I'm not going to post any spoilers. I'm not even going to hint at spoilers, because you should read this one blind to the plot. I'm only going to mention two things. One, this book can be easily read as a stand alone. Previous characters appear but previous knowledge of them is not needed to fully enjoy this story. Two,the BDSM aspect is barely there. We only get two small, mild scenes.This is a mystery/suspense/thriller romance. More focus is on the mystery than the romance. The romance naturally evolves out of the plot.Robert Winter is now an auto-buy author for me. Spectacular writing!!! You'd never believe he hasn't been writing for decades. It's really that polished.This review ARC was provided via IndiGo Marketing & Design.

  • Diana
    2019-03-31 21:47

    DNF @ 36%. No rating. I just couldn't get into the story and I really didn't like the H at all.

  • CrabbyPatty
    2019-04-01 19:58

    If you read (and enjoyed as I did) Every Breath You Take and wondered if sexy bar owner / former Secret Service agent Randy would get his own story, have no fear - it's here and it is a great read!Randy has a good life, but a lonely existence. When art historian Jack Fraser comes into the Mata Hari piano bar to learn more about a painting Randy purchased years ago, there's a sexual spark between the two men, but also an awareness that something is not as it seems regarding the painting. Why does Jack want to see it so desperately and why is he unwilling to tell Randy why?The author weaves a wonderfully textured story incorporating Randy and Jack, Danny (a homeless teenager Randy has brought into his home after rescuing him from a beating), the mystery surrounding the painting, a break-in at the bar, and an absolutely sizzling scene at a leather bar. You brought out something in me I haven’t felt in a long time. Something good.” Ah, be honest with the guy. Randy cleared his throat. “Usually, it’s just an act. You know? I play a role. With you, though, it was natural and real. I wanted to make the decisions so that you could just be.”Randy has a past relationship that colors his feelings about Jack and he wonders if Jack is more interested in a relationship or getting access to the painting. The mystery around the painting keeps your interest every step of the way and the resolution is a big surprise after some well-done red herrings.But the resolution of the mystery isn't the end of this story and I loved how Randy finds forgiveness and compassion in connection with a life-changing event in his life and finds peace. The only niggle I had was (view spoiler)[Jack's relationship with his FIANCE Sophie which comes out of left field (hide spoiler)]. 4.5 stars for Lying Eyes and Robert Winter is rapidly moving up my "Must Read" list of M/M authors.This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.Review also posted at Gay Book Reviews - check it out!["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Sara
    2019-04-10 19:57

    5 HeartsNew to me Robert Winter has just earned a place on my must read author list. What an amazing, complex and ridiculously romantic book this was. Though I haven’t read Winter’s previous books and had the pleasure of meeting Randy before, I can say this works well as a standalone novel, as well as promoting the intrigue to go back and read Thomas and Zachary’s story and meet David and Brandon. But this is Randy’s story; our hard bodied, leather loving, ex-special services agent and current piano bar owner/bartender with a love for collecting and making art who has a soft side for those in need and instinct for those who need to submit. Randy was an agent with the secret service until an incident required him to abandon his career but with the partnering of his friend Thomas he has opened the Mata Hari, a piano bar that is LGBTQ friendly to occupy his days to night. During his years of service, Randy would take the time during his travels to seek out local art and on one trip to the UK to shadow an US Senator, he sees an unnamed painting that is rumored to be done by an apprentice of Jean-Pierre Brousseau. This piece, unofficially titled Sunrise not only caught Randy’s eye with its vibrant colors and the ruins of the Abbey of Chaalis, but it’s caught the attention of the Gates Gallery in the Whitechapel district that sold it to him as well as the Kensington Museum and most pointedly a sexy art historian names Jack Fraser. Jack has sent Randy a letter requesting a meeting and a look at Sunrise, but Randy isn’t having it. He’s tired of being judged by his appearance as someone who is too muscled and dumb to know anything about art but when Jack shows up at the bar, Randy has an instinct about the man and can’t get him out of his head. I have such a crush on Randy for many reasons. First I love that the author gives us a MC who is 51 and still in the prime of his life. Randy is a good guy to his friends, to his employees and to a young, possibly gay and homeless boys he finds on the street. The author gives us a great character outline of Randy as simply the man before we get into him as the romantic lead and it was a great flow to the story. The way Randy takes in Danny, the young homeless teen, and won’t set him back out on the streets lets us know the type of man Randy is so when he finally gets to rattle Jack’s cage… Jack is one mystery after another from the moment we meet him but just as Randy is intrigued by the sharp witted man in a well fit suit that doesn’t quite suit him, so is the reader. We get bits of Jack through Randy and while I usually love a dual POV in this story, it works well to get it all from Randy and get Jack as Randy sees him. Jack is an art historian who has a special interest in the Sunrise painting and would love to see it in person if only Randy would grant him the pleasure. Randy would love to grant a few pleasures to Jack if only Jack would trust him enough with the real reason he wants to see the painting. Through the time Jack is in the States, Randy is dealing with his new housemate Danny, who Randy begins to feel like a pseudo father to, a break in at his bar, the insistent need to know Jack intimately and the minor jealousy of his friends Thomas and Zachary as they move forward in their new relationship. But it’s on a Monday night off from the bar that Randy reserves for himself and his kink, that the story picks up and things get beautifully complicated. You see, Randy hasn’t had a relationship in years so getting off with casual and consensual kink at Cuir – his choice of leather bar - mixed with sex suits him just fine. And after a few visits at the bar from Jack and nothing coming of it, Randy goes to his club and gets a pleasant and pleasurable surprise.For me, I like the addition of BDSM to the story even though it’s on the light side. It plays into each man’s character of not needing the D/s for a 24/7 relationship, but a way for them both to reset their lives. As Jack puts it; he’s more into the B and the D, not so much the S and the M. Not everyone in the scene needs it all the time, but it’s not play or a role for Randy and Jack, it’s who they are and it’s beautiful.Now while Randy fancies the proper Englishman in Jack, it’s what lies beneath that he wants to dominate and let fly. Randy sees that Jack wants to submit but knows he’s holding back but a chance encounter and a spoken trust allows the men to see what each are made of. Oh and what they are made of is freaking fracking HOT! But Jack has things he hasn’t told Randy about why he wants the painting and a certain someone back home who cautions him about revealing his research. This research and the Sunrise painting blend a mystery into the story of the painting and whom it truly was commissioned and completed by. I honestly was not expecting the mystery that begins to unfold in this romance, but welcomed it with open arms and kept reading hours after I should have been in bed. The whole deal with the painting, of finding out who Trevor was to Randy and just WTF did he do to the big bear to give Randy such hang ups and…and… goodness. There are so many layers to Randy that make him a memorable romantic lead it’s a bit insane and I love it. From how his Uncle Kevin and his partner Luc shaped his young life and ultimately his future, to how kind and nurturing Randy is that it can lead to people taking advantage of him in the worst ways to how loyal he is and how fierce he loves. Randy is amazing and I love that Jack is willing to meet him toe to toe and not give up. Wow. What a ride this was. There is so much I haven’t even touched on and I’ve already rambled my redhead ass off. I have to say that Winter’s is truly talented to create a fake post-impressionist artist out of Jean-Pierre Brousseau and make his work seem impressively realistic. The descriptions of the man’s work and the bridge from one style to another was brilliant and so fascinating that all of it was simply made up for this story. Lying Eyes… that title. I am a self-proclaimed music nerd and while it may just be something in my head, I’ve noticed the author’s book titles have similarities to popular songs of the past. This one, I have a hard time not hearing the late Glenn Fry singing a song by the same title in my ear and how it all could be pointed at those who’ve lied to Randy. Or it could just be a title and I read way too much into things. Either way. This book was amazing. Read it. Okay?

  • Josy
    2019-03-26 20:09

    ~ 3.5 stars ~Simone put all of my thoughts about this book into perfect words in her review.Thank you for this BR, Simone!! Once again, I had lots of fun <3<3

  • Trio
    2019-04-09 19:49

    Lying Eyes is the story of Randall Vaughan, a retired Secret Service agent and current owner/bartender of a popular gay bar in Washington DC. Randy is initially introduced in Robert Winter’s novel Every Breath You Take. It isn’t necessary to read the earlier novel first to enjoy this one, but the characters do cross over between the two stories so there will be a few spoilers.Lying Eyes is 100% spectacular and has everything I love in a great story.There is a clever mystery, with all kinds of interesting facts about the art world. There’s a hot and spicy romance with art historian Jack Fraser. And first and foremost is the study of the main character, Randy Vaughan. Winter delves deep into the psyche of this man, and it is fascinating as the issues of his past are revealed and shape the story.Randy is a loving, generous, and honorable man and caring for others is ingrained in his soul. At 51, he has spent recent years closed off, lonely and unfulfilled, due to some regrettable events in his past. As the story unfolds, Randy realizes in order to live the life he wants now, he must comes to terms with his past and return to his core values.When Jack walks into Randy’s bar their initial attraction is intense.Cautious and defensive, Randy is suspicious of Jack and unwilling to trust him. There is some wonderful dialogue between the two and it seems, despite their attraction, they can’t overcome their animosity. When Randy runs into Jack at a local event… oh holy hot damn, if I say any more I’ll spoil it and Winter has everything set up so beautifully I don’t want to take away from that wonderful scene.The writing in this story is very clever.Winter creatively weaves in references to ‘eyes’, how many emotions and expressions are conveyed through eyes. I also enjoy the message about the private person and the public person, the two sides to each of us, Randy and Jack are perfect examples of this.The mystery in Lying Eyes evolves slowly and builds in interest as more details unfold. I enjoy the pace Robert Winter sets, the slow reveal, but when stuff starts to heat up, watch out! I sincerely hope this is not the last we see of Jack and Randy. At the very least I hope Winter gifts us with a few shorts… possibly involving a certain police officer’s uniform? Well you’ll have to read the book to find out what I mean, and I hope you do.

  • Leta Blake
    2019-04-20 03:05

    Bias alert! I performed a round of content edits on this book.I absolutely loved working on this book. I had not read the first two books in the series (soon to be remedied!) and it works absolutely as a stand alone. I adored Randy and loved learning about him over the course of the book. Jack was a sexy mofo who really wrung my heart in a few places. The dynamic between the two of them was thrilling to see unfold and the sex scenes between them were quite hot. The mystery was a good one and left me surprised at exactly how it played out in the end. Its rare that I haven't figured out all the ins and outs of who dunnit before the reveal, and Robert Winter kept me guessing on the details. I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys opposites attract, class dynamics, is curious about the art world, enjoys some light BDSM in their reading (mainly just bondage), and loves well drawn, believable characters in the middle of a fun mystery. Check it out! :)

  • Natalie
    2019-04-20 00:42

    Every book gets betterThe first two books from Robert were excellent but this one is just that much better. Randy is my favorite character so far (although the cover model does little justice to the visual I had while reading. Jesse Jackman, just sayin'). I love a bear anyway and Randy epitomized the look and personality I imagine when I look at some guys. This was so intriguing, with Randy's multifaceted character: piano bar owner, ex-Secret Service agent, artist, and protector. Jack was unusual too, becoming an art curator after leaving his limited life in a country village. He was so clueless about Randy's anger, yet insightful about his personality traits, making it hard to reconcile his character. His history, as a naive country boy, lifted right into the more rarified air of art, wealth and museum politics, helped me make sense of it.The mystery was outstanding, keeping me utterly puzzled right until the reveal. Then, added leather kink and mild BDSM and the story was like catnip for me! Only a couple of sex scenes but holy shnikes, they were hot af. Some bondage was the most extreme act, if anyone's concerned. The smooth pacing and polished writing, made it easy to get carried along in the action. This is an easy recommendation, even more so if you're a romantic mystery maven.

  • Kaje Harper
    2019-04-26 19:55

    This was my favorite of the three books I've read by this author. Randy is an appealing MC - a big mountain of a man who lost a career in the Secret Service by giving his trust too easily. Those events have made him doubt himself, but did not turn him away from his basic kindness. He's also a Dom (indubitably a caretaker Dom) and into the leather scene, which plays a role but does not dominate the book. He bought a bar (with a little help from his friends) and enjoys running it, but he's lonely, especially as he watches the MCs from the previous books pair up. (This book could be read as a stand-alone. The roles of previous MCs and plots are minor, so reading the first two is a little bonus, but not essential.)The mystery plot revolves around a painting which Randy - a minor but well-informed art collector - picked up for a modest price. The painting may be hiding a secret, and Jack comes into Randy's life from an art museum in the UK, looking for those answers. But his approach (and the underlying attraction Randy feels to someone he also resents) make Randy unwilling to just accommodate to Jack's demands to see and examine the artwork. Until another meeting puts their relationship on a different footing.Randy is also busy mentoring a homeless teen he takes in after saving the boy from a beating on the street. Danny reminds Randy of himself as a teen, and he wants to give back the kind of support and mentoring that he received from his deceased Uncle Kevin and Kevin's partner. But Danny is adrift, not sure what he wants, and is quickly crushing on Randy in a way he really doesn't want to encourage. Juggling his bar, the art question, his attraction to Jack, and his substitute-parent role, keep Randy busy. Then his bar is broken into, and the action heats up.This author's strength seems to be in the creation of characters and relationships. I liked Randy a whole lot, for both his admirable qualities and his doubts. I wasn't as fond of Jack, but he begins to redeem his weaknesses as the story progresses. The secondary characters again are distinct people surrounding our MCs, not just place-holders.minor (view spoiler)[I liked the emphasis on the fact that in an open relationship, honesty means not just telling your partner whatever they want to know about outside encounters, but also informing those play partners that you are in such a relationship. Perhaps not in an anonymous situation, but as soon as you are past the point of exchanging names and have any kind of personal contact. Consent goes both ways, and you can't just assume that someone up for a once-and-done has no scruples about the person they are with. And I was glad that the asexual card didn't get big play as an excuse for making a relationship count less - I was concerned it would be used more than it was. (hide spoiler)]The action climax to this book worked better for me than in the past two, although there was still an occasional unintelligent out of character moment (less strongly so in this book) and it hinges on an impossibility that some mystery writers use (especially on TV.) There is no injectable sedation you can give to someone that will knock them out before they can turn around or fight back (unless you can get it in a vein, which is not possible in a surprise attack.) Watch researchers trying to sedate large wildlife, for an accurate picture of how long it takes for them to go down from an injection. I wish that some other device had been used here - this was not essential enough to the plot to wreck the realism with it IMO. On the other hand, I appreciated a couple of surprises in the climax, the way that it played into the characters' motivations, and the resolution. The wind-down of the story answered one of my objections to Jack, and dodged a stereotype I was concerned about. The author acknowledges a little timeline compression to make the HEA wrap up - as a fellow mystery writer who knows how the slow wheels of justice can screw up a novel timeline, I'm going to just enjoy the warmth of that resolution without picking nits over it. This book appears to be a self-pub, but the editing is pretty good, and I only hit a few minor errors. The introduction of a fun new character at the end of the story makes me hope this writer has another book coming.

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-04-11 21:05

    A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsRobert Winter is a newer author with this being this third published book and this is yet another impressive addition to his catalog of work. Lying Eyes is both character and plot driven and Winter handles both areas well to achieve a well balanced story in both of these regards. The point of view comes from Randy and he is a well developed character. The author really gives a sense of who he is and where he has come from. He’s an interesting guy having had a career with the Secret Service and there is a story behind that as well. But he is also well versed in the world of art. He buys the paintings that speak to him and also paints some of his own, but it’s his large muscular build that seems to throw everyone off regarding his knowledge of art. A few years ago he had bought a painting that captured his eye and now he has art curator Jack Fraser at his door with a keen interest in this one painting.Jack and Randy are opposites at first glance, but their taste in art, as well as their taste in what they like behind closed doors, complements each other. Randy likes to be in control, but he thrives on giving his partners exactly what they need and he knows that Jack is hungry to be told exactly what to do. That’s not to say anything is easy for these guys. The plot has several moving parts that for the most part all fit well together. The painting that Randy owns is the catalyst for much of the story. Jack won’t tell Randy why he wants to see the painting at first, but it was clearly obvious to me from the start what Jack was thinking so that didn’t hold as much tension for me as maybe it was supposed to.Read Michelle's review in its entirety here.

  • Becky
    2019-03-29 01:09

    Good solid story with a decent twist. Enjoyable read.

  • Caipi
    2019-04-26 23:45

    My first book by this author and I loved it!There's so much, hurt and loss, hope and forgiveness, an interesting 51 years old former Secret Service agent, who is now a bartender, and a sweet British art historian, a bit BDSM and a leather kink, a mystery and art.......4,5 stars

  • Reflection
    2019-03-30 22:00

    '"...I think I understand. You want to do good, but you’re afraid of being used. You’re full of hope, but you've been hurt. You want to love, but that requires trust"...'Trust is the main thrust of this romance that also has surprisingly complex characters who reveal more layers and motivation as the story unfolds. There's an added bonus of several mysteries to solve within the story on a personal and aesthetic level.I had a minor crisis whilst reading this book. Away for a few days in the wilds of Donegal, Ireland, I didn't pack a charger for my Kindle and was therefore in a race against time (desperately trying to finish the book and solve the mystery before the battery petered out). Tension was rife.In truth it took me a while to warm to the story, or at least to the protagonists Randy and Jack. I'm not sure why, but I didn't immediately like Randy. I found his attitude a bit overbearing and supercilious I suppose. Once I began to understand him a little better, my feelings changed and I came to like Randy a great deal. 'Lying Eyes' is part of a series. Whilst I read this as a standalone novel, I wonder if I might have taken to Randy more quickly if I had a sense of his character from reading the previous book/s.Randy's love interest Jack didn't do it for me either at the start. I couldn't really grasp the attraction that Randy felt (until I got a little deeper into the story and the revelation of their explosive night together helped enormously).I suppose I began to feel less frosty towards Randy once he comes to the rescue of Danny, a young, homeless teen, whom he takes under his wing rather than sending him back to live on the streets.Danny is an enigma but seems interested in Randy, but Randy makes it very clear that a relationship other than as housemates is not on the cards.Instead Randy has his heart set on English art historian Jack, even if their relationship seems impossible.Jack is searching for a missing masterpiece, and he believes that amateur art collector Randy may hold the key to the puzzle. The search for the missing work by post-impressionist Jean-Pierre Brousseau is clever and exciting. The trail for authenticating the artwork is impressively realistic. Jack's descriptions of his tracking of the artwork and the bridge from one artistic style to the potential development of another is exhilarating. I was as caught up as Randy in the vicarious excitement of it all. The story is told entirely from Randy's perspective. The element of mystery is intriguing and the moments of uncertainty for Randy, helped to him to gain insight into the significance of trust in his relationships.I would like to take a moment to give kudos to the author for depicting Miles as a guy in his early 50s, who is still attractive and very much in his prime.'Maybe no one would call him handsome, but he still got noticed. Usually, he figured it was people drawn to his size. When he was young, attention came easily and he took it for granted...Yes, he worked damn hard for his muscle, but a lot of it was lucky genetics too. Any time he was hot for company then, he could just go into a bar, lean against the wall with a beer, and weed through the contenders who approached him until he found whatever he wanted that night. By the time he was forty, the pickings were slimmer, and he had to work a lot harder to find someone to play with. Oh, plenty of men still wanted the muscle and the experience, but he also had to endure the occasional dismissive looks as some twink in his twenties slid a quick glance over his graying hair and moved on without a pause, or shook his head when Randy tried to strike up a conversation...'Luckily Jack finds Randy attractive too, and they have an unexpected shared interest in leather and D/s to occasionally add some spice.All in all this is an interesting read. Recommended for anyone who enjoys romance with opposites attracting, or likes to read themes of light BDSM, or a smattering of ye olde English class dynamics. This also has insight into the world of fine art. Plus it provides food for thought about betrayal and responsibility. I wasn't entirely buying Jack's dialect. That seemed unrealistic to me and a little in the Dick Van Dyke style of slaughtering an English accent (a la Mary Poppins) but other than that, I have no complaints and the story just became more and more interesting with well drawn and believable characters and mysteries to solve - someone is lying...but who can it be? The answer is not at all predictable.Well worth a read.**This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.

  • Neil Plakcy
    2019-03-27 23:40

    There's so much to enjoy about this book. I loved the characters and their relationships, and I was fascinated by the very light descriptions of leather and bondage here. I could really understand what these characters got out of the scene, and the writing was so evocative, bringing in all the senses, including the smell of the leather. I definitely will read more by this author!

  • S.J. Himes
    2019-04-25 23:10

    First for MeThis book!!! Made me cry. Wonderful. I love how Randy made me feel for him, in every scene. Such a treasure. Well done. My first Winter book and it won't be my last. Intelligent writing, strong research and development. And the emotional connections were top notch. Small issues I had are more to my personal tastes and not a flaw in the book.

  • Feliz
    2019-04-04 01:43

    Awesome writing, memorable characters and an intriguing, if somewhat predictable mystery made this book one of the best I've read this year. Loved the completely loopy villain. The BDSM -Elements just fit both the story and the characters.

  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    2019-04-02 02:06

    4.4 StarsOh man, I am usually pretty damned good at figuring out a whodunit - and I pretty much had this one figured out from the get-go...well, except that surprise plot twist. Damn! Didn't see that coming at all. Which, I guess means I'd have fallen for it as well maybe? *shrug*Anywho, more than a mystery this book is about second (or third) chances. About putting yourself & your heart out there to be hurt. About letting go and finding something you know you needed, wanted, craved, in someone else...but was too afraid to reach for it again. And it's about forgiveness - finding it in yourself and for others.Also, I think Randy might be my favorite kind of Dom if the scenes here are indicative of his style. Soft spoken but commanding; strong but flexible; caring but exacting. When he told Jack that when they're together, he'd never demean him or cause him stress without them discussing the scenario first...I think I melted my panties (TMI but seriously). See, something about the hard-edged, demanding, inflexible Doms painted in many books just rubs me wrong; it's hot and I'm sure lots of people want that. But holy cow, between the whispered instructions, the softly voiced questions and care...I think I could go for that kind of power play. He also mentioned something about being in clubs and putting on a persona, slipping into a role...but that seemed to change into just him being a perfect Dom for Jack as is, without any pretense. Gah, still thinking about the whispers is triggering my ASMR and it's making me think that actually attaining subspace is a possibility for someone like me - someone who's never felt a need to find it or particularly wanted to, really - who does not like pain, will walk out on humiliation and can't trust someone else with bondage... *shiver*My first from this author, but definitely will not be my last.

  • Colin James
    2019-03-28 02:10

    Lying Eyes is the third book by Robert Winter and like his last two it does not disappoint. This author has the ability to create very real and diverse characters and put them in well thought out situations and settings. As they develop they become very real and somehow get under your skin in a good way. We were introduced to Randy the ex secret service agent and part owner of Mata Hari in Every Breath You Take. If you were into him in the last book you’ll want to grab this latest book and hang on tightly until the end. What I like about this author is his ability to combine so much into his books. In Lying Eyes we are served with intrigue, passion and several twists and turns that keep your interest right up until the end. The writing flows very well from scene to scene and clips along at a good pace. And man, can this author write a hot sex scene.I’ve become a real fan of this author because of the different styles in which he writes. His first book was pure romance, the second and good thriller and Lying Eyes is an extension of both of these. If you’re looking for a book to pack for your summer vacation make sure this is the one. You might want to pack your leather vest and chaps while you’re at it.

  • SheReadsALot
    2019-04-21 18:43

    I can't unsee it.

  • Achim
    2019-04-17 18:55


  • Alisa
    2019-04-22 00:42

    Free on Amazon. 10/15/17

  • Pat
    2019-04-18 19:53

    Author Robert Winter just gets better and better with every book he writes. Lying Eyes, his third and newest, pairs a rough, bearish DC bar owner and a cheeky Brit art curator as they wrangle over a painting. Taken individually, these unlikely parts could easily crash and burn in the hands of a less able writer. But here they meshed and make for an excellent story. Check it out. I highly recommend it.

  • Chris Tharrington
    2019-04-20 23:49

    If you haven’t read Winter’s Every Breath You Take, don’t read Lying Eyes, because there will be spoilers. Now with that out of the way, I can’t recommend Lying Eyes enough. The theme of this book is simple: appearances can be deceiving. Randy, the beloved bartender from Every Breath You Take, is a bear of a man, and a former Secret Service agent. He shouldn’t have any knowledge or interest in fine art, let alone be a painter, but he is. At first glance Englishman Jack Fraser is an erudite art expert who simply wants to view a painting that Randy bought years ago while on a trip to the United Kingdom. Or is he? Danny is a young runaway who is beaten up outside of Randy’s bar, and Randy’s protective instincts kick in to help a young kid who reminds him of himself when he was that age. Danny just needs a place to stay so that he can get off the street and back on his feet, so Randy offers him a room at his place. Wouldn’t we all try to do the same thing?This is not your standard M/M romance, because it has great suspense and mystery mixed in with some beautifully written descriptions of consensual bondage and discipline scenes. Winter has grown as a storyteller, because this book keeps you engaged from start to finish. The plot twists are totally unexpected, and they hit you like a punch in the gut. You come to love all of the characters, flaws and all, and in addition to learning that appearances can be deceiving, Lying Eyes also teaches us a valuable lesson about life: everyone deserves a second chance.

  • Heather Martin
    2019-03-29 03:08

    *Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*Lying Eyes by Robert Winter is considered a standalone book, but I would strongly recommend reading Every Breath You Take (EBYT) first as many of the characters also appeared in that book, and Lying Eyes contains spoilers for what happened in EBYT. And, it's no hardship to read EBYT, just check out my review to see how much I loved it! We met Randy in EBYT, co-owner and bartender of Mata Hari, a gay piano bar. In EBYT, we learned about Randy's Secret Service background and saw him in action when he saved Zachary. Randy is the type of person we all want in our life; he's loyal, helps others, trustworthy, and is a good guy. What we didn't know in EBYT, is that Randy is into leather, bondage, and having control over his partners. Randy loves art, and bought it all over the world. His artwork wasn't bought for the stature or value, but instead for what he enjoyed. Randy's surprised when he's contacted about a painting he bought with a request to buy it back. He ignores the request, and ignores the letter from an art historian in England requesting to view the painting. When Jack, the art historian shows up at Mata Hari, Randy is suspicious of him but he's also attracted to him. This story is told from Randy's POV, so I didn't feel like I got to know Jack. But, I can say I was not a fan of Jack for most of this story. I didn't trust him, he was secretive, and just seemed to think that Randy should just provide information and trust him with no reason to do so. And, I really didn't like Jack after he did share a very important personal detail about himself, that should have definitely been shared before naked time happened! Sorry, I don't want to spoil anything! I think Randy acting so far outside of his normal self with Jack showed the strength of their chemistry. There was a lot going on in this book, but you're totally not aware of it (at least I remained clueless) until it all came to a head. There was still a mystery in this story, though I didn't realize it at first and it was completely different than EBYT, which I thought was great. I don't want to give away any parts of that mystery, but there was a part that I was totally suspicious of a person, then as the story went along I thought I was just too untrustworthy. Turns out I was right, but telling you anything about that will give away way too much!! And, even if you're suspicious of this person too, I'd be shocked if you guessed his whole story! There were so many twists and turns once it all goes down, that I had to pause in my reading to think about what just happened. And, again, Randy's reaction and he does after all of this, shows the type of man he is and why I loved him.Randy and Jack didn't get it together until the end of the book, so I never felt like I got to see them interact as a couple until the epilogue. It was full of togetherness to let us see how their relationship was progressing, but I would have liked to have a little bit of that during the story. I loved that this was a story about a man in his 50's, something that isn't always found in books! I'm not typically a fan of the BDSM element and was a little surprised by it, but I thought the author wrote it well, and it didn't impede my enjoyment of this story. You definitely need to read this story, but don't do it before Every Breath You Take. Take the time and read them in the appropriate order!Rating: 4.5 stars!!