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When Buzz captures a fly to enter in The Amazing Pet Show, his parents and the judges tell him that a fly cannot be a pet, but Fly Guy proves them wrong....

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Hi! Fly Guy Reviews

  • Lstirl
    2019-03-23 14:11

    Tedd Arnold combines humor and creative illustrations to create this winner of the Geisel Award.Ages 4-8I can see why this book is so appealing to kids. It is funny, fast moving, sweet, and just a little bit gross: a winning combination for the learning to read set. As a beginning reader, though, it seems a bit disjointed. One page will have very easy, rhythmic text like that of a very early reader, then, there are other pages that have longer words, such as surprise and rescue. Most of the sentences are short and under five words, with few words per line, however, that is not consistent. A child might need help with some of the longer words and I would not call this a beginning, beginning reader. None of the pages has more than fifteen lines and the book does a good job of introducing chapters.This silly story of a fly that wins the smartest pet contest is a good choice for this format. The illustrations are fairly simple and go along with the story. The addition of sound effects written into the illustrations just adds to the fun. I would recommend this to new readers.Publishers WeeklyA fly went flying," opens Arnold's (Parts) brief, playful tale, structured in three chapters. At the same time, "A boy went walking." The winged fellow is looking for food and the boy is searching for a critter for the upcoming Amazing Pet Show. The two equally and comically bug-eyed beings meet when the fly collides with the human hero's nose ("boink") and the lad captures it in a glass jar. After the infuriated insect stomps his foot and says, "Buzz!" the amazed boy replies, "You know my name! You are the smartest pet in the world!" Buzz shows his new pet, which he names Fly Guy, to his parents; his father announces that flies are pests and grabs a swatter-until the sly fly lands on Buzz's nose and calls him by name. In one of the book's funniest pictures, Fly Guy is dwarfed by the hot dog Buzz places in his jar, most of which he happily consumes. Though the pet show judges tell Buzz that flies don't qualify as pets, Fly Guy rises to the occasion and wows the judges with various feats, clinching the prize for smartest pet. Suitably wacky cartoon art accompanies the text, which is simple enough for beginning readers ready to soar to a chapter-book format. Ages 4-8. (Sept.) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.Children's LiteratureA good solid review with a nice summary of the plot. They capture the essence of the story with what they chose to include.Who says a fly cannot be a pet? Buzz knows better, and he sets out to prove it when he captures a fly for The Amazing Pet Show. At first, the fly was not too happy, but when Buzz's dad decides to dispatch him, the fly heads right for his buddy Buzz. He even gets a name—Fly Guy. The judges at the pet contest are just as incredulous, but Buzz and Fly Guy prove them wrong—even winning a prize! Arnold's amusing flight of fancy is illustrated with plenty of humor. Fly Guy and Buzz are both bug-eyed cartoon characters. Kids should enjoy this Level 1 early reader in the "Scholastic reader" series.School Library JournalYes, this should be an enjoyable book for the level one early reader. There is not much critique, but then, this is a simple book that accomplishes what is intended - a silly, easy reader.K-Gr 2-A boy goes out searching for a smart animal to take to "The Amazing Pet Show" and bumps into a fly that is intelligent enough to say the child's name, "Buzz." Although his parents and the judges feel at first that a fly is only a pest, not a pet, the insect puts on a performance that astounds them all and wins an award. The cartoon illustrations showing characters with exaggerated wide eyes are delightful, but the text is somewhat weak and disjointed.-Anne Knickerbocker, formerly at Cedar Brook Elementary School, Houston, TX Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.Kirkus ReviewsThe only critical review and I read this after I wrote mine. I find it interesting that we both chose the word 'disjointed' to describe the story. And while the text might be a bit weak, it is a beginning reader and it is challenging to keep the story interesting with such a limited vocabulary. Working under the restraints of being a beginning reader, I did not find the text weak.Pest-or Pet? A fly changes some minds in this diminutive tale-first, by astounding the lad who captures him in a jar ("BUZZ!" "You know my name! You are the smartest pet in the world!"), then, thanks to some fancy flying, by convincing the lad's parents and ultimately even the judges of the Amazing Pet Show that he's more than just a nuisance. A pop-eyed, self-confident mite in Arnold's droll cartoon illustrations, Fly Guy's up to any challenge, whether it be eating a hot dog (well, most of it, anyway), or performing amazing aerial acrobatics; readers drawn by the flashy foil cover will stick around to applaud this unusually capable critter. Any similarity to Ezra Jack Keats's Pet Show! (1972) is surely coincidental. (Picture book. 6-8)I've never read Keat's Pet Show, so I cannot comment. The illustrations are droll and the cover flashy. It all adds to the fun.

  • Abdollah zarei
    2019-02-25 14:31

    نهایتا برای گروه سنی 5 تا هشت سال مناسبه. جذابیت های تصویری خوبی داره و متن روان و ساده و کمش کودک رو به خوندن و ادامه ترغیب می کنه. پنج جلدش رو خوندم. خیلی ساده و یکنواخت بود و تنها برای همون گروهسنی جذابیت داره که واقعا هم خوب تصویرگری شده و رنگبندی های شاد و خوبی داشت

  • Mary
    2019-03-06 19:28

    Illustrated by Tedd ArnoldLevel: ElementaryCopywright-2005 Scholastic,Inc.This books is so amazing! I teach first grade and I am dealing so many students who are trying to read chapter books because alot of their friends are ready for them. I am teaching them to find good fit books. This is a chapter book that is a very low level. The story is heart warming and silly at the same time. There are many high frequency words which make the story an easy read.

  • (NS) Lisa
    2019-03-18 22:25

    In this Theodore Geisell award winning book a boy searches for the ultimate pet to take with him to 'The Amazing Pet Show'. Against all odds he decides on a fly. Why? Because his name is Buzz and when the fly "stomped his foot and said - BUZZ!"... well you can see where this is going. In any case, some great silliness ensues and Buzz manages to convince not only his parents but the judges at the pet contest that they ought to at least consider the notion that a fly can be a pet. This book can be a great early reader. The vocabulary is fairly simple, and the number of words per page is not high (ranging from 2 to about 20 words per page). In addition, the concept of chapters is introduced, although the whole book is only 30 pages. Interest Level: Kindergarten - 1st Grade

  • Jimmy
    2019-03-11 21:20

    This was one of my favorite books when mom read to me!!

  • Michelle
    2019-03-20 20:35

    We are always told to never judge a book by its cover, but this one featuring a close-up of Tedd Arnold’s friendly-looking, bug-eyed hero, Fly Guy, on a sparkly, silver holographic cover simply screams “Pick me! Pick me!” It would certainly appeal to reluctant readers. The story begins as a fly sets out looking for food just as a boy embarks upon a quest to find the perfect pet to enter into the town’s Amazing Pet Show. The boy, who’s name happens to be “Buzz” captures the fly in the hopes that he will be the perfect pet. Agitated at being caught, the angry fly exclaims “BUZZ!” at which the boy expresses amazement that the fly knows his name. Convinced that “fly guy” is the smartest, most perfect pet ever, Buzz is determined to enter him in the Amazing Pet Show—but everyone says that flies can’t be pets! They are pests! How can Buzz and Fly Guy convince the judges that he belongs? A Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Winner for 2006, this book is appropriate for beginning readers because the sentence structure is simple, and features large, bold text that is easy for beginning readers to decipher. The story line is funny, and ridiculously absurd. Additionally, the concept of chapters is introduced, as the action is divided into short chapters four or five pages, and the pages are clearly numbered. Kids will like Fly Guy’s funny expressions and comic frustration. Arnold’s use of texture creates an interesting visual effect. His layered watercolor illustrations create bright, rich colors, and his use of graphite and colored pencil to incorporate his signature and omnipresent “controlled scribble” squiggles into the watercolor paints produce the effect of frenetic movement, consistent with “Fly Guy’s” personality. This book would be an excellent suggestion for reluctant readers who enjoy silly humor.

  • Brooke Nadzam
    2019-03-08 14:28

    Categories/Genres for this class fulfilled by this book: Early ReaderEstimate of age level of interest: Grades Pre-K-3Estimate of reading level: Grade 1Brief description: In this early reader book a fly and a boy named Buzz meet, win a pet show, and become best friends.Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book: Early readers have repetitive wording. Hi! Fly Guy has this repetition of words. At the beginning of the book, Buzz is “looking for something to catch—something smart, something for The Amazing Pet Show” (Arnold, 4). There is also a great deal of white space for the words. They are in a large, easy-to-read font, each line only holding 3-6 words per line.Early readers often incorporate pictures in order to support the words, some of them new to the readers. Hi! Fly Guy does a nice job with big, colorful drawings that support and bring humor to the story. The characters each have these characteristic large eyes that bring them to life.In what ways and how well does the book as a whole serve its intended audience?: Kids will love this book. It has a witty play on words that they will get (the kid’s name is Buzz…the only word Fly Guy can say!) and it is also a chapter book. Both of these facts will give kids the sense that they are reading a “big kid” book, but it’s one written at their level. It is humorous and would make an amusing readaloud.Awards if any: ALA Notable Children's Books 2006Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor 2006Links to published reviews from professional sources:Horn Book Guide Spring 2006Kirkus Reviews July 15, 2005School Library Journal February 1, 2006

  • Bryn
    2019-03-07 21:16

    Genre: K-3 Concept Book?Grade: K-3Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor BookThis book is about a fly that finds a friend in a boy named Buzz. Buzz went out looking for a pet one day and literally runs into the fly. He decides he would be the perfect pet because he could say Buzz's name, so he puts him in a jar and names him Fly Guy. Disregarding his parents wishes, Buzz enters Fly Guy in the fair and Fly Guy wins the award for Smartest Pet.Activity #1: This book would be great to use for teaching sequencing to students. The different parts of the story could be broken up and talked about. Also, the teacher could point out the events that led to other events, introducing the cause and effect concept to students. The teacher could have students write their own stories based on these ideas. The teacher could have students draw about their story on the two sides of a piece of poster board. Students could draw the cause on one side, and the effect on the other side.Activity #2: Another activity could be to have students share about their own pets and what makes them special. If they were to give their own pet an award for being great at something, what would that award be? They could even make their own pet out of modeling clay or paper mache, set up a 'fair scene' (like a horse stable), and every member of the class could put their pet in a stall. The student could then put their award on their model pet and share with the class about why they think their pet is extraordinary. This would be a fun activity to share with the rest of the school or with parents.

  • Madison Snow
    2019-03-25 20:09

    Hi! Fly Guy begins with a boy and a fly leading separate lives and unexpectedly intertwining. The cover shows a large fly with a happy face. The background is a hologram texture in silver. This background gives the cover a fun feel and intrigues me to read more. The story begins with a fly looking for something to eat when he bumps into a boy looking for a pet. The boy finds a pet and is immediately impressed by it because the fly says the boys name, "Buzz". Buzz thinks he is the smartest fly when really he is just making the fly sound. Buzz shows his new pet to his parents and they immediately shut him down saying flies cannot be pets. Until the fly shows he is smart by saying Buzz's name. Buzz then names the fly, Fly Guy and enters him in the amazing pet show. At the pet they do not let Buzz enter Fly Guy in the competition. After Fly Guy shows his smarts they let him enter and he wins an award for smartest pet. This is the beginning of their beautiful friendship. I thought this book had an interesting storyline and was very creative. The illustrations were colorful and visually appealing. I also like the use of small chapters. This aspect will encourage students to keep reading and feel accomplished when they are done. I think this would be a fun, quick read aloud to read before lunch or at the end of the day.

  • Rachael
    2019-03-20 14:31

    My Kiddo used to love bugs, and I don't. I was just hoping he wouldn't want to start collecting them or something. Then, abruptly, he started getting really freaked out by flies. This is a problem when you live in the Midwest. Flies are just something you have to deal with in the summer months. He would beg me to catch the flies and send them back outside-- something I'm not quick enough to do. So, what's a Mommy to do?One day I remembered a school librarian reading this to one of the classes for which I worked as an aide. I thought it might be worth a try, so I checked it out from our Public Library. And my Kiddo LOVES it. He has since requested nearly all of the Fly Guy books! I enjoy Tedd Arnold's off-the-wall sense of humor, and am really amused by the concept of this book. I don't, however, enjoy all of the Fly Guy books equally. "Shoo, Fly Guy!" is a little bit gross for me, and I expected Kiddo to be traumatized by the froggie "roadkill" but I don't think he yet understands that part.Anyway, this first entry is a lot of fun, probably especially for little boys.

  • Rachel Kenney
    2019-03-13 17:35

    Grade/interest level: PrimaryReading level: 280 Lexile Genre: Picture BookMain Characters: Buzz, Fly Guy Setting: Buzz's home and neighborhoodPOV: Narrator This book is a fun and quirky text that is sure to get young readers interested. A boy named Buzz is looking for an interesting pet to bring to "The Amazing Pet Show". He wants a pet that is going to be smart. He is happy when he finds his new little friend, Fly Guy! Buzz is impressed that this little fly can say his name... Buzz. Unfortunately, everyone but Buzz thinks this little fly is not a pet but a pest. Don't worry, Fly Guy puts on a performance you wouldn't believe and ends up winning an award at "The Amazing Pet Show". So begins the adorable friendship between a boy and his pet fly. I love this book. I was originally introduced to it by the two boys I nanny for. They both love the book and are trying to collect all the books in this series. I think this book is a great book to have in my classroom library. This book is a great book for kids to check out and read at their own level. Hopefully I will teach a grade in which I can have these books in my library.

  • Katie Urton
    2019-03-02 21:19

    SUMMARY:A boy is on the search for a pet to enter into the town's "Amazing Pet Show" when he comes across a fly. The two hit it off and the story begs the question: is a fly a pest or a pet? Triumphantly, Buzz the fly persuades the boy's family, town members, and even the contest judges to see just how multi-talented and "amazing" a fly could be!EVALUATION:A wonderfully easy fiction read for lower elementary students, with eye-catching illustrations that are likely to intrigue readers of any level. Author Tedd Arnold employs humor throughout, while keeping true to the theme: to not judge someone or their abilities before being able to see what they are capable of. As teachers, we do not want to limit a student's potential, and this story proves to share the same message. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:1. How did everyone's feelings for Buzz the Fly change throughout the story?2. Why did everyone think Buzz was so smart?3. When was a time that you felt judged, or felt like someone told you you couldn't do something? Explain.

  • Samantha Mcdowell
    2019-03-08 22:13

    This was an interesting book about Buzz who captures a fly and decides to keep him as his pet that he names Fly Guy. The two become fond of each other and he enters Fly Guy in a pet contest, but he keeps getting told that flies can't be pets until Fly Guy does all kinds of tricks and wins smartest pet. The cover of this book would make kids pick it up. It is metallic silver with Fly Guy on it. It is very bold and draws kids in. The words inside are big and bold and there are few to a page so it is easy for young readers to read on their own. The pictures in this book are very good. They are big and the characters are draw to look like cartoons. You could figure out most of the book just by looking at the pictures which is also nice. They show exactly what the words say. I think this is a great book for 1st grade because it is not long and the words are simple and clear on the pages. It would be easy for them to pick up and read on their own.

  • Amaal
    2019-03-02 22:17

    Title: Hi! Fly GuyAuthor: Tedd ArnoldDate of Publication: 2005Genre: Fiction/Picture Book/EntertainmentAnnotations: Buzz goes looking for a pet when a fly bumps into him. Amazed by flies talents, Buzz takes the fly as a pet and names him Fly Guy. Though everyone says flies are pests rather than pets, Fly Guy does amazing things to change their mind. From there, the friendship of Fly Guy and Buzz blossoms. This is a really cute book and a good one for beginner readers. The pictures are wonderful! Who would think of a fly as pet? Perhaps children and maybe the entomologist, no? This is a good book that I feel children can relate to in terms of their innocence and how parents might think one thing while they think another.Discussion and Comprehension Questions for children: What animals do you think are pets?Would you think a fly is a pet? What is the difference between pet and pest?Would you think Buzz’s parents and the judges didn’t think the Fly Guy was a pet?

  • Anne-thomas Donnelly
    2019-03-06 15:14

    Hi! Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold is a funny easy-to-read book that beginning readers would really enjoy! It is about a boy named Buzz who goes out on a walk on day to find a pet for the Amazing Pet Show and finds a pet fly. He is amazed when he realizes the fly can say his name! Buzz thought this is the smartest pet in the world! He runs home to enter his pet into the show but is saddened when the judges tell him flies aren't pets. This fly was no ordinary fly though, and he did tricks to prove it to the judges! Hi! Fly Guy would be very entertaining and comical for young readers. And his illustrations of the colorful, animated characters will keep the children hooked and wanting to turn to the next page.

  • Melanie
    2019-02-27 14:26

    Tedd Arnold's style of both writing and drawing are excellent. each of his books are written in a chapter form even though there are not a lot of words to each chapter. This is the first in a series of books about Buzz and his pet/friend Fly Guy. The pictures are great especially for kids as flies like stinky rotten oozy things so there are a lot of pictures of those, plus the words are wrapped around and through the pictures which makes for a fun and pleasing-to-the-eye read. Great books especially for emergent readers as the words are relatively easy but there is actually a bit of depth to each story.

  • Marissa Kuhn
    2019-02-24 19:07

    When Buzz goes looking for a pet to enter into The Amazing Pet Show, he bumps into a fly who is so smart, he knows Buzz's name! Despite everyone's objection that a fly is a pest, Fly Guy proves them wrong. This book is a great easy reader. The typeface is nice and big with good spacing to help the reader keep their place. The illustrations are not overbearing and only help add to the story. We're never quite sure how Fly Guy will show how smart he is which gives an element of surprise to the story. By breaking the story into short chapters, beginning readers will feel accomplished of what they read all by their self. I highly recommend this book for kids who are learning to read.

  • Mary Ann
    2019-02-27 20:26

    Our students love-love-love Buzz and his pet fly. "BUZZ!" "You know my name! You are the smartest pet in the world!" It may be Arnold’s goofy cartoon illustrations, but I think they keep coming back for his jokes and wacky observations.

  • Vanessa
    2019-03-03 20:31

    Hombre Mosca estaba buscando algo para comer. Zumbido estaba buscando una mascota. Los dos se encuentran y una hermosa amistad comienza.

  • Corinne Carr
    2019-03-18 21:14

    Loved the book! Was easy for my son to read and understand for his summer reading assignment. He enjoyed reading it as well and asked for more books in the series. Thumbs up!

  • Anna Nesterovich
    2019-03-24 19:21

    A very simplistic book, but a shiny cover and a funny fast plot do the trick - it had been an every-evening-reading in our house for a while.

  • BorcheltFamily
    2019-03-13 20:08

    This is the first book my 10 year old read more of because he wanted to know what was going to happen! Breakthrough moment!

  • Christine Smith
    2019-03-06 18:08

    Title: Hi Fly GuyAuthor/Illustrator: Tedd ArnoldGoodreads Star Rating: 5Categories/Genres: Easy Reader/FictionCopyright date: 2005Estimate of age level of interest: K-3Estimate of reading level: 1.4Brief description:Fly’s can’t be pets!! At least that is what Buzz’s parents and the judges of the Amazing Pet Show state, however, both Fly Guy and Buzz go out to prove them wrong!Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and sub genre and discuss how they appear in your book.As an easy reader, Tedd Arnold’s silly use of slapstick, funny words, puns and imagery create a wonderful book meant to engage young readers. One characteristic of this early chapter book for early emergent readers is the use of simple and limited text, silly imagery to match the tone of the page, and wide lettering meant to make it easy for young children to engage in the text and pictures. The second characteristic of the book as fiction is the use of Arnold’s silly words and imagery to gain some type of passionate response. For example, who can’t help but smile and laugh at this line? “A Fly went flying. He was looking for something to eat something tasty, something slimy.” Of course, the images of a stinky fish bones and green gross looking slime add to the overall look of the book.In what ways and how well does the book as a whole serve its intended audience? Right off the bat, even before you open the cover, Arnold’s use of a hologram cover is eye catching and mimics the eye’s of flies. Tedd Arnold’s storytelling is timeless. My son loved his Huggly books about a monster under the bed and Arnold’s Fly Guy runs along similar lines. They are funny, the imagery is silly, and they are easy to read. Each page is another means in which to smile and feel confident as a young reader. LOVE IT!!Awards if any. Notable Children’s Book 2006Theodor Seuss Geisel Award Nominee (2006)Citations for published reviews: Horn Book Guide (Spring 2006)Kirkus Reviews (July 15, 2005)Library Media Connection (January 2006)Publishers Weekly (July 18, 2005)School Library Journal (February 1, 2006)

  • Madison Runcorn
    2019-03-03 20:10

    Buzz was an ordinary boy trying to find very unique pet to bring to the pet show. One day, Buzz bumped into a fly. Buzz was immediately impressed because this fly knew how to say Buzz's name. One he brought the fly home, his parents told Buzz that flies are not pets, they are pests. That did not stop Buzz, and named the fly "Fly Guy." But then Buzz decided to bring his new pet the Fly Guy to the pest show, and immediately the judges laughed at him and also told Buzz thats flies are not pets, they are pests. Which made Buzz super sad, but Fly Guy had some tricks up his sleeve. The book has a little bit of realism in the illustrations because Buzz, his family and they other people were very real looking, but was a cartoon book because of the colors and comic book setting. The book demonstrated an episodic plot because of its super short chapters followed by the characters. When I was interning in a kindergarten classroom, this was a favorite for the children. Every morning one student would being me this book to read to them, andI grew to enjoy the book just as much. It is always fun learning how people meet their best friends.

  • Morgan Courtney
    2019-03-17 20:31

    First of all, I absolutely love the cover of this book. I love the metallic look, with the bright red letters. I think this is a magnificent way to catch children's attention. They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but this one would really stand out to children on a book shelf I believe. Second, I think that the words in this book are perfect for an Easy-to-Read. The wonderfully drawn cartoons fit well along with the words as you read along, so if children were to get stuck, they could look at the pictures for hints.I love the illustrations because they have so many colors, yet they aren't too busy to distract the learning reader. The faces of all the characters have unique personalities and Fly Guy is an easy character to adore. I like that this book is sectioned off into chapters, so adults could give children breaks if needed, because just learning to read can be tiring after a while. I think the fact that the words are big enough on the page was another great characteristic of this book.Over all, I would suggest this one to new readers along with the rest of the series.

  • Paige Hirsch
    2019-02-28 21:36

    1. "Hi! Fly Guy" by Tedd Arnold is a book about a fly who enters a pet show. A boy catches the fly and the fly calls him by his name. His parents think that the fly is not a pet. However, the fly proves how smart he is and becomes the smartest pet in the show.2. My children love the story of fly guy. They like looking at the pet show and the judges. They enjoy the pictures and the tricks that the fly performs. It is a goofy story and the children laugh.3. I would pair this book with "Super Fly Guy" by Tedd Arnold.4. "The judges laughed. Flies can't be pets!"

  • Lexie Haarsma
    2019-03-09 18:19

    This was okay, I wasn't a huge fan. I have seen this book many times but had never read it or learned what it is about. A boy and a fly become friends and the boy would like for the fly to be in "The Amazing Pet Show". The judges say that a fly can not be considered a pet, but Fly Guy does an amazing job and the judges are surprised and everyone loves him. Fly guy ends up winning smartest pet. I think this story would be a nice easy read for young boys. Maybe 2nd grade. It has a nice lesson to it, that you can accomplish anything you work hard for. Fly guy and the boy were determined to win and prove everyone wrong, that a fly could in fact be a pet.

  • Brian Hoffmeister
    2019-03-11 20:07

    This first story in what would become a blockbuster children's book franchise, tells the story of Buzz and his new pet Flyguy. What sounds on the surface like a silly kid's time-waster, turns out to be fairly positive and endearing. And the cover is saliva proof, which any elementary librarian will tell you is key.

  • Hailey Forbes
    2019-03-13 19:16

    Genre: contemporary realistic Reading Level: lower elementary This book is the first of the fly guy books. This book shows the beginning of their friendship and the story is cute. The fly is told he can’t be a pet but then he shows everyone his cool tricks and they see he is special. This can teach children that even the smallest creature can be important in some ways.

  • Kate Sanders
    2019-03-05 16:16

    The illustrations in this book are quite funny. The expression on the fly's face throughout the book is accurate to what a fly might be feeling. It's a short book and an easy read that young students would also find funny.