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What's harder than resisting one Dane man? Resisting two. I don't date bikers. It's my one cardinal rule. No rough, rugged, tattooed egotistical maniacs on two wheels. Even if they are gorgeous, brilliant, and sport the prefix Doctor. Bottom line, bikers are nothing but trouble. T.R.O.U.B.L.E Dr. Devlin Dane has had his sights set on my panties for months. But I've done aWhat's harder than resisting one Dane man? Resisting two. I don't date bikers. It's my one cardinal rule. No rough, rugged, tattooed egotistical maniacs on two wheels. Even if they are gorgeous, brilliant, and sport the prefix Doctor. Bottom line, bikers are nothing but trouble. T.R.O.U.B.L.E Dr. Devlin Dane has had his sights set on my panties for months. But I've done a stellar job of fending him off. As Mercy Medical's most eligible bachelor, he has no problem in the panty dropping department. He's tall, dark, and inked all over. I get the appeal, I'm not dead. I'm not stupid either. He's a walking heartbreak waiting to happen. But when Reese Dane comes crashing into my life - literally- the game suddenly changes. Reese, the dark, brooding, motorcycle racing champion, knows exactly how to apply the right pressure on and off the track. The two have an unstoppable pull like centrifugal force, and both bad boy bikers are determined to take me on a high-powered ride I'll never forget... *MOTO is an unconventional (ménage) standalone novel. Spare panties and a box of tissues may be required. ...

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  • Carol [Goodreads Addict]
    2019-02-25 10:43

    MOTO is by M. Never. This is my first book by this author. It is told in the three points of view of the three main characters, Dev, Reese and Kayla. I can say with complete certainty that once you meet these three, they will blast their way into your heart as they have mine, and you won’t soon forget them.Dr. Devlin Dane is a cardiologist at Mercy Medical in a small town in rural Maryland. This is Dev’s home, where he grew up. Dev, with his piercing blue eyes and a smile that will melt the iciest of hearts, has no problem getting any woman he wants, and he takes advantage of that. Except the only one that he really wants, Kayla. They have an ongoing sexual banter and he is determined to wear her down. Kayla Kincade is a nurse at Mercy. She is determined not to be one of Dev’s notches on his belt. But she can’t deny she enjoys the chemistry between them. Dev is a biker, though. And that is Kayla’s most strict rule, one she never breaks. She will not date a biker. Then came the day that Kayla was witness to an accident involving a motorcycle and a truck. When they removed the helmet of the patient, she is shocked beyond words. She’s looking down into the exact same face as Dev, only it’s not him. Dev has a twin brother and his name is Reese.Reese is a famous motorcycle racer. He has won championships, has numerous endorsements, and is a famous celebrity. But now he’s sidelined from what he loves most while he recuperates. So he decides to set his sites on the beautiful nurse that saved him.“Even though they both have the same smile, and eyes, and face, they’ve each stolen their very own piece of my heart.”So begins the love story between Dev, Reese and Kayla. The Dane brothers love the same way they do everything else in their lives, with everything they’ve got. Kayla is it for them, they love her completely. But can they truly share her? And what happens when Reese is healed and is ready to race again? “There’s nothing but heartache down this road, I see it clear as day. Someone is going to get hurt, and I can pretty much guarantee that someone is going to be me.”Kayla has never been in love and she falls hopelessly in love with both Dane brothers. She feels love, passion and happiness beyond anything she ever could have imagined. They open her life up to a depth of feeling, of belonging, she never knew possible. “I didn’t think it was possible, after everything I’ve experienced with these two men, I could be changed on another elemental level. But Dev proved me wrong because I am no longer the woman who walked blindly into this room. I’m reborn.”This is one of those books that once you get into it, you can’t put it down. And even when you are away from it, the characters are still with you. They were the last thing I thought of when I went to sleep and the first thing I thought of when I woke up. This story has stolen my heart. And the epilogue. There are no words. Just re-reading my highlighted quotes made my tummy flip over and over all over again. So if you haven’t figured it out, I loved this book. It’s the first thing I have read by M. Never but will most definitely not be my last. I loved the sexy times and I loved the characters but the love they shared moved me, and I won’t soon forget it.“Love was just another word until you gave it a definition.”

  • Emma
    2019-02-26 07:55

    Now for the long awaited review =P, sorry for the delay, was crying last night about a book. Which book? This one.Hubby didn't understand or care that I was crying about the book. I asked him to calm me down so I can write the review. So he picked up my kindle and ask me what's the big deal as he thumbed through the book. What's the big deal?!! What's the big deal!! Everything..... Twin menage! A biker who's a doctor! His brother! Then me, whooppss.., I meant Kayla! And that ending! There's a lot of big deals. If you haven't read this, read it now lol! If you guys are wondering about the missing star, that's just me getting icked out about the whole doctory scene, I'm strong with a lot of things but for some reason, doctor - patient scene like the one at the beginning makes me cringe a lot. That's actually a good job though cause I was right there (too close, haha) - so pretend the missing star iss not there =P. Okay, bye bye, I'm going to re-read a few scenes before finishing my other book =)=)!

  • Laura- BookBistroBlog
    2019-03-21 07:52

    Hot Hot Hot!!! This book certainly put the sham-wow panties into a full on absorbency test!!! You have Kayla the nurse, who has had a troubled past involving motorcycles and now all grown up, refusing to have anything to do with 'biker boys' or bikes in her new grown up life as a nurse. Then you have Dr. Dev the hot cardiologist at the hospital where Kayla is a nurse and his twin brother the motocross racer Reese. These two are playboys...plain and simple. Paths cross and next thing you know...the three of them are in a relationship...**Insert--SUPER HOT Sex Scenes right about....Now **But things dont always work out the way life in your head says it is going to... What a wonderful story, full of emotion, full of love, full of happiness... then the worst of all happens... Can the life we have chosen move on and overcome the hurdle?

  • ShabbyBookBistroBlog
    2019-03-10 11:57

    First things first - Its a hot ..hotter..hottest story.Sex is sizzling, off the charts.Devlin Brothers are just that - sex devils !! Dr. Dev and Racer Reese are twins and they both fall for Nubile Nurse Kayla. But there's a probkem - She loves them both!!!! So when in dilemma , be practical. They form a Trifecta, a Triad, aTriangulation of Love . It's all hunky , hot, dory, till hearts get involved and things start going sideways. What follows is the unusual story , treated very outstandingly.The ending , which i was really worried about, turned out to be perfect. Its highly entertaining, a little predictable, but told so well.

  • ⚜️Charlotte⚜️
    2019-03-04 08:47

    Wow...that was a ride!I'm still processing...So here we Go!Needless to say I fkn. loved ❤ this book, I mean whats not to love... two HOT twin brothers Dev (the doctor) & Reese a (motocross racer) and currently Kayla's Patient, both vying for Kayla's attention...the sexual undercurrent became impossible to resist, so she went for it!...but the fun and crazy hot sex with both Reese and Dev only complicated her feelings...she's in Love with both of them....and they both love her...❤So what started out as a fun, sexy, HOT ménage, became a complicated heart wrenching Love story...with an even more complicated ending...that you'll have to read for yourself...because I don't want to spoil the Beauty of this story...there is so much more!...My first and Definitely not my Last read by this author...I was drawn in and held captive...I fell just as hard as Kayla for Reese & Dev, I can't explain except to say her writing is exceptional, and I became emotionally attached to the characters...(this doesn't happen often, only a few other books captivated me like this one) I will MISS them...crazy I know, but they have stayed with me...even in a dream...Maybe they always will!...❤ ;)M/F, M/F/M, Warning... (there is sadness) and HEA...

  • Chantal ❤️
    2019-02-26 11:00

    ONE CLICK MISTAKE! Omg, I am completely freaking out right now.I did not expect this book to be this good. (Because of what kind of story that it is). If you think you know what's going to happen you're wrong. This whole story and characters were amazing. All of them. How I cried and I was honestly just as torn as the heroine when the accident happened. I won't ruin this book for you except to say it's not what you think it will be. How they finally come together in the end was just wow. No words. When a book makes you have this much emotion you know it's worth it.This does not start nor does it end as a ménage story but a ménage relationship does take place for a while. It was not my thing at all and I had no idea that this was this kind of story but I am very glad I read it and it was almost too HOT!

  • Nashoda Rose
    2019-02-22 05:41

    Be prepared for one sizzling ride. Sexy. Hot. Romantic. I loved it!!

  • Jan
    2019-03-01 10:52

    Crap!It all started as a wild and crazy good time romance story and ended as a beautiful love story. "If there ever comes a day where we can't be togheter, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever."

  • Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    2019-02-18 06:53

    Personal confession time - I have it bad for bikers! There are very few things sexier than a man who has a powerful bike and knows how to use it! Before I digress too much and talk about the hubster in his leather, let's discuss the book. LOLI stayed strong until that damn Winnie the Pooh quote! When I heard it, the floodgates opened. It should have read, "queue the tears"! 😭 😭 Moto is unexpected, steamy, and it broke my damn heart! In a word, it's kinda PERFECT. Kayla, Dev, and Reese's relationship was complex and ultimately, gut-wrenching. I didn't agree with her choice initially, but I love the way the story played out. This may not be for everyone, but it worked for me. I went in blind and had no idea what I was getting into. I had no idea the storyline was this intricate. Intricate...that's a good way of putting it. LOL Fortunately, it's a thrilling, sexy, and satisfying read. M. Never is a masterful storyteller.Audiobook review: Narrated By Jacob Morgan & Brooke Bloomingdale. The narration was fabulous. I may have a slight crush on Jacob Morgan after listening to this sexy AF book! ;)

  • Cristina•●♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥●•
    2019-02-24 06:48

    4.5 stars ❤️“I’m egocentric. My whole life I’ve only ever cared about three things. Myself, racing, and winning. But you know what? People do change. They grow. They fall in love. They see possibilities they never imagined before. Discover a world beyond their own. I’m living proof.”- Reese * * * “I’m their puppet, and they want to play.”- Kayla* * * “This love has consumed me and changed me irrevocably.No matter what, I will always belong to both of them.”- Kayla * * * “If I stay, I’m never leaving.”- Dev

  • Jaime
    2019-03-19 08:55

    4.5 Give Me Fu€King Fast Stars! I was honored to be chosen to be a βeta reader for MOTO By author M. Never and having previously read all her work, I went into this book expecting BDSM NonCon Degradation and more..your basic Dark Erotic Romance. This story is a lot of things but it is not dark or twisted and has very limited BDSM/Domination play in it; however, it does have a lot of other goodies and it's got a great plot! So Hang on as I take you through the world of MOTO and introduce you to living life FAST!!MOTO is told from three different people's POV, in the first person which gives the reader a complete look at each character and their feelings. Our MC's are Dr. Dev Dane, his twin brother Moto Grand Prix Champion Reese Dane and Nurse Kayla Kincaid (yes, I have to point out she is a nurse the guys get titles, so does she). We first meet Dev and Kayla as they are working together at Mercy General, Dev is a cardio thoracic surgeon and Kayla a float nurse, Dev is also a cliche manwhore of a doctor-gorgeous, full of himself, sleeps with all the female staff, all except Kayla that is. Kayla wants nothing to do with Dev, she knows his type and add to it that he rides a motorcycle putting him firmly in Kayla's no-go zone. Or, is he? After a long day at work Kayla is on her way home when a motorcycle in pure white speeds by her, they meet up at a stop sign where Kayla watches in horror as a drunk driver careens into the back of the bike rider sending him flying. Kayla is immediately in nurse mode and starts to rescue the accident victim, riding in the ambulance to the hospital...only to be shocked when the bikers helmet is removed and it's Dev on the gurney. Oh wait, it's not Dev..but Reese Dev's twin brother - what a way to meet! Kayla ends up being assigned to Reese the next day in the hospital when she picks up a night shift and I guess all her feelings about bikers are forgotten or she can't resist Reese because things get pretty interesting between patient and nurse. Reese, he cannot stand being confined to a hospital room. So he talks his brother into arranging for home care and guess who is going to be his nurse, Kayla! The slow-burn style foreplay keeps building between Reese, Kayla, and Dev who has always wanted Kayla.. And once Reese has his cast off-well, things get freaky! So now let's talk about the sex. I mean look at that cover, the entire time you are reading the story that sexy man is in your imagination. Sadly however, the sex in this story was just a little ruined for me and let me explain why. I am all for ménage romance. I am all for open relationships. I get polyamory and understand that people are able to truly love more than one person at a time. But I really had a hard time with two twin brothers having sex with the same girl, at the same time, swapping fluids, and even mentioning of thinking about the other involved in sexual acts with Kayla. Did they touch? No. It just still seemed like it was a little too much love being shared between the brothers. I honestly would have been happier with a couple of best-friends sharing a girl - I have no issue with two non-related men in a ménage. So maybe this is the part of the book that was meant to be "dark" but even so, that type of dark is not for me. However, I read the story and I blocked it out of my head that it was two brothers each time they had sex as a group. So once Dev, Reese, and Kayla enter into this relationship they have a few good months. Then things change, dynamics are shifted, and lives are change. I don't want to give away any details there because it really is a good story and the plot keeps you totally entertained, it's paced out well, and the characters are intriguing. All I am going to say is you gotta read it and the next time you see a guy on a bike, I bet you think of this book! Dislikes:1. I understand that every story needs a villain, but the villain in this story didn't seem to add to it much. I think the story could have survived without that little scenario entirely as it had enough going on between Reese, Dev, & Kayla - so, unless the villain was going to directly impact one of them, seemed like it was a bit pointless. 2. The Brothers sharing a sex partnerFavorite Quotes “When I told you to put your mouth on me and you kissed me. It felt like a chemical reaction. Something unexpectedly shifted. You owned me before I even realized it. Before I could even stop it.” I tilt her face up. “But I can't stop being who I am. I race because it makes me feel alive, but you make me want to live, and that makes all the difference.” “When did you become so poetic?” Kayla tries to hide her flattered expression. “When I met a woman who gave the word love a definition.” Overall ~ 4.5 Fu€king Fast Stars and a great book from M. Never. ❥❥**´¨)¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)(¸.•´ (¸.•`*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Jaime from Alpha Book Cluband Gay Book Reviews

  • Pam Nelson
    2019-03-17 08:55

    5 Moto Stars Well I started this book today and I devoured it today. It was so good. I wasn’t expecting much of anything. I mean I know there was going to be MFM and it’s a book I have had my eye on but I was waiting for the audiobook. I loved the dynamic between Devlin, Reese and Kayla. Just when I thought things would go one way. Things went another it was pretty awesome. I don’t want to give too much away because I think it’s a book you need to experience for yourself. But I will say I love Dev’s determination. I loved Reese’s heart. And I love Kayla capacity to love. I loved the narration it was perfect for each person’s pov.*You don't have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it.*

  • Dani
    2019-02-19 09:02

    Before I start I want to say that this book isn't for everyone. It's sexy, it's erotic, it's beautiful, but it involved much more than a ménage. It involves three hearts, three souls, and the love three people.It's taken me more than 24 hours to finally sit down and write a review for this book. I am a massive fan of M, her books tend to suck you in, hold you hostage, and then spit you out into an emotional wreck. This may sound like a bad thing, but trust me, it's not. When people say book hangover, you think, oh yea, when you miss the characters or a story meant something to you.This book is that and so much more. Granted, not everyone will like this story. Why? Because it involves a polyamorous relationship with one extremely lucky girl and two incredible hot, sexy brothers.When you read this book you do need an open mind, you need to be open to something different. This something different pulled me in and ensnared me in this beautifully crafted story. Kayla has been denying her true feelings for Dr. Dev Dane for way too long. Why? Because he's a biker. She has a secret that makes her distrust the bad boy biker.When she saves the life of another biker, fate steps in and she's thrown into a life that she least expected.Reese Dane walks in and unnerves her, tempts her, and takes her on a f*cking fast ride. There are so many factors that play a role in the way this story plays out. It's unexpected, it's beautiful, and it will leave you with a torn heart, between the Dane brothers.How do you choose one, when you love both? I must be honest and say that Reese stole my heart. As much as I loved Dev, there was something about Reese that made me want to take the Phantom for a ride.This story wove itself into my heart and mind, and I didn't put it down until the very last page. It's hot, and I mean SCORCHING, if you know M's writing you will know that you need either an ice bath/shower, or a partner to assist.Apart from those hot scenes there are other scenes that are so heartfelt you'll be reaching for the tissues. I may have finished a box, or two, but who's counting!This is on my top 10 of 2016 list. Without a doubt, M Never has knocked this out of the park, country, continent. It's very different to the Decadence series, but it's as beautiful, as hot, as breathtaking as I would expect from M. She's outdone herself again.This book will be one of my favorite books ever. M. Never is a force to be reckoned with in the author world. Her stories are different, they're hot, they test boundaries and even when they push you past those lines you never cross, you still love the story that emerges.

  • BexLOVESBooks
    2019-03-01 10:56

    This beautiful book, my gosh did it catch me off guard. The cover is sexy as hell and I thought it would be a light sexy read. I was right about the sexy part but holy shit Moto destroyed me! It completely stole my heart, twice, in the very best way. So I feel like its my duty to fully prepare for the fucking amazingness that is this book, so you know what you're getting into. ;) First off there's Devlin Dane, um bad boy doctor with a heart of gold. Whaaaat? Prepare your ovaries ladies! You've been warned. Then there is Reese Dane. World motorcycle racing champion who likes things FAST and doesn't slow down for anyone... until he meets Nurse Kayla! I don't want to give too much away. I will tell you that this book is beautiful, its a fast paced wild ride. Its crazy sexy, it'll melt your heart and your panties all in one sitting. ;) I devoured this book cover to cover and enjoyed every second of it!

  • Amy J Romance Author & Reader Events
    2019-03-08 09:37

    3.75Sizzling hot!!!Audible

  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    2019-02-22 12:58

    OH Dear GOD that cover...

  • Jordan
    2019-03-20 04:48

    Okay, in retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have started this book right before bed. This was an absolute fantastic novel, definitely a favorite of the year. I'm currently in tears and completely heartbroken and overjoyed at the same time. How can that be?!?Full review coming soon. But seriously, if you haven't read this book, you're missing out. Reviewed by Jordan at Alpha Book Club.Disclaimer: This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the author or the publisher in any way.

  • lulamae_
    2019-02-25 10:47


  • Shari Kay
    2019-02-18 10:39

    Don't (view spoiler)[share. Especially with twin brothers. Talk about double dipping....ew (hide spoiler)]

  • Kara
    2019-02-26 08:07

    wow. Bella said I'd like this one & I did... she knows me pretty well.

  • Paige
    2019-03-09 12:49

    3.5 "Irresistible" StarsMoto was such an emotional and really sexy surprise. I went into this story completely blind, only knowing that I was going to need tissues. Having no idea what I was in for, I dove in and read this in one sitting. I was glued to my Kindle watching this unexpected story play out and it was both a delightful surprise and an emotional journey I won't soon forget. Told in three points of view, MOTO follows nurse Kayla Kincaid, Dr. Dev Dane and his twin brother Grand Prix racing champ Reese Dane. Kayla has worked with Dev for a while and while she finds him attractive, so do all the other woman they work with. He might flirt incessantly with her but she's caught him with his pants down on more than one occasion. When she watches a man on a motorcycle get in a car accident, she's surprised to find a man that looks just like Dev. With Dev and Kayla's simmering tension almost at a peak, she now feels drawn to Reese as well. When she starts working as his private nurse, things get even steamier. Kayla has always said that she's never going to date a biker but the two Dane brother's are impossible to resist. For Kayla choosing between them seems impossible and she's worried there may be nothing left of her heart when it's all said and done. This story was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. I thought I knew where the story was going, and then I was surprised by a twist I didn't see coming. Then just when I thought I finally had everything figured out, I was shocked once again. M. Never did a phenomenal job of constantly keeping me guessing all the way until the very last chapter. Add in the sexiest sexy scenes imaginable and I was in sexy book heaven. There were some of the seriously hottest scenes I've read included in MOTO leaving me a bit breathless. At times I did feel the story developed a tad too quickly and I wanted a bit more depth in some areas in regards to the relationships. But overall, my first book by M. Never was a definite winner and I'm really excited to read more. ARC provided for honest review.

  • Louise Ramsey
    2019-02-27 12:58

    I entered into this story extremely apprehensive I must admit After reading Owned by M. Never I was was all sex no story- I do like plenty of nookie in a book- but I want a good back story to go with it- and for me Owned had no substance. But when sent an ARC for this book I decided to jump straight and and leave all reservations and previous experiences firmly behind me. And what I read was an exceptional improvement on any previous works. I had worried that after reading this was a menage storyline revolving around twin brothers I was going to be left somewhat underwhelmed all over again- but I was happily mistaken!! Told in all 3 points of view- this book knocked me on my arse! Kayla- the leading female in our story- a sweet girl, a nurse, a girl who used to be a wild child, but with her from her sweet caring Aunt has managed to get herself back on the straight and narrow. Dev- The hot slutty doc who has been after Kayla for a looooooong time Reece- The hot headed biker, the wild one of the twins, adrenaline junkie extrodinare Kayla just doesn't stand a chance.....not only are they HOT....there's 2 of them!!!!! And what this book concentrates on (apart from the wild, hot, DP twin sex) is the actual it effects each person mentally-being in this type of relationship. Kayla loves it.....2 men vying for her attention- but it all has to go wrong somewhere- she's getting all the attention.....and each twin is only getting half of hers!! There was a small bad guy back story- but for me- Totally unnecessary- didn't add a fraction of interest to the story- and all in all felt pretty pointlessOverall this offering has totally made me change my mind on this author! Just goes to show you shouldn't judge an author after just one bad book :)

  • bookbruin
    2019-03-21 10:45

    Moto is my first book by the author as well as my first menage romance. Honestly, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I can tell you what I got though, and that's an emotional and extremely sexy, albeit unconventional, love story. The story is told from all three main characters points of view and is a stand alone.Dev and Reese may be twins, but their personalities are quite different. I really enjoyed the yin and yang contrast between them, which was evident not only in their career choices, but also in their bikes/clothing colors and sexual proclivities and desires. Reese wants life at mach speed and pushed to the limit, while Dev prefers to dominate and go slow and steady. I didn't think that I would enjoy a menage romance, especially involving brothers, but Dev and Reese were so distinct and the connection with Kayla was so genuine both individually and together, that I really felt like it worked. In their own ways, they each love each other and this created some crazy, crazy sexual chemistry. Holy hell, there were some scorching hot times in this book! I found myself like this a lot,and also this,This isn't just a book about sexy times though. There are real issues and realities that our characters must face. They may stumble and make mistakes, but in the end they grow, accept, and forgive. The epilogue, though bittersweet, was beautifully perfect, and really brought everything in the story full circle. I look forward to reading more books by M. Never.

  • Romance Readers Retreat
    2019-03-18 05:54

    I'm ruined and broken but uplifted and light. How is it possible for this author to both gut me with heart-wrenching sorrow but simultaneously provide joy? This book has everything you could possibly look for in a story. It's hot as hell (twice over ;) ), its devastatingly sad, its sweet and tender, dominating and dirty and it's simply beautifully written. M Never has outdone herself. I've admired this author and devoured her previous books but this....this book has changed things. Just when you think your heart cannot possibly bear any more, it's twisted yet again and you're left feeling apprehensive, wary as to whether you can continue but totally addicted and compelled to your heart's peril. Both Dev and Reese are powerful characters. Both with their own traits, you're left feeling pulled between them, like a taut string ready to fray and snap. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. With emotions swilling around, you're sure to be pulled under by the current this author has washed over the reader. 5 glowing stars!

  • Jessi
    2019-03-14 06:57

    This was my first book by this author and I freaking loved it!! I couldn't not put it down at all. Now I feel the need to binge read all her books. This book was amazing and well worth reading! It was fast paced and full of hot hot sexy scenes with some hot ass twin bikers. I loved all the threesome action going on, even the one on one was hot. Dev and his dominate side spiced up the book even more. The ending made me cry though. I didn't see it coming at all. It just came out of no where and throws you for a loop, but in the end it all worked out ok.

  • Melissa Ann
    2019-03-07 10:49

    This book was crazy amazing and had my adrenaline going. This book gives you "f**king" fast"! 2 crazy hot brothers, 1 lucky girl. After reading "Moto" my heart and my head hurt, for me I was terribly sad but happy with how things tied up. "Moto" is a heartbreakingly beautiful story with lots of HOT scenes!

  • JESSICA ~Snuggly Bear Paws~
    2019-02-26 05:52

    Read this last year. Had to read it again. At least I didn't cry this time around!

  • Teresa
    2019-02-19 12:54

    Wow! Rip my heart out, why don't you!!! Not gonna lie. I cried.

  • Elle
    2019-02-28 12:56

    3 STARS!This is my first read and I must admit that I'm not impressed. The blurb sounds promising and I was hooked. I've never been a sport romance fans and motorcycle isn't my virtue, so I wouldn't bitching about it. In the end, their relationship didn't work for me and I found it so miserable.Kayla works her ass off as a nurse in small town and live with her aunt. She's just an ordinary girl. Nothing special. Kayla avoids bad boys with tattoos and motorcycle at all costs. Apparently, she has bad experience with them. However, I kinda like her daring attitude and smart mouth.“Perception is everything.”“That statement is false. You don’t have me fooled. I see the wolf you really are.”“Wolf? Now I’m picturing you lying down, spread-eagle, wearing a red cape. You really are a dirty tease, Kayla. How am I supposed to concentrate now with that image burned into my brain?”Dr. Devlin Dane is a superstar at the hospital he works for. He's a man-whore when all the women dropped their panties. Aside his charming persona, he's a brilliant cardiologist. This blue eyes devil only set his target on Kayla. This woman drives him crazy for a year. Kayla always reject him because his tats and motorcycle. Their cat and mouse games is the only one interest me. It was entertaining to see their banter. Sexy as hell. A little bird told me that Dev has a bit kinky side and dominant in bed and I really love to see him in action.“You’re as bad as your brother.”“Because we’re both compulsive flirts?”“Flirts? Try compulsive players.”“We do share the exact same DNA.”Reese Dane came into town unexpectedly and got accident. Luckily, nurse Kayla on the spot and helped him. Such a surprise to found the devil with blue eyes has twin. Reese is nothing like Devlin. Even they're like a splitting images, Reese is hotheaded, stubborn and a bit impolite. His life only revolves around racing. But his insta-lust with Kayla brought something different. He has feeling for her and decide to share with his twin, Dev. I didn't really like Reese at first. He's way too intense than Dev. But slowly he bring another excitement inside Kayla's life.“You look hot as fuck with me marked all over you.” He strokes his hardening shaft. “So fucking hot, I want to clean you off just so I can dirty you up all over again.”They pin each of my arms behind their backs, prop me up, and spread me wide, so my pussy is on full display to all three of us. Each one of my legs hooked over one of theirs. It’s a confining position—a statement position. They’re in no mood to dick around. They want me wet, they want me needy, and they want to fuck. I’m their puppet, and they want to play.SEX IS BEYOND HOT! Both Dev and Reese really drenched my panties. No complain in the sex scenes. A bit unrealistic but, oh hell... Let's the fun begin. However, I'm surprised when Reese suddenly jump into Dev and Kayla's life. I suspect but I didn't catch the vibe that Reese is the one who initiated the menage relationship. I thought Dev will get Kayla since he's the first who did the chase but in the end, Reese is the one who managed catch her. Kayla seems didn't mind. With Reese, she found another pleasure with the thrill that she has been avoid for years. Reese managed to push her limits and I found Kayla has more strong connection with him. However, I found the smart-ass banter between Kayla and Dev has gone. They become boring and unattractive.Their relationship is kinda hard to believe. Too fast to follow when they jump into menage. It seemed fine at first and I hate when the jealousy come and eat them alive. Dev want Kayla for himself. I'm so confused that Reese feels like a third person who came and slip into their life. And I hate when Kayla has to choose between them. Hello... since when menage turns into triangle. I feel like falling into wrong rabbit hole. So, everything seems so smooth with insta-love and sudden marriage. In the end, it feels so wrong and depressing. I hardly enjoyed this and decide this is a decent read. Difficult to love.

  • Kimber Hellmers
    2019-03-06 12:00

    *Spoilers contained in this review* There were many aspects to this read that I was looking forward to; ménage, bikers, and of course, since it was M. Never, it was a no brainer. I knew it wasn’t going to be a dark read, but it was definitely going to be angsty and probably have a great plot twist. The read started great. Kayla, Dev and Reece were all well-constructed characters who had compelling aspects you just had to know more about. Kayla had her prejudice against bikers, Dev was the playboy, and Reece was always skirting the edge of out-of-control. The story hit the ground running (it’s expected as this is not a long read) and the conflicts seemed like they were going to build to something pretty significant. There is a drug problem in the community that Kayla is helping her aunt (a cop) get information on through her job. Reece is an adrenaline junkie and aside from being the identical twin of Dr. Dev, he has some personal secret. And Dev is an Alpha playboy who has a kinky reputation and seems to know some shady characters around town. The fact that such a professionally driven healthcare worker (Kayla) would give a hand job to a patient, seemingly out-of-the-blue, became only the first time I felt like I was being forced in a direction by the author for the sake of a specific ending and not the story itself. It was supposed to be an undeniable chemistry, and it was, but this scene was just perplexing and not at all believable if you want your heroine to have credibility. But when you find out that Kayla is willing to quit her job and run away with the biker brother who is least stable? I guess it makes more sense. The storyline that leads the three of them to be together works. Their physical connection is intense and hot, the sex scenes are amazing – both between the three of them and when it is Kayla with each brother. Each man brought something to Kayla’s life that was beautiful and loving, but I also feel like I the jealousy rampage that Dev eventually goes on was again, very forced. I had to believe that he was the one willing to give up the fight for Kayla (for the three of them) so the story could go in a certain direction. It did not feel like what the character should have done. This man was presented as “Dom” (for lack of a better term). He was the smart, driven one. And then he takes another woman into his bed so fast, you question his motives from the beginning. The fight Kayla has with Reece over comments to Viper; the side story of Tammy and Knight; the ménage that turns into a love triangle tinged with a cheating element; the aunt who has the huge drug bust; the quickie wedding and not-so-surprising pregnancy; I felt pulled in too many directions. I was good until about 1/3 way through the book then just started shaking my head. It all started to get ahead of itself, and then just when I started to look forward to my HEA (this is a romance after all), I get a very abrupt death of a main character. It was tragic, and heartbreaking, but not is a good way. It was a very depressing ending that felt again forced and unnecessary. There were so many other options for plot twists, but this one was just bleak. All the sudden we have a lonely single mother, a defeated Alpha-male, a wild-child young girl who seems oblivious to her background, and two other kids? Kayla and Dev’s? The time hopping in the epilogue is just too much. Again, I went into the book with extremely high hopes, and really looking forward to a menage storyline. This was not a menage storyline. I am a fan of M. Never and will always want to read what she writes. But I really felt like the promotion of this read was somewhat miss-leading. It was a good story, with all sorts possibilities, but in the end I was just left feeling let down. Both because of ending and the overall feel of the book. The Decadence After Dark series was amazing. I hope to see a return to that style of story.