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One piece of an ancient talisman with unearthly powers is held by a handsome warlock and another by a beautiful, psychic Native American woman. They join forces to find the third man and final piece--and find instead a deep and powerful love for one another....

Title : Touch of Lightning (Dreamspun)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780451406132
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 384 Pages
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Touch of Lightning (Dreamspun) Reviews

  • Paranormal Romance
    2019-02-20 05:05

    So here in lies the problem with reading a novel by an author you've never read before. Either you luck out and discover gold, an author who shines bright and sparks some adventure into the readers mind and you become so greedy to get your hands on everything she's ever get this. This pile of useless, boring, utterly confusing mash of random words mushed into novel form and you want nothing at all to do with this author anytime in the future. I summarize the plot because it's totally laughable. It's set in 2 parts. Part one can be limited down to 3 words in which will describe everything that takes place in the, oh, 200 some odd pages.. Ready? Snakes. Cave. Arguing. Arguing in a cave surrounded by snakes. In a cave with snakes arguing. Snakes present while the hero and hero sit in a cave arguing! WFT. 200 pages of this? Quite literally my brain turned to mush. The hero tracks the heroine who has possession of one of the 3 parts to the magical amulet that's destined to destroy the world. The heroine has a vision that this man will come to her, kill her and her people and destroy the world. The amulets they both possess make them corrupted and they start to hear voices and feel a deeper sense of rage then they've ever felt before. Sooo, they don't like each other. They physically hurt each other. The hero tries to choke the heroine and she in turn tries to sic her snakes on him and burn him to death with lightning. Then the heroine gets amnesia. Why? And then they have sex...cause why not. The heroine, who was practically begging for it ( due to the amulet taking possession and causing her to act violent and horny) then becomes furious, saying the hero raped her. She blinds him. No joke, that's part one. This takes 200 pages!!!!! So on to part 2... This was an utter cluster fuck of just chaos. It was so hard to follow and honesty at this point I had a negative percentage of fucks given for this book so I just don't care how it ended. Zero romance to speak of and a partly bore me to death and partly confuse me to shit plot have successfully come to together to create a pile of crap bound together and sold to the public. So I hope you enjoyed my review. Safe to say I didn't like this. Lol. I'm nearly the end of my yearly reading challenge and at this point I have little to no tolerance for stupid books. It was almost laughable how bad this book was but sadly I'm not laughing. A historical romance (as listed on the spine) it is not. This book will basically be shelf filler. And while I will never EVER burn any book....I probably wouldn't be to heartbroken if I spilt coffee on it either.

  • CLM
    2019-03-12 06:57

    This is a book I edited while at Penguin. The author had a great grasp of paranormal romance long before it really took off.