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The Book of Nights marks the American debut of one of Europe's most powerful and celebrated young writers. Winner of six literary prizes, The Book of Nights combines the timeless power of medieval legend, the resonance of Greek tragedy, and the harsh immediacy of a newsreel.Sylvie Germain traces a century in the life of the Peniel family, and especially of the Victor-FlandThe Book of Nights marks the American debut of one of Europe's most powerful and celebrated young writers. Winner of six literary prizes, The Book of Nights combines the timeless power of medieval legend, the resonance of Greek tragedy, and the harsh immediacy of a newsreel.Sylvie Germain traces a century in the life of the Peniel family, and especially of the Victor-Flandrin Peniel (nicknamed Night-of-gold-Wolf-face because of the hereditary gold fleck in the eye). It is Victor-Flandrin-larger than life yet fully human-who acts as focal point for the intertwined stories of the Peniels (including Victor's four wives and fifteen children); of their lovers and enemies; and of the endless cycle of birth and death, triumph and loss, madness and passion, eroticism and holocaust-from the Franco-Prussian War to World War II-that envelops and buffets their lives. Blending the historical with the supernatural, the comic with the grotesque, the lyrical and the brutal, Sylvie Germain tells the story of humanity's strivings and vanity, of the profound injustices that govern our relations, and of the fundamental strength that allows us ultimately to triumph over carnage and degradation. The Book of Nights is a "powerfully, deeply felt, imaginative" book (The Times Literary Supplement) by a fresh and compelling new voice....

Title : Cartea nopţilor
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ISBN : 9781602570122
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Cartea nopţilor Reviews

  • Elsa
    2019-03-16 20:41

    La troublante légende des Pénil, à l'ombre de la Grande HistoireCe commentaire fait référence à cette édition : Le livre des nuits (Poche)On reste longtemps marqué par le récit de Sylvie Germain. A la croisée du conte et de la légende, ces personnages vivent cependant dans l'ombre de la grande histoire. Victor-Flandrin Péniel, petit-fils de batelier et issu d'amour interdit, nait avec dans l'œil des tâches d'or. Fuyant le malheur qui semble marquer sa famille, il abandonne les eaux douces pour rejoindre Terre-Noire, un hameau quelque part près des bords de la Meuse. Mais qui pourrait aussi bien se trouver sur la carte des contes. Victor-Flandrin Péniel prend alors femme par quatre fois et engendre une progéniture marquée par la gémellité. Chacun de ses enfants se trouve liés à lui par une même tâche d'or dans ses yeux. Cependant, les drames poursuivent la famille : les amours déçus, la folie et surtout les guerres auront raison de plusieurs des enfants.Le thème du double est très fort dans le récit, et conforte la notion d'absence et la plupart des jumeaux ne sont en fait qu'une seule personne au destin dédoublé. Le style, sombre et poétique, décrit avec merveille les errances du héros, son enracinement dans ses Terres-noires, humides et inhospitalières. L'écriture transcende le vécu et marque d'autant plus les sentiments que provoque le récit. Sylvie Germain brode une triste mais belle ode à la vie, la trame de la grande histoire se constelle d'anecdotes, d'histoires et de légendes (la mort et ses petits souliers...). On ressort de cette lecture bouleversé, frissonnant devant tant d'acharnements.

  • ManuelaPanescu
    2019-02-23 21:46

    This is not an easy book: the book of night, of darkness. I've rarely encountered a story that catches so well the sense of life, of captivity into human flesh.It's not surprising that the author doesn't revise her text. The book is so profoundly about instinct, bestiality, anguish, that it had to be written from a less-controlled mind. It integrates the magic into the realism so much that leaves you vulnerable to your own imagination. The words are floating, always rushing to build images of grand tenderness or grotesque savagery.An amoral force seems to incessantly harass the characters but there is no exorcism without pain, even in reading.

  • Diana
    2019-03-02 15:42

    O femeie se ridica dintre trunchiurile copacilorPoarta o rochie rosie de un rosu inchis. Rosu de sange, ragusit.Isi leagana soldurile in mersEl o vede din spate.Nu o vede decat pe ea, ii umple toata privirea.Nu-i vede decat fesele, cu adevarat minunate, leganandu-se incet sub panza rosie ca sangele ce-i ritmeaza, fluid, miscarea soldurilor.Ea isi vara mainile in buzunare, scotoceste,scoate din ele tot felul de obiecte.O multime de obiecte,pe care le arunca pe rand:Sunt panglici, chei, tacamuri de argint, sfesnice, bile verzi si violacee, plete de femei, manusi, fructe, pantofi de dama, cosoare.Sunt atatea lucruri, si totusibuzunarele rochiei rosii par mereu goale. // Noapte noapte noaptea

  • Iulia Bercescu
    2019-02-23 21:01

    Imi aminteste de 'Un Veac de Singuratate', cu deosebirea ca GGM m-a cucerit, pe cand cartea de fata nu ma incanta. Poate tocmai de-asta: nu mi se pare ca vine cu ceva nou, in ciuda scrisului robust.

  • David R. Godine
    2019-02-23 19:37

    "Original and compelling… Takes [magic and realism:] to the outer limit and then fearlessly hurls one against the other."— New York Times Book Review (Notable Book of the Year, 1993)"It's hard to avoid thinking of One Hundred Years of Solitude, but the comparison does no disservice to Germain's novel, so powerful is it…A brilliant book, beautifully translated."— Literary Review"Little by little, the novel's miraculous births and deaths project archetypal family situations as unflinchingly as the tales of the Brothers Grimm."— Robert Tayler, Boston Globe

  • Ivan V.
    2019-03-02 15:51

    Read this book for the first time years ago, and liked it so much I gave it as a gift to my best friend. Book of Nights is not only a family story and/or a metaphor of Europe through a whole century os it's story. Book of nights is a patchwork of strong symbols, lore and human archetypes, not only in the characters, but also in their meaning one to the others, in an endless meeting of life and death, love and desire. One of my favorite books ever.

  • Bob
    2019-02-26 18:41

    While this novel did not capture my imagination it has interesting aspects, more like a sweep of French history in terms of a, let's say, very fabulous and metaphoric family over generations of chaos, loss, dismemberment and forging on. All the characters are more like symbols than people, but I doubt that the intention of the author was to write in anyway a realistic novel.

  • Erik
    2019-03-18 13:37

    There are good moments in this book, but the pacing is rushed and certain aspects seem fomulaic. Overall, it seems a rather forgettable read: good for a couple of nights, but then, that is it. None of the characters really stick in this reader's imagination for that much time after putting the book down.

  • Marina
    2019-03-22 20:45

    Sylvie Germain gathered the most exquisite vocabulary, some strong imagery, some unforgettable characters to present to us the Human Condition, in its universality, in a little french village, throughout the Franco-prussian wars, the first and the second world wars. I was mesmerized.

  • Tyler
    2019-03-18 16:00

    Good writing and the good use of magical realism are eclipsed by an excessive reliance on repetition. I rated it one star lower for what struck me as a gratuitous and highly offensive resort to homophobia in the narrative.

  • Bogdan
    2019-03-08 15:47

    This novel has a very interesting story line. And the style of writing is capable of hooking most readers. The fantastic is part of Peniel family as much as the dualist character of all every action they make.My copy of this book is in romanian.

  • Oana
    2019-03-09 19:58

    Is like rereading Isabel Allende/ House of spirits. Not a big fan.

  • Suicidalimbecile
    2019-03-24 19:48

    most beautifully haunting book i have ever read

  • Meda
    2019-03-25 19:55

    Weird, different