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Eight months.That’s how long it’s been since Eliza last saw Gage and they both feel as if they don’t deserve one another’s forgiveness. He screwed up. She walked away without looking back. They’ll try and make up all the time they’ve lost with one another, that is until they’re facing the choices of either going their separate ways, or hanging on and fighting for dear lifeEight months.That’s how long it’s been since Eliza last saw Gage and they both feel as if they don’t deserve one another’s forgiveness. He screwed up. She walked away without looking back. They’ll try and make up all the time they’ve lost with one another, that is until they’re facing the choices of either going their separate ways, or hanging on and fighting for dear life.The fights will be endless. They heartache will be real. The demons will return, and they won’t back down without a fight.There are some who will do anything to keep true love apart, and those same people will dig deep into their demonic ways until Eliza and Gage are literally no more.Can Eliza and Gage overcome it all? Will they be able to face the true demons that are seeking to destroy them? Or will they just forget about everything they’ve worked so hard for and go their separate ways?Sometimes you have to go through struggles in order to reach an ultimate point of peace… but will their struggle be worth it?*Recommended for ages 18+*...

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  • Shanora Williams
    2019-01-25 20:18


  • Simran
    2019-01-21 15:59

    After reading: I honestly loved this book. I had been dying for it to come out and I just finished reading it..BUT.. And yes I said BUT. I think it could have been better. I mean, the whole story seemed rushed and it didn't seem real. The first book "Who he is" is so much better than this book which is kinda disappointing. Even then, I gave this book 4 stars because I loved the characters and the book was still good..just not AS good as the other one. P.s I LOVE GAGE!!! <3 Before reading: [email protected]!?$% !!! I just finished reading who he is and OMFG September is too far away!!! I want more GAGE!!! <3

  • Dreamer
    2019-01-30 18:25

    Seems like I'm one of the few who didn't like this one. I'm quite disappointed. I fell out of love with Gage; he was way too spineless. *Spoilers ahead*I just can't handle weak men, especially when they don't ever really man up unless someone's holding their hand. He was still messing around with this chick who was supposedly blackmailing him *Major eye roll:* because he at one point dragged her to get a pregnancy done to calm down rumours. How miserable must he have been to still get his shlong up for a supposed bitch? & I don't buy for a second that a chick who is obsessed with image wouldn't just move onto some other famous dude. She clearly has connections, and she's rich. We never ever delved into why she was clinging so hard to Gage. It just... didn't make sense.& then Gage's sister is back on the scene (of course) and he's looking after her (of course) and she's got terminal cancer (OF COURSE, talk about desperation for a plot!); and then you're telling me they never ever once talked about this bitch who was clinging on to him over those two years? Gage just goes on assuming she wouldn't be fine with having her face plastered all over magazines? Wouldn't a rational and smart individual approach their sister and say, "Look, I have this bitch who is blackmailing me to marry her or else my band will be dropped and your story will come out." But no, instead he LETS this bitch hang around his sick sister. The book was packed with repetetive paragraphs of thoughts we've heard ten million times already, and meaningless conversations that added nothing but more pages to the book. If you seriously cropped out all the bullshit you have to read through to get to the actual story, we'd have something like thirty pages to read. The ONLY thing I can be glad about was that I didn't have to read "smirk" and "wink" on My imaginary Roy-like closet of cute kittens will see the light of another day.

  • * Meli Mel *
    2019-01-22 16:17

    For some reason I didn't like this one as much as the first one. I didn't get why things ended the way it did in the first book when I new there was a solution to it all. But they made things difficult for themselves. When I started this book, it hurt to read any scenes with Eliza and Gage. It was just painful. I got annoyed by Gage, he seemed so different in the first book. Now, he seemed slightly weak. I understood his reasons for doing things (which I applaud him for, he made sacrifices), but damn, that killed me. Again, they made decisions instead of looking at ALL their options. Eliza, I started liking more because she grew up. She finally realized she needed to fight for what she wanted, which is what I wanted her to do from the start. She also changed in the way she presented herself. In the first book, she seemed a bit meek but now she was confident and strong. I loved that. There were many boring parts in this book. It felt like it was dragging things on a bit. There were some great scenes between Eliza and Gage near the end. That's when I started liking Gage again. I liked the fact that the secondary characters played a bigger role and that we got to learn a little bit about them. I still want to know more about them, though. I really liked the camaraderie between everyone in this book.The ending was really sweet. I was happy for them and it made me smile. Overall, I enjoyed this book. I even liked that Gage's sister was in this one, but I still think the first book was better to me. I enjoyed it more. This one just dragged on. But I am happy with how things ended for them.

  • Mariam
    2019-01-22 17:16

    WOW…I got that feeling, that feeling I get when I’m satisfied with how the book ended. It was complete.Wow…I’m not going to keep saying wow for the rest of this review, so don’t worry.The book starts off with Ellie at the FireNine concert after 8 months of not seeing Gage, she obviously still loves him but he’s…angry with her.“This girl… I know she’s here right now. She really broke my fucking heart. I fucked up; she let me go. I opened up to her; she closed off on me…”He’s angry and hurt that she left him last summer, frankly I understood why she did it and I admired her, she was strong, wise, independent, unlike her mother who was, and I quote:“She was selfish and co-dependent and always wanting someone to do things for her. She was lazy, bitchy, and self-centered.”Damn right!She begins her internship at Arts Global, she’s excited and happy, she meets amazing people and I was really happy to see that she made some girlfriends. There is a…section? in Arts Global of FireNine posters, mugs, T-Shirts, etc. Obviously the company works with FireNine, so Ellie runs into Gage there and the tension is thick between them.They decide to try again and work through their relationship, but nope, pretty little life *cough* Penelope *cough* decided to play with them a little and tear them apart and I mean TEAR THEM APART!Penelope…she was a total SAW (Skank-Ass-Whore), I learned it from a book called Skin Deep ;)I just wanted her to disappear, kinda like this:My heart broke for Eliza, I mean she finally got him back and then THAT happens, gaahh!!“Happiness wasn’t on my side and my peace faded day by day. I was empty. Damaged. Alone.”The book fasts forward to 2 years later. Eliza must fight for Gage and their love with the help of her best friend Kelsey –I loved her, she was super sweet, and Gage’s band members. A lot of people from Gage and Eliza’s past will make an appearance, some good and some bad.I loved this book but I loved Who He Is more because I found this book so…dramatic. There were so many problems and obstacles to the point where I wanted to throw my tablet across the wall, but of course I didn’t because it was too expensive.Nonetheless, it was amazing and like I said, I felt satisfied with the ending.We got to know a little bit more about the side characters, and we got a couple of new ones, I adored Montana to the max, he’s my absolute favorite, and I really can’t wait to read his story in book 4.Book 3 will be about Roy Sykes, the hot and mysterious lead guitarist of FireNine.Sooo, go read this now if you haven’t already.

  • Ashley
    2019-02-14 20:56

    This was a cute series. It was the typical rockstar romance. I don't think anything stuck out in particular that made me want to go "OH MY GOD" but it very sweet and cute."3.5 FORGIVING, SHIT DISTURBING, LOVING STARS"

  • Christina
    2019-02-16 16:58

    What do you do when your world crumbles down around you? How do you prioritize what is important? These are both questions that Gage and Eliza are facing. Both worry they are making the wrong decision. This is how we left our rock god Gage and the love of his life Eliza in Who He is. After months apart Eliza is at one of Firenine’s Concerts so she can get a ride home with Ben.“This girl… I know she’s here right now. She really broke my fucking heart. I fucked up; she let me go. I opened up to her; she closed off on me. Has anyone in this crowd ever been in love?”“I want her to know tonight how bad she fucked me over—how hurt I was when I watched her leave. Not only did she break my heart, but she took the pieces with her.”- GageI was crying for Eliza. But I was also crying for Gage. Both are so hurt both not knowing which way to turn. But they want each other. The love they had still buried inside of them. But there are shackles around them holding them back from each other. Every once in a while they break free for a time and the love it is so strong and powerful its almost overwhelming…“I’m sorry, Ellie. I can mend your heart, though. I can collect all the pieces and put you back together again.” “How?” “With time, Sweet Ellie.”I went through a whole up and down of emotions with this book. I felt the pull Gage had to protect his only family and at the same time protect Eliza. Eliza’s fierceness to hold onto her future but also her love for Gage. The pain of letting go and the joyfulness of love found. Then there is the slurry mole.. lord help me if this mole didn’t have me wanting to reach into my kindle and punch her more than once. The control, the angst, the wonder of it all Shanora had me locked into this book wanting and craving things to go one way or another right then and there. But she paced everything just right so there was a good flow of what was happening. “It’s so fucking hard to stay away from you, Eliza”- Gage“Every single morning, I smell him. Even when I’ve changed the sheets, I smell him. When I roll onto the side of the bed he was on, I smell him. I can almost feel him.” - ElizaMy heart was ripped out and put back together several times in this book. I do not want to reveal too much so I will end this review with letting you all know this is a MUST READ BOOK. I loved every bit of it! And I can’t wait for the other band members books!

  • Catriona Laurie
    2019-02-08 13:04

    Despite extreme misgivings at attempting this novel after WHI, I felt that—having stuck through to the end, I should continue on and finish the series. The first few chapters did not instil much hope for improvement as the central characters still seem as childish and tantrum-prone as before – witness Gage’s baffling new song at the start, written and performed to upset the listening Eliza. Why? A bit OTT if you ask me.On the plus side, Ms Williams seems to have learned to curb her penchant for the inappropriate over-use of the word ‘smirking’, which makes for an easier read this go-round (like any recovering addict though, the odd relapse inevitably occurs). Unfortunately the book suffers badly from bad characterization, the main characters persist in the teen-dram persona's established for them in WHI and continue to make senseless, hormonal decisions that make you want to fling the book HARD at the nearest wall in frustration (since my copy is electronic the percussive therapy would be a tad expensive though).There are some snigger-worthy typo's to make the journey just a little more enjoyable:- “soiling me with his fervent kisses”,"You’re open, livid, and exciting" to mention a coupleMs Williams has definitely got a smidge of talent for writing but she needs to spend some time sharpening her powers of observation--and locating a decent editor. I wish I'd listened to my inner voice and steered clear this time

  • MommyRN
    2019-02-09 13:18

    I obviously didn't read the same book as everyone else. I hate to totally destroy an authors work since I know how much time and effort goes into writing a novel but this book was not good. Gage is not a man of integity but a scared whinny baby. Eliza is not well developed. There were so many plot inconsistencies and at times it was hard to follow. The reason behind Gage's mothers death didn't work for me and same with the sister's. Obviously this author has no medical background. A person dying of stage 4 lung cancer doesn't go out to pick up pizza or play in a water fountain a week before they die. And one minute she us on a vent and the next she is awake and humming? Do your research if you want your story to be remotely believable. The author clearly stated that it had been 2 years since they parted ways but then kept saying last summer. The end of the book was just rambling like a young girl would in a diary but worse. It was as if the author was tired of her own story and just wanted to get it done. There was more wrong with this book that I could mention but my advice is don't read it. Thankfully Amazon let me return them so I am not out any money. Just out my time which is a lot more valuable.

  • Cassie
    2019-01-19 19:15

    Best book behind Who He Is by S. Q. Williams. I have to say I wasn't expecting anything but what happened between Ellie and Penelope. I was sooooooo waiting for it and was so happy jumping off the walls when it did! I loved Ellie in this book! She was so strong and bitchy! I loved how much she developed as a person. Gage was so sad in this book I wasn't expecting it whatsoever! Roy now has my heart, he was so amazing in this book and opened so many doors. He grew and showed his true side and I think it was so amazing. Montana so needs a girl. He's simply hilarious and I love his character! I ABSOLUTELY loved Kelsey! She is freaking adorable and nerdy! (My kind of friend) She was the best and honestly I'd love to learn more about her! Kristina was the best sister any person could have and honestly she was my favorite character, she is strong willed, protective, sweet, and can kick some major butt!

  • YaYa
    2019-01-20 15:57

    Ms. Williams, you already had my heart with Who He is and now you probably own me completely. Good Lord woman you had me bawling all over again. At least this time my kindle was safe. You proceeded to give us more of a story and the way it unraveled it was perfect. What and HEA for Gage&Ellie. I LOVED IT. Although I always want the Super Cunts to die, Karma played its part very well with Penelope. Karma played well for others too, much needed. Last but not least, Montana and Roy, FanFuckingTastic. Look out super heroes. OMG I can't wait for the next book. Roy, sweet quiet Roy. I'm so happy it was an early release. I really needed this. I will forever be one of your FireNineHoes❤

  • Raj
    2019-01-18 16:17

    at last! I've waited too long for this!!!why 4 stars? I love the story, I really did, but for me, it's not enough.

  • AprilA
    2019-02-17 14:19

    A few caveats.... 1. There will be spoilers in my review. I will make every attempt to have them hidden within spoiler tags, but if you're going to freak if you read one then you should just stop now. 2. I'm not going to rate this book right now with stars. Mostly because if I did, it wouldn't be very many and I don't know if a little distance may make that better. 3. This review is going to be on books 1 and 2 together. They are a continuation of the same story. So, there's your warning.Let me start off with the good... I think the premise of the story is fantastic. I'm a sucker for a rock star hero and although I found Gage a little douchey at times early on, that's ok because he's a rock star and a certain amount of douche is expected. I liked Eliza too. I thought her background was a fantastic opportunity for some angst that in all honesty, I feel like never came close to reaching it's potential. I have quite a few significant issues with this story that make it difficult for me to give it a high rating. I'm going to list the technical issues first. Authors get creative license. I'm totally willing to go out on that limb. But there was A LOT of creative license taken with the lifestyle of a band here. So much so that it felt kind of over the top ridiculous for me. Eliza's dad who is the band's manager has his own bus. 1. A manager doesn't tour with a band. They'll check in here and there, but they haven't done that since like the 60's. And no manager of any sort gets their own bus. 2. There's 2 luxury SUVs and 2 full time drivers of those cars touring with them. Uh... no. Not even U2 or Aerosmith has that. Transportation within the city they're playing is part of their rider agreement and usually provided by a venue. 3. And this was probably the most significant for me. These guys are in a rock band. You don't have to have toured with a rock band to know that it can be a crazy life and there are not many (if any) rock stars who are overly fearful of the things Gage was fearful of. A great writer will weave a story. They drop a thread here and then pick it up later and they keep weaving it in and out. I felt like a lot of threads got dropped and then never picked back up and that was so disappointing. Eliza's backstory is extremely difficult. The poor thing went through sooooooo much. (view spoiler)[ She was abused very badly by her mom and step father. (hide spoiler)] I thought "Ohhhh, this is going to make for some really angsty fun later on. Nope. (view spoiler)[ There's a paragraph where she tells Gage about her history, he pats her back and says "that sucks". Then in the second book, there's 1 incident that's totally random where her step dad and mom show up at her door, her step dad tries to choke her, 2 of Gage's band members save her, but as soon as she's done freaking out it's as if it never happened and they start talking about how she needs to go chase Gage. It's NEVER even mentioned again until the epilogue where there's another single paragraph that says her mom eventually tried to sue her dad for back child support was arrested for assault and she and her step father had to go to rehab. Then in that same paragraph it says she thinks they're doing better, then 2 sentences later it says her step father escaped rehab 2 weeks after going and died of an overdose. What the what?????? As shitty as her history is, that's ALL the use it got?????? (hide spoiler)]The main conflict (it took me a while to determine what it was for sure because it felt like there wasn't a real commitment to it for a long while and even then it wavered a little) in the entire story is driven by the fact that (view spoiler)[Gage's pretend girlfriend or whatever she is, knows his sister was a druggie and is blackmailing him saying that if he doesn't date her and eventually marry her she'll tell the press. My thought was, SO WHAT?!? He acted like this would be AWFUL. It would make all his fans go away. Uh, it's a rock band. More than half his fans ARE druggies. Note: I'm a huge rock fan. I have toured with a couple of rock bands. I'm not being negative, but I've NEVER seen a drug problem of a family member harm a rock star's career. That makes no sense at all. Then it switched to it could be harmful to her recovery (which didn't come into play until like 50% anyway.) And just to make things more difficult the fact that the wacked girlfriend was the daughter of some dude with the label that "made" their career (we're never told what he is really) becomes an issue because she will have him ruin it. That just makes little to no sense. Can a label drop them? Sure. But they're supposedly a big band at that point. They have bodyguards. Rockers with bodyguards are big bands. Getting dropped from their label is not going to ruin their career and we're never told how it will. So the reason why he won't drop this chick is just totally bogus to me and I was really frustrated that I could never see a legitimate reason for that conflict and the fact that he eventually does drop her and NOTHING comes of it, in fact, nothing is even mentioned about the results of it except for 2 small paragraphs in the epilogue is proof to me that the writer never really had a legitimate reason for it in the plotting and that's just disappointing. (hide spoiler)]I felt like there wasn't a true commitment by the writer as far as the conflict goes. It felt like 1 second the character would say "this" is my problem with continuing to be together and then on the next page, it would be "this" is the problem. And the only conflicts which were consistently mentioned had no legitimate foundation, not even the illusion of them as evidenced by the fact that they were resolved without any problem at all and any real action on anyone's part. Eventually the problems just went away. Uh.... then they were never really a problem to begin with. I wanted to like this story. I wanted to like it so bad. I love the characters. All of them. Well, I hate Penelope, but I'm supposed to so that's no problem. The characters and their backstories were obviously well thought out and extremely good. To me at least. My problems were consistently with plot which at times included thoughts and actions of the characters which were inconsistent or in direct conflict with their backgrounds. And at times, I felt like Eliza's background in particular was just totally forgotten. I'd say for 90% of the story, her background had 0 impact. And it's such a horrific background that I thought that was just a crime. Obviously, this book has gotten a lot of high marks and these are only my thoughts and opinions. I don't mean it to be a slam towards the author her work at all. In fact, I feel so strongly about her potential that I had to write my thoughts in the hopes that they'd be read and taken for what they are and not an insult. They strength of the characters tells me that she has an amazing insight into characters. I just felt like the plot needed to be more flushed out, the conflict in particular. I want to read more from this author as she comes along in her writing because I think once that happens, the stories are going to be phenomenal! And I'd suggest doing a little extra research into the lifestyles before placing a character into one. Creative license is so totally ok, but it just felt like it wasn't creative license so much as making things fit what was convenient for the author and that's a real leap of reality at times.

  • Victoria S.
    2019-02-15 16:11

    A Solid 4.5****StarsAhh finally Gage Grendel is back! No worries ladies the ego inflated jerk only rears his ugly head very briefly. Thankfully Gage got that out of his system in the first half of Who He Is; instead this second installment picks up right where the last book left off. After Ellie walks away, shattering Gage’s heart, she must face the music (literally she goes to their concert to visit her dad) and she is introduced to Fire Nine’s new song “We Don’t Give A Fuck!” I have to say this man definitely has a way of putting his emotions into his songs as blatantly clear in the song:“It was bad to let you in, he sang. It was hard to get over you. I was stupid to be with you. You hurt me when I never did anything to you. I’ll scream ‘fuck you’ to the rooftops. I’ll let everyone know I’m not…I’m not in love with you. Fuck you. Fuck us. Like the band always says…WE DON”T GIVE FUCK!”I’d buy this song on iTunes, it’s a powerful and catchy anthem for a bad break-up, yet all lies. Understandably so, Gage’s emotions are still so raw, the hurt, anger, bitterness he has toward Ellie for leaving him; however you can tell this display of a**holely is him lashing out because he is very much still in love with her. As many of you can guess, this first encounter is not successful. These two go their separate ways but the connection does not fade. As time passes, neither are able to bury their feelings.I give props to Ellie she is no longer the unconfident, vulnerable girl from the first book. She has a refined independence about her, which she uses to focus and accomplish success in Art School; a major headway for her career is the internship she lands in New York at Arts Global. All of us know the feeling of first day jitters. Well poor Ellie doesn’t just have butterflies from preparing for her first day, she has the pleasure of being thrown on a rollercoaster that has her thrown back and jerked around when she discovers new boss Franklin McGuire is one of the graphic designers of FireNine. But wait that is just the cake, the icing is Gage gave her the recommendation for the internship and here is the candy toppings he is there to welcome her to her internship. I couldn’t help but giggle like a school girl, of course Gage is involved. While I felt for Ellie, I was also elated with Gage’s actions, clearly he is trying and willing to work things out with Ellie and this man is on a mission. “I can’t fight it. It’s so fucking hard to stay away from you, Eliza. You wanna know what I thought about today?......I thought about taking you in my arms and if I had to, dropping on my knees again and begging you to just accept me—to just take me and…love me.”Yup that declaration would have sold me too but even if I were on the fence these next words lined, hooked, and sunk me:“I have to feel you again. I want you to feel me. I want to show you how much I’ve missed you. Words aren’t enough.”Exactly like I am always saying, “Actions speak louder than words” or in this case actions are more satisfying ;) Reunion—check, connection stronger than ever—check *squeal* okay are you happy, I know I am? ROADBLOCK (imagine the annoying back-up truck sounds) here comes the drama and complications; all can be summed up into one name—Penelope.Grr I have never seen myself getting into a quote “girl fight” but heck this girl (yes girl she lack the maturity to be deemed a woman and definitely lacks the class to be a lady) makes me want to sign up for some MMA classes and full out TKO a biotch. I mean what human being blackmails a man using his recovered drug addict sister who found the strength to overcome one obstacle only to be hit with lung cancer; truly unfortunate for Kristina and devastating for Gage, a man who values family over everything else. Also, as much as I hate to admit it I wanted to slap Gage around too. Whereas, Ellie grew stronger, I felt rather than showcasing his vulnerability Gage took it a step deeper more so depressed and weak. I wanted more fight from him. As quick as he fought to get Ellie back, it sizzles and we as readers are heart broken right alongside Ellie. “I thought the abuse and pain from my mom and stepdad was bad, but this? This heartache? This pain? This depression? This knotted-up feeling in my gut, the tightness in my throat, the ache in my chest?...With each step I took away from that tunnel, I died on the inside. My heart shriveled up and obliterated into ashes.”Whew talk about grasping all the emotions of a heart break, Shanora Williams expresses such elaborate, relatable descriptions that cause the reader to reflect on past experiences and helps reader emphasize with Ellie. Reading about Ellie’s friendships with Monica and Kelsey, it encouraged me to seek out my real life equivalents and hug them. Because Ellie’s statement describes the comforting manner true friends are capable of when she says“Kelsey and Monica were like two Band-Aids on my worst scars. With them around, I felt better.”Ms. Williams does a spectacular job developing and strengthening the supporting cast. Although I was jealous of Ellie because I wanted Kelsey to be my bff (she is corky, she is your personal E! News anchor, and always has your back) I was more ecstatic for her to have formed that connection with Kelsey, to finally have a friend to lean on. Kelsey, Roy, and Montana all help to lit the fire under Ellie’s ass and prompt her to fight for her man. Even though Ellie did not go to Gage’s apartment with intention to literally fight physically, she intended to talk to Kristina to get through to her in hopes of snowballing a revelation in Gage. But that is all thrown out the window when Ellie comes face to face with Penelope. The way Ellie handles herself had me cheering like a proud mama on a sideline of a soccer match. You go girl!“If I had to accept assault charges, I would. I didn’t care. She was the one who ruined us, so I wanted to ruin her.”Once again, Ms. Williams has succeeded in strapping me in a rollercoaster unable to escape. My emotions were all over the place and no matter what I couldn’t escape the heartache; I just wanted to know when I’d be let off to find solace. I did feel the ending was slightly rushed nonetheless solace for me came in the form of another perfectly emotion filled song by the Gage Grendel called Single Doves“We’ve been through it all.I’m not leaving no more. We’ve been hurt and all,But I’m not leaving no more.This is my statement,I’m here to stay.This is my heart,I’m here to stay.”I was surprised at the turn of events over the course of the book which made me love the ending even more. I am a sucker for HEA so thank you Ms. Williams for giving me a lollipop to shut me up! Fingers crossed that Roy and Montana get their own stories.

  • Kim
    2019-02-07 20:20

    4 to 4.5 starsI learned that our pasts and our difficulties are what makes us who we are. Our heartache, suffering, and pain. Gage Freakin' Grendel. Oh Man. This man has more mood swings than a PMsing woman. We meet back up with him eight months after Eliza ripped his heart out and left him to follow her own dreams. He is angry...pissed actually. But he is still drawn to her and is hurt and does not want to still want her. But he does. I could not be mad at him though as I could see his defense mechanisms. "I want her to know tonight how bad she f***ked me over--how hurt I was when I watched her leave. Not only did she break my heart, but she took the pieces with her." As they find themselves spending some time together, they have a hard time resisting each other and their feelings and chemistry are still there. And eventually the sweet, loving Gage begins to reemerge. Unfortunately so are the problems that caused their split in the first place. Gage and Eliza have a complicated relationship and lives. Gage is confused, conflicted, and sometimes clueless. Even though there are glimpses of his previous asshole-ness, for the most part he is genuine and has deep feelings. His decisions are based on trying to do the right thing, but usually they do not turn out that way, There are so many forces bearing down on him that he struggles with what he wants versus what he feels he needs to do for others. The only woman who really ever knew all of him or had his heart is Eliza. But sometimes love is not enough and sacrifices have to be made. Gage's past will not leave them alone. Every time he gets close to a little happiness, skeletons emerge to ruin it for him. And his lifestyle with the band is still something that gets in the way of him being stable. Eliza has found her inner strength, confidence, and has matured. She is following her dreams and meeting her goals. But there are still some demons from her past that have potential to ruin all she has worked for. But she knows what she wants and is not afraid to fight for it.My love was stronger than my hate, depression, and hurt. They find themselves in difficult heartbreaking situations over the course of this book. There are misunderstandings, miscommunication, pain, lies, twists and turns. This couple seriously has problems with communication and being on the same page at the same time. Their story involves trying to cope, trying to move on, and trying to hold on. It is not quick, it is not easy, and it is not without pain. But all along it is a growth process. They have a strong connection, feelings and passion. And they have the support of their friends and the band. This is not just about the couple, but it is also about the bonds of friendship and family. This group stands together and fights for each other now(versus fighting with each other like they did more of in the last book)."You're mine, Eliza, and that'll never change, no matter what kind s**t we go through." I loved getting to see more of the guys from the band especially Roy. Yes, we get to know the elusive Roy more in this book. He is so interesting, has a mysterious past, and I really liked him. I am looking forward to his book that will be next in the series. And we also got glimpses into Montana and Deed's upcoming stories and relationships. Montana is so fun and easy going and I liked his story line that was introduced. And Deed has really grown on me since the first book.This book was heartbreaking, dramatic, and romantic. At various times I was angry, frustrated, happy, swooning, and sad. It spans a period of time so it was not a fast and easy resolution to everything. So it was more realistically paced out based on their life situations. The characters grew on me more in this book and I am much more invested in their stories. I was left satisfied with this book when I finished it and did not want to pull my hair out or pm Shanora in shouty caps when I was done. So that is a good thing! It was a fitting conclusion to Eliza and Gage's story, even though I know we will see them more in future installments in the FireNine series.Thanks to Shanora Williams for providing me with an arc copy in exchange for an honest review. I was a beta reader for this book. Quotes are from arc copy and subject to change.

  • Heather M. Orgeron
    2019-01-25 18:12

    Every time I heard it on the radio, it was a constant reminder of what I’d actually done to him… I didn’t want to face him again. I was a coward, I was selfish, but I couldn’t help it. I literally ripped that boy’s heart to shreds.Eliza is meeting up with her father Ben, at a Fire Nine concert, so she can ride back home with him for a visit. She is nervous to see Gage again and hides out backstage trying to avoid him. Then she hears his voice through the speakers as he dedicates a performance to her.“This girl… I know she’s here right now. She really broke my fucking heart. I fucked up; she let me go. I opened up to her; she closed off on me… I want her to know tonight how bad she fucked me over- how hurt I was when I watched her leave. Not only did she break my heart, but she took the pieces with her.”…it’d only been eight months since the last time we saw each other. Love couldn’t fade that fast... could it? I sure as hell still loved him... Eliza and Gage have a very spark filled, emotionally charged reunion. They lay their feelings bare and are working things out. But, Gage and Ellie can never seem to get it right. After a very brief time together, they are ripped apart again. This time Gage is the one to walk away.Every single morning, I smell him. Even when I’ve changed my sheets, I smell him. When I roll onto the side of the bed he was on, I smell him. I can almost feel him…Who We Are sucked me in from the first few pages. I FELT the pain and anger that consumed Gage after Eliza left him… the guilt and regret that plagued Ellie over breaking both Gage’s and her own hearts. Most of all I felt their love for each other and their desperation to be together.Eliza and Gage’s story is beautiful and tragic. It is both heartbreaking and inspiring. I can’t say enough about what an amazing job Shanora William’s did on this sequel. Her writing shows so much growth. More than I even realized it could. One of the things I look for in a book is how emotionally connected I am. I want to feel. I want my heart to break and I want to believe it so much that I hurt with them. Who We Are broke my heart in the best way.The one and only complaint that I have, and this stems back to Who He Is, is Gage's reason for not committing to Eliza. Although his reasons get a little better in Who We Are, I still don't feel like it should have been a deal breaker. A love as strong and passionate as theirs needed something more believable to keep them apart. For this reason I gave Who We Are 4.5 stars.Well done Shanora! I am so attached to your characters and can’t wait to read Roy and Montana’s books!

  • Sugar and Spice Book Reviews
    2019-01-29 18:02

    4.5 StarsI could not wait to get my hands on this book! I’ve been left on my knees like Gage at the end of Who He Is. I fell in love with Gage Grendel, the lead singer & lyricist for FireNine. His heart was broken when Eliza White left him. It wasn’t an easy decision for her to make either. She was just as torn, but she had set a goal to finish at the University of VA and get her art degree. I admired her for sticking with the goals she had set for herself even if it was at the expense of having a broken heart.Now eight months have passed since she broke off her relationship with Gage. They have had no contact and she has avoided going home to visit because she knows that Gage & the rest of the band hang out at her Dad’s house. He’s the band’s manager. But now the time has come for her to start her internship at Arts Global and she can’t avoid going home now.“Gage----I’m sorry. I----” ~ Eliza“Eliza,” he said raggedly, shaking his head. “Don’t. I understand we all have dreams. We all have that one thing we want in life, but can I not be a part of that? Can I not be a part of you accomplishing those dreams? I’m not asking you to drop out of school or drop everything for me. If anything, I want you to finish, but I want you to do it with me.” ~ GageThis is full of wants, desires, dreams, frustration, heartache & loss. Longing to be with the one that you know completes you. Eliza knows she hurt Gage and let their love go, but she continues on with her internship. In the mix of this, Penelope Binds, the daughter of the head honcho for FireNine, still has her claws in Gage. She will hold anything over his head to have him. Gage is stuck in the middle and I didn’t care for his weakness in his decisions regarding Penelope.This story had it's ups and downs and I really enjoyed the turmoil, reconnections and the outcome at the end. The sub characters definitely added to the story’s enjoyment. I recommend checking this book out, but read Who He Is first.Review by Jessie L.

  • Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer's Heart
    2019-02-15 21:03

    3.5 to 4....I just feel a bit undecisive here. I was really looking forward to this conclusion since I felt there was so much more to the story than Who He Is. Well, this book was full of so much more, but geeze talk about drama and angst!This book picks up with Ellie returning for a visit to her dad, coming face to face with Gage after ripping his heart out. She is dead set on finding her success and making something of herself...he is angry, bitter, and still so much in love. The connection is still there, and this time he is not taking no for an answer...he is willing to work things out with Ellie. YES, I was screaming crazily, finally someone is communicating clearly. I mean why all the drama...go to school, get your degree, be successful...but HELLO lady, keep on getting that hot lovin from the Rock God, right?I remember strongly disliking Gage Grendel as he was a complete jerk in every sense of the word. Once he let his guard down and fell in love with Ellie I was a goner, a true Gage fan. That being said, I felt like he might have lost a little appeal for me here. What happened to the confident bad ass rocker? He seemed to lose his self...he became the Duke of Angst! To me his character came across more depressed and weak, not vulnerable. I know this was full of sad goodbyes, deception, missed opportunities, and constant acts of "go on without me," but I really missed the cocky Gage. I guess he was the epitome of p-whipped here, lol! I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters, even though I couldn't really see what Gage saw in Ellie, lol. They did have hotness though! Overall Ellie continued to be the good girl and all the goodness was just what this band needed. She developed a backbone, but Gage lost his. I loved the a sucker for good outcomes and I was surprised at the turn of events. I will say that I hope Roy and Montana get their own books!!!!

  • Cindy
    2019-01-30 13:01

    Ok Shanora has hit another grand slam HOMERUN with Who We Are. OMG.... I was a freaking mess reading this book. I laughed, I cried, My freaking emotions were all over the page. At times I was pissed at Eliza and other times I was pissed at Gage. I yelled atmy kindle several times. Telling these charecters "pull your $hit together". This book picks up 8 months after Eliza leaves Gage. Eliza still feeling she did the right thing (picking her future over Gage). Gage is PISSED that Eliza just left him. Then when it seems things are going their way :), another obstacle by the name of Penelope rears its UGLY head. Although Gage LOVES his Ellie he is being blackmailed by that wench to be with her. I don't want to give the whole story away, but I was having a meltdown during periods in this book.Another thing I LOVED about Who We Are. The other band members. We got to see a little Deeds (not much) from him this book. But we got Montana I love hime he is such a great character. I can't wait to meet this girl that has stolen his heart. Roy WOW I knew from Who I Am that he was interesting, however I just feel more in love with him. Holy moly he blew my socks off. I can't wait to get more of his story for sure. I LOVE these boys. I loved meeting the new characters also. Kelsey (Eliza's Co-worker), and we also got to meet Gage's sister. My heart broke for the things she had to endure at the end. My heart broke for Gage. And the freaking epiloge. LOVED It. I just can't get enough of this series. I want more, I'm ready for the next book NOW. AWESOME 5 star read Shanora.

  • Josie
    2019-02-03 13:05

    So I waited for Shanora to release Who We Are the entire summer, was it worth the wait.....Hell to the YES!!!! Shanora delivered another hit...I have read all of Shanora books and I fell in love with this series, its characters and the ending of their story. I was so happy with out the end played out that I would that change a thing at all.Book 2 starts of 8 months laters and Gage and Eliza are both suffering from their break up, I liked the growth in Eliza and Gage. Gage loves Eliza but he Penelope has control and has him hooked, Eliza is not going to stay in the side lines be put second, Eliza has grown and it shows in this book, their pasts will not let the couple be happy and they answer is it worth the fight if both do not fight.I will not add spoilers because it would take from the story, we also get to know other characters in the band, we get to know more of Roy and Montana and we get introduced to Kelsey Eliza co-worker/bestfriend.If you have or have not read book 1 Who He is, trust me this is a series that you have to read, the anticipation was well worth the wait for this book because I could not put it down, I cried, laugh, threw my kindle and was thrilled with the end results.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-01-29 16:18

    I sure missed my Gage, "his hard, rippled body, the perfect sleeve of ink on his forearms, broad chest, ribs, and even his back." Yes, sir I missed my boy dearly. This time around Ellie and Gage are on a whole new ball field and I can say I was so upset with Gage for what he did, and I was proud of Ellie doing what she did in the beginning. I think we see a new side of Gage, perhaps a more desperate side? "No, Elize. What's wrong with now? I'll give you whatever you want. Just tell me." I mean the boy is still fully equipped and we learned some shocking news about his underwear choice, "I lowered his jeans, revealing black boxers with white hearts. I smiled at them and he smirked..." Montana I seriously can not wait for that boy's story I effing love him, "and that was the first time I asked," he muttered. "I saw her again and asked her out the nice way - you know, when you just flirt, smile and ask - and she said no. The third time, she just laughed at me and walked off. Made my balls shrink a little bit. Not even gonna lie." You can't help but love these boys and Gage they're full of themselves and sexiness.

  • Harriet ~ bookworm
    2019-02-05 17:56

    I was so looking forward for this book to come out I loved the first one so much actually read it twice was so addicted to Eliza and Gage's story but this book... :/ I did like this book but didn't love it I felt everything was so rushed there was so many topics that kind of just finished abruptly.I found Gage very different in this book to the first one and I understand there was an awful lot going on with him but the whole Penelope thing ohhhh I just wanted to smack him he needed to get a back bone I found him quite whiney but he will always be a book boyfriend as I can't help adore him! Eliza was really strong in this book like the first one but also got a bit annoying coming to the end.This book was good and everyone has different opinions i can see why people loved this one but I can also see why people didn't love it as much as the first one.Saying all this I'm super excited to read the next book about Roy I actually loved him so much in this one maybe even more then I did Gage I can't wait to find out his secrets :D Really really want a book to come out about Montana eeeek he has always been my favourite in both books he's so funny and cocky :)

  • Akilah Raines
    2019-01-22 16:02

    I'm so late on posting this but I received an ARC Copy for an honest review and that full review will be posted on soon with Nicole Martin! ..... in the meantime.... after waiting a full month Who we are is finally here!!! Us FireNine hoes were ready for more Gage! And for me Montana! I liked Roy in book 1, thee was just something about him and after reading this I loved him just as much as Gage and Montana! I cannot wait for their story, its gonna be Goooood! ;).... but full review to come! #TeamMontana #TeamRoy

  • Milan
    2019-01-18 19:22

    This book was even better than the first. "But you gave it a lower ranking" I know I know. But it was still amazing. There just part of the story that dragged. It was all perfect until the lake house. That's when it went downhill for me. The ending was not what I expected. I just felt like she wanted to get over writing the book just as I wanted to be done with the book already. I thought more action would have happened (you'll see what I'm talking about once you've read the book). I love all the boys. And I really love Kelsey! This was an amazing book still 4-4.5 stars.

  • Paula
    2019-02-08 17:55

    5 freaking big stars.......omg how I love love love this series, Gage n Ellie after book one, I'm so glad they FINALLY have their HEA , book two was just as good as book one, at times I did want to hit Gage and tell him to grow a pair, but as the old saying is love conquers all........ Too f ing true :)

  • Megan
    2019-02-15 13:56

    Loved it!!!! I was so happy to see the characters grow so much. Ellie turned into a women with confidence and an edge. In the first book she was too soft and innocent and he was too much of a prick. But they ended up balancing out. Shanora Williams has made a loyal fan out of me!!!

  • Kayleigh Davies
    2019-02-09 12:56

    Just got this this afternoon and sat here for 3 hrs straight reading it, literally haven't moved from the couch. And all i can say is it was perfect!

  • Crystal
    2019-01-26 13:18

    UGH! Such a waste of paper. crappy story. crappy annoying characters. waste of money waste of paper to print the book. waste of time in my life that I will never get back.

  • Melissa
    2019-02-10 19:59

    holy fucking shit this was epic, i wanted to bitch slap penelope , yell at Gage to wake up at one point but i sooooo love Gage and i got the ending i wanted..

  • Amanda Barnes
    2019-01-29 13:55

    Roy was totally badass in this book!! I can't wait to read about him!! These first two books have been amazing .. I can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the FireNine guys!!