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What happens when you agree to help your brother “de-nerdify” so he can catch the attention of the popular Chloe Anders, and to everyone's surprise, he actually lands her? And what if his equally geeky friends come running with girl wish lists of their own, offering money for your services? Well, if you’re sixteen-year-old, Delyla Denson, then you start The Romeo Club. A sWhat happens when you agree to help your brother “de-nerdify” so he can catch the attention of the popular Chloe Anders, and to everyone's surprise, he actually lands her? And what if his equally geeky friends come running with girl wish lists of their own, offering money for your services? Well, if you’re sixteen-year-old, Delyla Denson, then you start The Romeo Club. A secret club where she’ll teach these guys how talk, act, and be cool around girls. It’s a win-win situation. She’ll get enough money for the awesome prom dress she’s had her eye on, and the guys, well, they’ll get dates and maybe learn how to do something other than beat the next level on their video games.There are only two problems with this plan. One, her quarterback/track star boyfriend is getting jealous of how much time she’s spending away from him and decides to try and figure out what’s going on. And two, Delyla is kind of falling for her brother’s BFF, Trey who she’s been hanging out with a lot more. And who thanks to her help, has caught the attention of the beautiful, perfect, and popular, Portia Rickard. With Portia and Trey heating up, Delyla realizes that maybe the person she’s meant to be with has been in front of her all this time. But falling for Trey means she’ll have to take drastic measures including sabotage, with a capital S....

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  • Amber
    2019-03-26 08:02

    You know, I started out really loving the idea of this book. It was cute and sweet and even kind of funny, but I loved the premise. I wanted to see how turning some nerdy guys into guys that would be date-able, and even attractive would be played out. Especially the aspect of seeing someone you grew up with in new eyes. Well, it was a disappointment.It started out really great. With the exception of the next door neighbor's dog who was humping everything in sight and wreaking havoc in the neighborhood (this part of the story I felt could have been left out entirely and the book would have benefited immensely) , I liked the beginning quite a bit. I enjoyed reading about Delyla (the spelling of her name bothered me a lot though) transformed her somewhat geeky older brother, Drake, into something the elusive Chloe Anders would be interested in dating. While this part of the story went a little too fast for me, I felt like they could have drawn it out a little more to be more effective, I enjoyed it. As a result of his transformation and new dating life, a few of Drake's friends decide they also want Delyla to help them with similar results. Thus begins the formation of 'The Romeo Club'.Here was my main problem with this novel though. As Delyla delves into the makeover stage of her journey she begins to notice her next door neighbor, Trey. He is smart and funny, and has all the same interests as Delyla. Not to mention he is hot. So not surprising that she would start to feel something for him. For me though, it totally felt like the attraction was one sided. Trey is continuously asking for Delyla's help with winning a girl called Portia. This made me actually not like Trey as much. Portia is described as being only interested in going to beauty pageants, her looks, her clothes, not being very smart, and loving a dance show on tv that Trey actually detests. So why does he go for her? She's pretty. Um, yeah. Nice. So while Delyla is falling for Trey, his sights are set on this shallow girl. It didn't really make me love him. Not to mention the fact that the boy was flipping clueless. Delyla is pining for him, mean while he is coming to her EVERY TWO SECONDS asking her to teach him how to hold hands, how to ask Portia to Prom, and then, this was awesome, how to KISS. Granted, these scenes were pretty good on the romance factor, but it was the aftermath that bothered me. After he learns how to kiss from Delyla, he goes right back to Portia and kisses her. He keeps taking her on dates and holding her hand and asking her to Prom. Where in this do you feel anything romantic from Trey's POV? You don't. I feel like maybe a dual POV would have been immensely more effective in this novel so everything didn't seem one sided from Delyla. I needed to feel somewhere along the way that he was also interested in her, not just Portia, and I didn't really get that. It was actually pretty hard to read about how much it hurt her to see Trey with Portia when she had these feelings for him. Here is where things fell apart for me. Once Delyla decides that she actually has real feelings for Trey, she gets rid of Rex, her boyfriend at the time. That's ok, people fall out of 'like' all the time. However, once she gets rid of him, she goes about trying to sabotage Trey and Portia. This turned her into a character that I did not like. I also didn't find her ways of sabotage very interesting or actually effective in the least bit. They just made her seem kind of clueless and not very bright. At this point the novel also got a little bit ridiculous because Trey was in a relationship with Portia and STILL asking for advice that he should have been able to figure out on his own by that point. Then when everything came to a head, it was an even bigger let down. Trey becomes a huge jerk, avoiding Delyla, purposefully not sitting anywhere near her when they are in the same vicinity, not talking to her for weeks, and saying mean things. This made me like his character even LESS than before. I don't feel like it's really a spoiler to say this, but at the end of the novel when these two finally get together for real, the explanation as to why he was acting the way he was the entire time was very lame, brittle, and completely disappointing and unbelievable. It honestly didn't even make sense. I wasn't buying it. I mean, you just don't act like that if you have feelings for that person. Sorry.For a very forgiving reader, I could see them liking this story. I, however, did not. I enjoyed parts of it, but as a whole I was extremely disappointed in both of the main characters. By the end I didn't want either of them to be together because I just didn't like them. I would not recommend this book.

  • Cassie Mae
    2019-04-16 07:23

    5 Holy Balls StarsThe GistDelyla's big bro, Drake needs help to land the girl of his dreams, and after Delyla turns him into "boyfriend material," Drake's group of friends (known as The Nerd Herd) ask her if she can do the same for them. Since she's in desperate need of a prom dress, she agrees to the payment plan they offer and they set up The Romeo Club.Now is the part where I squeal over this storyline because A)We have nerds! and B)How freaking fun is this going to be??The CharactersDelyla is a nerd in hiding. Loves video games and fantasy con and can talk geek to no end. But she's well-rounded, spending time on the soccer field. Her voice is HILARIOUS. There is not a dull moment in this book and the phrases that came out of her mouth were so funny, I ended up scaring my children multiple times as I burst out laughing. Delyla may not have figured everything out love-life wise, but where's the fun in that if she knew right away just how hot those nerds are?Trey is the boy-next-door, with the dark hair, blue eyes, and super adorable shyness that I just want to eat up. This is my kind of male lead. The awkward guy who tries just so dang hard to get the attention of our female lead, but comes up a bit short. Give me something to root for! And Trey, man oh man, I was rooting for you. :) The supporting cast were all fabulous. I felt like I was watching a teen version of The Big Bang Theory, each with their own lovable, geeky quirks, but the big thing... their friendship. I want to hang out with these guys. (Even the pervy CC.)The WritingVery fast-paced. Seriously not a dull moment when I just wanted to get somewhere. The plot starts right there in chapter one and I was immediately drawn to Delyla's voice. Fun. Adorable. HILARIOUS. It reminded me of Kristen Walker's A Match Made in High School or Rhonda Stapleton's Stupid Cupid. Both books I adored. I need The Romeo Club in paperback to complete my funny bone book collection.Final ThoughtsMy favorite reads are romantic and sweet or funny as heck. This one was both. Definitely more on the humorous side, which was good for me. I'd recommend this to teenagers, for sure. And it's going on my re-read shelf when I'm having a rainy day. LOVED!

  • Rachel
    2019-04-24 07:28

    Cute, fluffy, funny, and nerdy. Doesn't get much better than that. :)

  • Ornella (Nyx)
    2019-04-03 05:10

    3.5 StarsExactly what I needed :)

  • Laura Greenwood
    2019-04-15 07:26

    Review forthcoming on http://a-reader-lives-a-thousand-live... I received a copy of The Romeo Club in exchange for my review.Delyla has the looks, the popularity and the boyfriend, meaning she has everything that can help her brother, Drake, get the girl he wants, if only he de-nerdifies. Though Delyla has something she's hiding too, that she is just as big a nerd as her brother and his friends. When Drake lands the girl, his friends want help too, and Delyla forms the Romeo Club, with the aim to teach the boys how to talk to girls, how to dress and what to say. But despite Rex, Delyla can't help but notice how things are between her and her brother's best friend (and her friend) Trey, and how much the two of them have in common, and she finds herself going further than she would consider with the other boys to help him...not that she has her own motives or anything!The best way I would describe this book is across between Clueless (the film) and The Big Bang Theory with a little High School thrown in. And for the record, I love both of those, almost as much as this book (because everyone knows I prefer reading!) The book was funny, realistic and sweet, as well as being just that tad nerdy in places.Delyla, the main character, was so relatable. I'm the first to admit that I do have a kind of nerdy side (especially considering how many books I read!) but I also have a very girly side as well, what with the dressing up and make up etc. And that is exactly what Delyla was, not just about the nerdy stuff, but not just about the dresses either. I mentioned the Big Bang Theory above, and I really do mean it, Delyla reminded me slightly of Penny.The chemistry between Delyla and Trey was so obvious early on, and there were so many times when I wanted to call them idiots for not realising they liked each other, and that Rex and Porita were wrong for each other. Though saying that there was a moment where I considered that Carter may be a better fit for Delyla but I changed my mind!But the absolute main best thing about this book was the friendships. They felt so real with the teasing and the banter, particularly the Romeo Club/Nerd Herd boys. There was also the friendship that Delyla has with her best friend Kenadi, which was exactly like what a best friend relationship is at that age, they told each other everything.I honestly can't think of anything bad in this book, definitely worth checking out if you want a funny, light romantic read!

  • Books
    2019-03-28 02:24

    This book has been on my 2014 book wishlist since the beginning of the year, so imagine my excitement when an opportunity came my way to read and review it! Yep, I was super excited. Going into it I knew that this was going to be a romantic comedy, so I was fully prepared for an astounding amount of candyfloss light and fluffy romance. Still, The Romeo Club managed to surprise me with the number of times I laughed out loud while reading it, and the fact that there was one scene that actually had me sobbing. It was the scene where Delyla offered to take care of the neighbors’ troublemaking dog for a week. You’ll have to read it to know why I cried during that part. I’m not going to spoil it for anyone. But just so you know, Jimbo (the dog) was an absolute treat and I loved how the author brought him into the story for comedic relief.Like I said earlier on, this was a fast and fluffy read. The only thing that gave away that it was written by a self-publishing author is the handful of grammar errors. Nothing serious, but it was there. The characters were all terrific and I appreciated the fact that the author didn’t stereotype Delyla’s ex boyfriend and Trey’s girlfriend. Those two characters could’ve easily been the typical popular high school kid antagonists, but they weren’t. It was so refreshing. The Nerd Herd is the stereotypical nerds you find in your everyday YA rom coms, but it didn’t matter to me because they were absolutely adorable! Especially CC who had me in hysterics with his antics.The romance is what you expect: sweet, butterflies, sunshiny, and predictable. Again, it didn’t bother me at all because I was distracted and entertained to the max by Delyla and Kenadi’s actions to sabotage Trey’s relationship (the scene with the seagulls was classic!). Of course it’s easy to figure out what will happen with whom right at the end, but I didn’t feel let down by the outcome. I rooted for Delyla because she is such an amazing character, so I was happy for her when things turned out the way it did at the conclusion.I recommend The Romeo Club to anyone looking for a few hearty laughs and a feel-good romance. Fans of YA books by Meg Cabot and Eileen Cook might very likely enjoy this offering from Rebekah L. Purdy. I know I did!

  • ChuCha
    2019-04-24 04:23

    Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakRating: 4.5 StarsDelyla can make your dreams come true – transforming you into the best person that you can be and getting the dream of your dreams.It all started when her brother asked her for help to ‘de-nerdify’ him so he can get the attention of the popular girl, Chloe Anders – and with her magic wand (a little bit of talent and hard work), he actually lands her.Now, his group of friends who is equally nerdy as him came in for help, offering money for her services. With the goal of that beautiful prom dress she could never afford, and yes helping these bunch of nerds out of the goodness of her heart, she agreed. Hence, The Romeo Club was formed. Its objectives includes teaching these guys how to talk, act and be cool around girls.They get the girls. She gets the dress.What she didn’t expect was to suddenly have these feelings for one of them – problem is though 1) she has a boyfriend: a popular jock who is getting jealous and maybe a little pissed of how she is spending less and less time with him 2) Trey (yes, that’s the name of the guy) is going on a date with the girl he wanted, the beautiful and popular Portia.Is it too late to finally see that the person who was meant for her was just standing in front of her for the longest time that she was too blind to see? You will laugh, tear up a little, cheer for our characters and adore that dog who keeps on messing on Delyla’s life, and bringing all the naughtiness in this story.The promise of the novel being HITCHED meeting The Secret of my Success proves true. I really enjoyed the story, had pleasure in watching these ugly ducklings turning into a full-pledge swan, and even Delyla standing up for herself after the club was exposed and ugly rumors flew around. The ending was just wonderful, I didn’t see that ‘plan’ coming along. I thought I had it figured out already, but CC and the rest of the gang still surprised me.If you enjoy clean, fun, and great young adult romance – you would hate to miss this.✪Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.✪

  • Emma
    2019-04-11 06:01

    Oh you guys are going to love this one. Imagine if you will the cast of The Big Bang Theory as teens and Penny is really a closet geek. Got your attention now ;)Delyla is dating a hot senior and is hiding her true nerdy self, I can’t say she’s really pretending to be someone she’s not as she is sporty and quite girly, however, she isn’t being her whole self, if you know what I mean. A case of lack of disclosure.With prom coming up, Delyla’s brother enlists her help for a make-over in order to land his dream date. It is such a success that his friends, ‘the nerd herd’ also request Delyla’s help in exchange for payment to purchase her prom dress.The only problem is that the transformation works better than anticipated making Delyla realize she’s overlooked one of her best friends for far too long. The chemistry between Trey and Delyla was electric yet Delyla was still afraid to admit how she really feels in case it ruined their friendship. It was hard to watch Delyla help Trey court another girl. You really felt Delyla’s dilemma caught between her own feelings and the need to help her friend.Resorting to sabotage added an additional level of humor to the story, throw in a very horny, underwear stealing dog and you have many laugh out loud moments peppered through the narrative. The story also touches on some deeper images but the most outstanding was loyalty and friendship in all its forms. This was truly heart warming.Delyla’s character progression was lovely to watch, proving that no matter what you should be yourself, despite the lure of popularity and peer pressure.The Romeo Club is cute, funny and more than a little swoony :)

  • Erin E
    2019-04-18 08:25

    I got to read a 1st draft of this... LOL hilarious!!! can't wait till everyone else can read it... :D

  • Carrie
    2019-03-27 06:24

    Read and reviewed as part of the Blog tour. Review originally posted on Once Upon A Dream Books.The Romeo Club is a contemporary YA novel that follows Delyla after she successful helps her brother clean up his image and get a girlfriend. Naturally, after one member of the Nerd Herd having success means that all of them want the opportunity. Seeing a way to finance the prom dress of her dreams, she agrees to help them out. But the Romeo Club, might just be the one think that changes her whole junior year. I added this book to my TBR list a while before the blog tour came out. So when YA bounds sent out the email looking for tour hosts, I just had to accept.I did like this book, but I kind of have some mixed feelings about it. I'm not a teenage, yet I read a lot of YA books. In fact, over 50% of the books I read a year are YA books. Maybe closer to 75%. So I am familiar with the wide ranges of stories out there. But I don't usually read contemporary books, no matter the age group. So, I'm willing to admit that could have something to do with it, but it took a bit to get into her head. She was almost too teenager for me. Like I got slapped upside the head with an old label or something. I'm not even sure I thought like her when I was that age. And because of that, it really affected how soon I got into the storyline itself. I've read several books with characters in high school that didn't have that same level to it. Maybe it was the book or maybe it was the fact that we weren't warriors or dealing with some supernatural baddie that made her seem younger. I'd be interested in hearing from people who read a lot of contemporary YA books and what they think of the narrator's voice. But once I pushed that aside, and started getting involved in the story, I loved the book. The Nerd Herd had the right blend of geekiness and potential that I enjoyed watching them on their transformations. Because no matter where they were in the process, they were still themselves. They may have cleaned up some, but it was more about them broadening their horizons and gaining some much need confidence that really inspires.To me, Delyla was a pretty standard teenage. She has her own family issues -don't eat at her house EVER- and boy trouble. She's unsure about a lot of things, but the things she knows, she KNOWS. The advice she offers is good, and meant to help them. But as she starts helping her brother's friends, she realizes that what she knows and accepts may not be what she thinks it is. And all that advice she's given out? Time to follow it herself.I rather liked watching her figure things out. She's got humor and determination. So watching her come to understand just how much Trey might mean to her was an interesting journey. He had the right blend of allure and geekiness to make him such a great character and love interest for her. I liked all the reasons he had to like her, things that she didn't see or things she didn't advertise to the rest of their school.Too many times in novels you see characters changing for someone else or wanting someone to change for them. But this wasn't like that. This book was more about being yourself, no matter what your wearing. I rather enjoyed that. I liked that the fact that these two already knew each other so they couldn't build up any fake walls to lure the other in.And as far as Rex -the boyfriend- is concerned, I liked him. I'm never going to be the one to root for the jock character, I like the underdog or rebels better, but he really wasn't too bad of a guy. Her relationship highlighted certain things that she needed to see and learn from. It made things interesting as she reexamined her life as she learns some growing up lessons.In the end, all parties of the romance triangle have choices to make based on what they've learned from themselves on this journey. I'm satisfied with the ending. My inner geeky fangirl wore such a goofy grin while reading the last few pages. Because this was really a cute story.

  • The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club
    2019-03-28 05:11

    We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know more about this book, go to the post in our website:The Romeo Club by Rebekah L. PurdyIf you are interested, you can visit our website:The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan ClubThe Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club's Review:Rate: 4,5 starsReview:The Romeo Club is one of those sweet romances involving hot and funny nerds that end up stealing our hearts. This YA contemporary romance stole my heart and had my full attention from the very first page and left me with a big, goofy smile after finishing it. To me, this book would perfectly be in my Summer Reads category. Meaning, that this is the perfect read for this summer.The Romeo Club starts with Delyla's brother asking for a make over to her sister in order to have the courage to ask the girl he likes out. Due to the success of Delyla's makeover, she ends up with three more boys, friends of her brother, who also wants a makeover. The Nerd Herd is a difficult group to work with, but if that means that Delyla can have her dreamed dress... why not?However, things get a little bit more complicated when she can't say about The Romeo Club to her boyfriend, Rex. Avoiding him was one thing. But when she starts to feel more than friends with her neighbor, Trey, also her brother's best friend, things just start to get messy.My favorite characters were The Nerd Herd. C. C. was hilarious. He's the typical friend that is always saying nasty things in a nerdy and innocent way. Like he's a heartbreaker, everyone knows it, but they are too afraid to go with him. I had a smile on my face every time he said something to Delyla. Kevin's the shy one, but also the more reasonable. And Trey's the boy next door. The typical nerd that you don't see at first as more than a friend, until you start noticing him and realize how hot he is. And not only that. He and Delyla had liked the same things and were super cute together. Far more than Delyla and Rex. Drake, Delyla's brother, cannot be count into the Nerd Herd, since he got his girl on the first page of the story and after that he was seen as way more "cool" than the three other guys. Although he was a good brother and an awesome guy.The relationship between Delyla and Trey is one of those relationships who the two characters are comfortable with each other. They like the same dorky things and they care for each other. They had some attraction from the very first page and that was palpable. I liked how their relationship changes completely throughout the story.I had to admit that sabotaging Trey's date was something I didn't like. However, I could understand that If you like someone, sometimes you tend to do some mistakes. There's drama, there's romance and there're some cute, funny and lovable nerds. I loved every single chapter in the story and I even suffered with the main character at the end of the book. I highly recommend this book to those readers who like adorkable YA romances filled with hot nerds that make the story interesting, funny and worth reading about.With a beautiful and swoony ending and an amazing plot, Rebekah L. Purdy wrote a YA contemporary romance that you won't like to miss. Give a chance to Delyla and her techniques to get a date to every single nerd! And if you are a boy, you can even get some tips!

  • Rachel Marie
    2019-04-17 07:11

    This review first appears on Guys. I just...I just loved this book. Seriously. It was so cute and fun and...I just loved it. Delyla is trying to figure out how to afford the prom dress of her dreams, when her brother asks for her help in giving him a makeover, so he can get the girl he likes to finally notice him. When his friends see that it actually worked, they enlist Delyla's expertise to help them as well. It's a perfect solution: the guys will finally get the girls they like to notice them, and Delyla earns money to get her prom dress. Until, you know, she realizes that's she's crushing on his best friend Trey. Hard. Not going to lie, the thing that probably won me over the most was the fact that her brothers and his friends were called (by Delyla, at least) The Nerd Herd. Ummm how cool is that?? (Hello, blog title anyone) Someone else has a Nerd Herd too my friends aren't the only crazy ones whaaat. (I say my friends, I was the one who dubbed us that, never imagining it would stick. Um, it did.)I loved the characters. Y'all already know that I love nerd characters. Delyla was most of a secret nerd, but she still was a nerd. (And I totally understand the AP class struggle, girl.) She was really realistic, and I felt like I could connect to her, relate to her. The Nerd Herd was adorable. Maybe because they reminded me of some of my guy friends from high school (sorry guys, but true), but they were so nerdy cute. In fact, I loved all the guys, just as much as Trey. (Okay, why didn't I have a guy friend like him in high school??)Even more so than the romance though, one of my favorite parts about this book were the friendships. The banter, the teasing, the beating each other at video games. It was so realistic, and just fun. I mentioned while reading that this book just made me actually laugh out loud so many times. (Actually, at one point, I forgot I was in the living room and started cracking up at something and my mom was giving me weird looks but it's okay I'm used to it.) And again, maybe because it reminded me of my friends, but I think that just helped it be more realistic (as in yes, things like this actually happen). (Uh, the friendship aspect, not the romance aspect.)The romance was super cute too (and I never say that). It was slightly frustrating in the sense that you just wanted to shake Delyla and Trey and say "why are you dating other people just date each other already". But, this also played out in a fun way. Delyla's attempts to sabotage Trey and Portia (with the help of her best friend Kenadi) were hilarious. (And the way the friends tricked them into finally talking to each other was just the BEST: "So how did they lure you in?" "[fantasy] Con tickets" "Nerd" "...And what did they tell you?" "Con tickets" "Bigger nerd." --taken from page 245/98% of eARC)So, if you haven't guessed yet, this was a SUPER cute book, and I just loved it. And you should read it. Just do it. Do it for the Nerd Herd guys, if for no other reason.I received an eARC for the blog tour. This in no way affects my opinion.

  • books are love
    2019-04-21 05:25

    This book is hysterical. It will have you in stitches. Delyla is the popular girl that hides her inner nerd from everyone except her brother and his "nerd herd" friends. That is actually what they called themselves that is until they ask Delyla to reimage themselves like she did for her brother Drake. than they become the Romeo Club. What does the reimage involve? Well they do what she says in terms of clothes, hair and cologne. She gives them lessons in talking to girls and dating. they even get homework and notebooks because they need to take notes. The first assignment say hi to the girl they asked her to help them get dates with. What cracked me up the most in this one was when they were practicing on her, CC instead of saying something nice said hey your bra strap is showing. Seriously C.C. not going to get you a date, a slap in the face but not a date. Trey though does well. In Trey is being noticed more and more by Delyla who is dating Rex but starts to have feelings for Trey. trey is asking her to pair himself up with a beauty pageant, dance reality tv loving girl whom he has nothing in common with. To help him, they watch dance tv together and she helps him decide where to bring her. As they get to be closer friends, Delyla's attraction grows. As she helps the Romeo club, her relationship with Rex wanes. They hardly see each other and barely talk to each other about things other than sports. when they do see each other it is to kiss. Rex is a nice guy as long as he isn't around his friends. Peer pressure takes over there. One time Delyla and Rex go on a double date with Trey and Portia, her and Trey get locked out of the house and start playing soccer in a tux and her in a formal gown, the lawn sprinklers turn on and they get soaked. they run to the door but its locked so they jump a fence and get caught by guards who have to call their dates. My favorite is the neighbors dog who steals porn from the garbage, people's lingerie and humps the gnome while Delyla is being blamed for it all and being thought of as a perv by the neighbors. Or when she is avoiding Rex and dresses as a popsicle.As her attraction for her BFF grows, Trey gets closer to Portia. this drives her batty and she goes on operation sabotage. Her antics are hysterical. These two so belong together. Delyla in all her hiding of her true self is a nice sweet and smart girl who is just trying to do something nice and help others and unfortunately she falls for one of her recruits. As she does fall, she realizes who she is with is all wrong and that she wants to be her and be liked for who she is and not for what people see. Trey is a great guy. Kind and smart but does do a douchey thing towards the end. I was so pumping my fist when Carver paid Delyla attention and she helped him. Also when trey realized he was an idiot after Drake told him so what he does is beautiful. A funny light read that will have you in stitches and rooting for the "nerd herd". A book that teaches us people come in all packages: nerd, jock and it doesn't matter as long as they are kind and true to themselves the beauty shines through. It shows that love knows no bounds and that it is what is on the inside and how you treat people that matters and not just looks.

  • eileen
    2019-04-25 01:12

    Check out more of my reviews at Singing and Reading in the Rain!The Romeo Club is cute and nerdy, the perfect combination for someone who’s a fan of romances that start between long-time friends and subsequently develop into something more.When Delyla Denson helps her brother get a date with his long-time crush, his friends find out about it and want the same advice, which sets the stage for our story. As she helps CC, Kevin, and Trey land the girls they have their eyes on, Delyla deals with her fair share of drama, such as conflicting feelings towards her neighbor and brother’s best friend, Trey. I really liked the idea of the whole Romeo Club (what Delyla called her match-making “services,” so to speak); it was cute and funny, although I felt like the beginning was rushed. Within the very first chapter, she was helping her brother hook up with someone and then in the next chapter all of her brother’s friends knew about it and wanted to get in on the action. Either way, after I recovered from the abrupt shift, I began to enjoy it all.I found that I actually related fairly well to The Romeo Club, mainly because it was a lot of back and forth in terms of her affection for Trey and vice-versa. It wasn’t something I noticed until three fourths of the way through the book, but it set up grounds to which I could sympathize with the overall conflict. However, despite how much I sympathized with Delyla, I wasn’t a fan of her whole “sabotage” mentality. It’s mentioned in passing in the synopsis, but when I fully got a taste of what was going on, I can’t say I was an advocate for her behavior in trying to ruin Trey’s love life for her own selfish reasons. Especially when you spend that much time setting a guy up with a girl he seems to really like, you can’t just abruptly switch to the sabotage with a capital S tactic.I wasn’t particularly to fond of the whole subplot of Jimbo, the neighbor’s horny dog. While he was there purely for comedic relief, more times than not I was wondering how he was even relevant. He basically was there to steal the neighborhood’s belongings, and somehow, Delyla would ALWAYS catch Jimbo in the act of stealing something, take it from him, and then the stolen item’s owner would conveniently show up. Upon seeing the lost item in Delyla’s hand instead of Jimbo’s, they’d be like, “You’re so disgusting and foul, I can’t believe you’d steal something like this!!!” even though she would try to explain that it was the dog. What was even the point of that? I didn’t quite understand why that part was even included because it felt like it weighed the entire book down, and not even the neighbors’ wrath towards her, but the inclusion of Jimbo and his owners’ characters.Despite how negative my review makes this book out to be, The Romeo Club is a flamboyant read, and I would recommend it to fans of high school romances.

  • Faye
    2019-04-19 05:17

    Delyla's brother, Drake, asked her to help him have a make over in order for him to gain the attention of Chloe, the girl, Drake's been crushing over. Little did she know that her success in helping her brother would also make her brother's friends want her help. This was the start of the Romeo Club. Delyla may be an athlete, popular, and with a cool boyfriend to match, she is also hiding something about herself and that she too is a nerd who loves science and plays video games. In helping her brother's friends, she realized that she's attracted to Trey and the more she spends time with him, her feelings grew. Which become the starts of her problems since she has a boyfriend and Trey likes another person. I enjoyed reading "The Romeo Club" and finished it in one sitting. I liked that Delyla has a close relationship with her brother and that she helped him and the same for her brother's friends. In a way, I thought that Delyla had it all except for the part where she hid something about herself. The Romeo Club was actually good for both her and her brother's friends because while helping them have a new make over and to boost their confidence, she also started to realize something about herself which was eye-opening for her. Although I must say I had a good laugh with a lot of scenes especially those with C.C. I think this is one of the few books that I like all the characters including the antagonists (although they might not be anymore). It was nice to read the success of her brother's friend but I think C.C. is one of my favorite characters. Even if he seems to be the joker of the group when he puts his mind to it, he really does well. I liked the lesson in this story that the one important to you is already in front of you but you're just blinded. In this case, Delyla was that. Although it was predictable and I was right about Trey, I still enjoyed it very much. Delyla too has changed throughout the book but in a good way and I am happy for her especially what she realized about herself and of others. Although there was a part that really saddened me and if not for Trey I would have rooted for another character. And because of that I felt like imagining the what ifs. You just have to read the story to find out what I'm talking about since it would be a spoiler. Although there was one part in the ending I did not see coming with the exes. The Romeo Club gives a good laugh, a light - hearted swoony romance, sweet, realistic, and it also gives a lesson. I received an arc from YA BOUND BOOK TOURSAlso posted at Musings In Fiction Alley

  • Lori Palle
    2019-04-21 05:08

    “Admit it, before me your life was boring.”—DelylaDelyla is popular, gorgeous, and has a great boyfriend; she’s the perfect person to teach her brother’s friends how to be less nerd and more boyfriend material. She’s got a nerd-proof plan to get them all girlfriends by prom. Except, she didn’t expect to question her own life and wonder if maybe she might need a makeover, too. And what’s even crazier? Trey, one of the nerds she’s helping and her friend since toddlerhood, is catching *her* eye just the way he is…“I wondered if maybe they should be giving me lessons in…how to embrace showing off my inner nerd.”—DelylaThis is such a cute book and reminds me of something you’d see on ABC family. There’s some slap stick and embarrassing cringe-worthy moments as our heroine tries to avoid her little Romeo Club secret getting out. We also have very PG relationships and some stereotypical parent and teenager behaviors (told in a pretty tame high-school girl’s perspective).A lot of the embarrassing moments and angst in the story could have been easily avoided by talking so at times I found that exasperating. I was totally boggled by the fact that she couldn’t tell her boyfriend Rex about the Romeo Club, and I actually felt bad for him considering how much he cared about her while she tried to avoid him to keep her secret safe and protect her nerdy friends’ reputation. As for the ending, I’m totally baffled by the fight between her and one of the major characters towards the end, and found the explanation confusing given how the later chapters played out.However, it’s still a very entertaining story and one that I wouldn’t mind my teenager (if I had one) reading. If you love stories where two best friends fall for each (who doesn’t? I’m a sucker for these), then you’ll enjoy this story! I hated the fact that she had a boyfriend at the start, but I’m glad he was there playing his part so that we could see Delyla grow as a person (although, considering her next steps after dealing with Rex, she may not have grown very much—but teenagers, what can you do?).Overall, it’s a light-hearted and entertaining story with a very clean teenage atmosphere (no drugs, sex, cursing, etc) and perfectly targeted towards a young adult audience. This is a 3 out of 5 for me!(Originally posted on my blog; I received a review copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.)

  • Nicole Hewitt
    2019-03-31 02:05

    This review and many others can be found on my blog - Feed Your Fiction AddictionThe Romeo Club was a cute, light YA contemporary romance. It took the idea of the nerd makeover and added a bit of a twist (the fact that Delyla was making over a whole group of guys and giving them all dating advice along the way). The negatives:The cover. This is a bit nit-picky, but the guy on this cover does NOT look like he belongs in high school. The girl could kind of pass, but that guy looks like he's pushing 30!Couldn't connect. The main reason that I didn't absolutely love this book was because I never really felt like I connected with Delyla. I just kept cringing at her actions - her constantly lying to her boyfriend, deciding she was in love with her friend Trey (right after she made him over, of course), sabotaging Trey's relationship - the list goes on. I just couldn't bring myself to really like Delyla, so I couldn't connect with her all that much. The only times I did like her was when she was with Trey, but things with them ended up getting so messed up that I wasn't even 100% sure I was still rooting for them for a while there.What I loved:The Nerd Herd. This was Delyla's name for the group of geeky boys that she was helping (she didn't say it meanly - it was an affectionate name). This group of guys was definitely the best part about the book! Delyla was definitely at her best when she was with them - they were smart, goofy and fun - and shared her love of video games. The guys made Delyla realize that she didn't have to hide her inner nerd, which I loved!Trey. Like I said, I really liked Delyla best when she was with Trey. He was sweet and fun and obviously a really great friend - basically a super nice guy who deserved to get the girl. The only question was, which girl did he deserve to get?Overall, this was a cute book that will probably work really well for the YA crowd. While I didn't completely connect with the main character, I still enjoyed the times that I did and I liked the overall story. I give it 3/5 stars.***Disclosure: This book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are my own***

  • Ashley
    2019-04-06 06:17

    *sigh* I'm so happy right now I could float! :) Extended review to come!UPDATE: From the blog :) First things first...I have to give a shout-out to this awesome author who is from the MIDWEST! Here, I'll show you my status updates for this book, and I think you'll understand why after the first one. :)05/28 9.0% "Heck yes for an author using 'pop' instead of soda. #midwestlove"05/28 20.0% "Oh, my poor, sweet, lovely girl...your travel agent just called to ask how you want to pay for your trip up de Nile? :D"05/28 40.0% "Thank the Lord that never happened to me! I am dying of laughter!!!"05/28 65.0% "This is a bad idea, Del..."And of course, what I had to say at the very end: *sigh* I'm so happy right now I could float! :)Seriously y'all...if you need a feel-good read, the kind that makes you laugh, and swoon a little, then pick this book up! I had so much fun reading this one!When I first read the blurb for this book, I knew it would be a MUST read for me. I am a sucker for nerdy/geeky guys, and for having a good laugh while reading romance. :) And this one delivers! I mean, think about're a pretty popular girl, dating a pretty popular boy...and you all-of-a-sudden start spending tons of time with your brother's nerdy friends...and you don't tell said popular boy...I mean, things are bound to go wrong, right?!Not only does Delyla have the best of intentions when she agrees to this, but she really does enjoy doing what she's doing. She actually has a really good time hanging out with the guys while teaching them a thing or two about wooing a woman. And they protect her like nobody's business. They don't want her boyfriend to find out any more than she does. Of course, there is one boy in particular that Del starts to wonder if she should be helping...Trey may be a nerd, but he is a HOT nerd. Just trust me. :) And, his social skills are much better than most people give nerds credit for. And he's totally sweet, and fun to be around, and...well, the list goes on and on. He's not perfect. (Althought that's REALLY hard for me to admit!) And as for that "sabotage, with a capital S" bit, let's just say that's what my comment at 65% was ALL about. :) SO, I think you all should head over to Amazon and one-click this funny, flirty, adorable story!

  • Wolfie
    2019-03-26 00:59

    Writer PersonReal rating: 3.5 starsIf you know anything about me, you know that I'm easily annoyed by female protagonists. That's just how it is and it's okay because it has to be REALLY BAD to interfere with my enjoyment of the book.Why am I starting with that?Because I was so afraid that I was going to hate Delyla. Seriously, those first few chapters made me shudder. I was ashamed to be a girl - okay, it wasn't that bad. I was afraid, but I shouldn't have been. Don't be so quick to judge her because she's not what she seems like at first. As I kept reading, I found myself falling for her in a totally platonic way. I empathized with her on a level that was almost scary. I read instead of play video games. I don't spend that much time thinking about what people wear or consider what they "should" wear. But I do understand the joy a sport can give you. I can understand gossiping with your best friend and being super close to a guy. I can understand the kinds of "dirty" jokes you have to make when you're with a group of guys. This is what drew me in. She just seemed so real. Like I wouldn't mind having her a friend, even though I almost wrote her off in the beginning.Don't write her off in the beginning.A main part of this book is obviously the romance. I mean, seriously. Read the title. Check out the cover. Read the synopsis. Go back to the title. You get the idea? You don't get the idea. Yes, it's primarily romance. But I like how it managed to squeeze in friendship and real love and neighborly relationships and humor in such unexpected places. None of it seemed forced and it flower rather nicely. I was so into it that I read most of it in a day, even with my super busy schedule. Granted, it's pretty short. But still. A day to read it.Overall, this was a very entertaining book. At parts I was laughing, snickering, gasping, out loud. Towards the end I was almost in tears. (see: I love when books make me cry or almost cry.) The end was predictably cheesy, but still cute nonetheless. It went with the rest of the book, so it was totally okay. It was definitely worth it. Delyla was, well, a delight. She's cool in her "dorky/nerdy" way.Recommendation: for those who love contemporary, humor, and fun, light reads

  • Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten)
    2019-04-13 06:26

    Thank you to YA Bound Book Toursand author Rebekah L. Purdy for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest review!Find this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten!The Romeo Club by Rebekah Purdy is a really cute and easy read, full of endearing friendships, humor and romance. The premise of The Romeo Club is really quite simple; pretty, popular sixteen year old Delyla Denson has it all; awesome friends, hot-as boyfriend and is quite happy with her life....until she gives her geeky older brother a makeover to help him catch the girl of his dreams and then quickly gets roped into making over his friends as well. Welcome to "The Romeo Club" where Delyla teaches the guys how to act, talk, and be cool around girls. What entails is a lot of fun, laughs and disaster as this teen girl who harbors a secret "nerdy" side finds herself falling for her brothers best friend Trey, a guy who is also currently using his new found self to win over the beautiful girl of his dreams. The idea may be simple, but there's no denying The Romeo Club is extremely catchy! The writing is basic but fitting and as a closet nerd, Delyla is a real nice heroine to read about; easy to like and follow. I may not have always appreciated her methods--hello sabotage--but I certainly appreciated Delyla's desire to admit her feelings and then fight for the guy she loves. I like the idea that the popular girl fell for the geek. The guys in this book are just so sweet and geeky that you can't help but love them--from Delyla's sweet older brother Drake to nerds Kevin, C.C and of course Trey; all will make you smile with their "geekiness" and just want to give them a hug. The romance between Delyla and Trey is lovely and sweet, and I did feel their chemistry with their friendship a solid foundation that Purdy perfectly builds on. Overall The Romeo Club is just a good wholesome read. The book isn't necessary long and once you start you be hard pressed to stop before you reach the end; quickly racing through this really fun and cute tale.

  • Yvonne (The Shadow Realm)
    2019-04-17 06:08

    Also posted on: The Shadow RealmYour brother begs you to give him a make over and help him bag his dream girl. Sounds simple enough right? Well what if his three super nerdy friends want you to work your magic on them too and they are even willing to pay you? You'd do it right? Shouldn't be too much hassle. Well Delyla is gonna find out that even though it sounds like a piece of cake, things are gonna get a whole lot complicated real quick. Especially when she starts to fall for Trey, her brother's BFF. This is my kind of book. It was extremely cute and really funny and jam packed with nerdiness. I really liked Delyla. She is a closet nerd and a soccer star and is so fricking funny. Some of the things she came out with were hilarious and I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion. I loved how close she was with her brother, it was so nice to see such a strong sibling bond. And I liked how she stood up for The Nerd Herd. Those guys were adorable, even if CC was a bit of a perve :PTrey is your typical guy-next-door, so sweet and adorable. I really loved him. He was so awkward and shy I just wanted to squish him. I really do love the nerdy guy.The romance was light and fun and totally sweet. Even though it was predictable it was still really fun to read. I'm glad that Delyla's ex didn't turn out to be a complete jackass. It was a nice change from the stereotypical jocks that are normally portrayed in books.There were a few grammatical errors and some sentences didn't really flow as well as others so this is one reason I reduced a star. Another is that I felt like Delyla went a bit overboard with the whole sabotage thing. I thing she could have handled that a bit better. But other than that I really enjoyed this book. There were even a few tears shed. With a feel-good romance and plenty of laugh out loud moments, this would make a great summer read.*I received an eARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

  • Kirke
    2019-04-23 04:28

    It all starts pretty fast. Within the first two chapters Delyla has denerdified her brother, got him that date and is setting up The Romeo Club for his friends. Delyla is not particularly a specialist, but she knows enough that she can help these nerds. The RC is a success, the boys are gaining confidence, better clothes and before you know it they are actually talking to girls.Spending so much time with these guys, Delyla is having some conflicting emotions. While she has this popular jock boyfriend, she can not help but see her childhood friend Trey in this new light. Which is a bit too little too late, because he is now interested in the ever so perfect Portia. So certainly plenty of high school drama to go around.The concept of the Romeo Club, was certainly endearing and just plain fun. You can really see that light bulb in Delyla's head slowly starting to glow when it comes to her feelings about Trey. They have these sweet moments, which make you root for a happy ending.When Delyla finally realises she has feelings for Trey, she sets out on sabotaging his relationship with Portia. I can not agree with what she did there and it was very selfish. So she could have definitely handled that better.Then there is also the neighbours' dog, no real clue to what his purpose was in this story. It added some funny moments when he stole stuff from the neighbours and Delyla got blamed for it, but other than that it did not feel necessary.My overall feeling of this book was that it could easily be a teen Disney movie. So while the characters are juniors and seniors, it felt aimed at a younger audience. The starting romance between two long-time friends is not the most original, though fans of that will love this book. The Romeo club is a fun, fast, geeky read.*I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*

  • Lynda Dickson
    2019-04-02 03:16

    Delyla gives her brother Drake a makeover so that he can win over Chloe, the girl of his dreams. Little does she know that this action will change her life. Her brother's friends, C.C.(Clyde Cornelius), Trey, and Kevin, collectively known as the Nerd Herd, are impressed with the results and want Delyla's help as well. Delyla reluctantly agrees, as their payment will allow her to buy the prom dress of her dreams. Thus is born The Romeo Club (or TRC). In between dealing with TRC, wrestling with Jimbo the underwear-stealing dog, and keeping TRC a secret from her boyfriend Rex, Delyla manages to stir up some trouble in her own relationship.Things become even more complicated when Delyla realizes she is interested in Trey, who is Drake's best friend and who she's known all her life. As they spend more and more time together, Delyla's feelings for Trey deepen. How long can she keep giving him advice on how to win over Portia? Everyone has a breaking point, and Delyla may have to resort to sabotage to get what she wants.This book offers of great blend of romance, comedy, and tragedy. The author especially uses humor to great effect. I love the scenes where Delyla's mother serves up her weird meal concoctions and her father praises them. My only complaint is the use of annoying names such as Drake, Delyla, Kenadi, Rex, Mikah, Clyde Cornelius, Trey, Portia, Deandre, Carver, and Latasha. It's obvious one person (namely the author) came up with these names, not eight sets of parents. This is a light, quick, and fun read suitable for younger teens but sure to please older teens as well.I received this book in return for an honest review.

  • Pretty in Fiction
    2019-04-12 05:14

    The Romeo Club by Rebekah Purdy is a too-cute-for-words romance about looking for love and finding it where you least expect it: right in front of your face.To say I fell in love with The Romeo Club would be an understatement. I love all of these boys, from Delyla's brother Drake, to C.C. to Kevin. But I especially have to put in a good word for Trey. Seriously. Hottest. Geek. Ever. And it's even better because Delyla is an undercover geek herself sotheyarejustsocutetogether! Gah! Okay, mini fangirl rant over.So, I really adored this story, if you couldn't tell. I'm always up for a girl falls in love with best friend/neighbor/brother's best friend... You get the picture. The Romeo Club was right up my alley. Delyla and Trey have known each other forever, but Delyla doesn't see Trey as anything more than her brother's best friend, even if she acknowledges his hotness. That is, of course, until the Romeo Club forces her to look at him in a different light, and that's when things get good.There wasn't much I didn't enjoy about The Romeo Club, but I will list a few things that got left me wanting more. The writing structure is very bare bones, and I wish there'd been just a little more detail. The story was just too cute to really care, but I still think it could've benefitted from a little more meat added to it. There were also a couple of little plot holes I found myself wondering about at the end, but that could just be in the ARC I was reading.Overall, the story was worth reading, even with the few small quirks I mentioned. If you're looking for a quick, fun read with loads of adorable guys, twists and turns, and geeky love, The Romeo Club is definitely for you.

  • Kim
    2019-04-01 08:21

    Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads.The Romeo Club was an adorkable young adult romance that sucked me in from the very start. I pretty much guessed the storyline from the beginning, but that didn't matter. I wanted something sweet and fluffy, and relatively uncomplicated, and this book definitely fit the bill. I have a bit of a thing for geeky guys. It's true. The boys in this book reminded me in some ways of the characters from Big Bang Theory, a show I absolutely adore. They were smart, cute in their own way, and completely clueless when it came to girls. Delyla may be a popular athlete with an even more popular boyfriend, but she enjoyed letting her inner geek girl out, too. I identified with her and, while I might not always agree with the things she did, I really liked her. I enjoyed watching her school the Nerd Herd. Even more, I enjoyed watching her with Trey.He was much more perfect for her than her current boyfriend, Rex, was. They had a ton of chemistry, were obviously into each other, even if they didn't both see it at first. This was just an all-around fun book. I loved the characters. I loved the banter and the relationships - friendships, familial and romantic. If you're on the lookout for a quick young adult read that is fun, flirty, and more than a little geeky, you have to check this one out. You won't be disappointed. If anything, you'll want more of this story and the characters, just like I do. :)I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Heather Fleet
    2019-04-10 02:20

    Rebekah Purdy knocked it out of the park with The Romeo Club. Absolutely adorable, fun young adult read that will force you to re-live your high school years in the best possible way!Delyla's got a lot going for her. The perfect boyfriend, the perfect soccer career, the perfect...everything. But perfection doesn't necessarily speak the truth. And when Delyla's takes on the job of de-nerdifying her brother and his friends so they can get the girls of their dreams, she begins to realize that maybe somethings are not so cut and dry after all. Especially when it comes to her love life. Falling in love with her brother's best friend was never in the plans. But how can she not when he's exactly the type of person she can be herself with? She doesn't have to hide her nerd-isms. Nor does she have to talk sports all the time either. Instead, she's simply...Delyla. Delyla was a fun character to read about. The type of girl I saw myself hanging out with in high school. She's sweet and loving, gives as good as she can get. And everyone else's happiness, comes before her own. (Well, except for a few minor sabotage issues, but hey...everyone's got secrets, right?) I found Delyla to be a breath of fresh air with her humor, especially. Too many girls in YA books are down on themselves, with no confidence. But Delyla was exactly the opposite, and I really appreciated how Rebekah made her this way.If you love books, with humor, a swoon worthy boy, and a cleaner sort of romance, then The Romeo Club is the perfect book. My only issue? It had to end...and I was dying for more! But alas, all good things must come to an end, huh? :(

  • Michelle
    2019-04-25 07:24

    The Romeo Club is a super cute match making book. Perfect for lounging by the pool or on the beach. Delyla helps her brother get a new look and the confidence to ask out his popular crush and it works like a charm. Suddenly his three geeky friends all want help from his younger, but popular sister. Delyla needs money to buy a prom dress so she quickly starts up the Romeo Club to help out her brothers geeky friends who have never been kissed or even asked a girl out. But Delyla is convinced that with the right clothes and some romeo lessons that she can land each of them their crushes. I really liked getting to know each of the three guys. They were hilarious and adorable. Delyla is like one of the guys too. She gets along great with her brother and all of his friends because she is secretly a huge dork too. She loves playing all kinds of video games, but people at school don't know about that because she is dating a popular jock and she is a soccer jock herself. I liked how she didn't fit into any of the high school stereotype boxes. She was smart, played sports and was a huge gamer. Throughout the romeo club Delyla starts to get closer and closer to one of the guys. The book is a little predictable but it was satisfying because what you want to happen, does happen. I liked that. If it was full of huge twists and turns, then I probably wouldn't have gotten the outcome that I wanted from the start. The Romeo Club is a funny and super cute romantic read. It is a feel good book that I think is a perfect spring or summer beach read.

  • Lenore Kosinski
    2019-04-12 03:59

    Yup, stayed up til 2am and read it in one sitting. Super cute read. Had a lot more coming of age of Delyla than I was expecting, but I really enjoyed that....I kept wondering where the Jimbo side story was going, but it was really affecting and showed growth in Delyla. The characters MADE this book....from the leads of Delyla and Trey, to secondaries -- Kenadi was like the quintessential best friend, it was so nice to have a best friend character that fulfills her duties and is the perfect support. Of course the Nerd Herd was awesome, and even Portia and Rex were more well rounded than I was expecting.I had some issues with the ending where I ended up a bit confused....continuity issues? Or I was just tired b/c it was 2am? But it jarred me out of the magic zone and so that was too bad. Still had a great ending, don't get me wrong. (view spoiler)[But I still can't quite wrap my head around what Trey's plan was the whole time. Sometimes it was like he was trying to move on....but then he'd say it was almost like a plan to make Del jealous. I don't know, maybe I overthought it. I guess I'm also a bit cranky with him for practicing kissing with Del, but then being a douche when she said she liked him. (hide spoiler)]

  • Wendi
    2019-03-29 07:13

    What an awesomely written YA book! I loved this!!! It read like Iwas watching a movie! This is the first book that I have read by Ms. Purdy and I will be reading more!Delyla is your typical popular/pretty girl/jock...but she's not! She has a secret nerd side! Her boyfriend is the hottest guy in school, and this year is HER year, junior year and prom! There is just one problem, her brother is the leader of the nerd herd! A situation arises and she finds herself in the middle if the nerd herd, helping them get girlfriends all the while juggling her own boyfriend and AP classes. After an encounter with one of the nerds she finds herself questioning everything she thought was right.I loved Delyla! She was a weak scrawny h! She spoke her mind and was super strong!! I absolutely loved Kenadi! Every girl needs a best friend like that! Thank you for the diverse characters!!! This was a huge breath of fresh air! Nerds, jocks, people of color! It is so nice to read a book that had real life 'friends' in it! Bravo! I rooted for Del and Trey, but I really liked Rex too! I don't want to give anything away, but it's a great, funny and witty read! Go get this book! Like, NOW!

  • Hilda
    2019-04-24 06:14

    Alright, so I was a bit skeptical when I picked up this book. The premise was a bit odd to me--helping a bunch of nerds change themselves to get girls. WELP, I was pleasantly surprised! It was definitely a cute story. Some of the elements actually reminded me a lot of the How To series by Cassie Mae that I love so much. I guess the whole nerds-are-better-lovers theme!! Really, nerds cannot be discounted in life. They're generally the coolest people--and some of the nicest, kindest that I know. Delyla wasn't the worst female lead I've come across lately, however, I don't know how I feel that she was so "blind" to Trey's affection for her for so long. Almost made me feel like she was really undeserving in the end. I think part of my dislike for her was due to her pettiness and her attempts to sabotage whatever was going on between Portia and Trey. Not a big fan of that sort of drama. I was also really hoping that something would happen between her and Carter. I almost felt bad for Trey because I felt like he wasn't the best match for Delyla. The chemistry between Trey and Delyla wasn't off the pages for me so I wasn't in total awe of The Romeo Club but it was not a bad read!