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Venice, 1745—an age of reckless pleasures, playful artifice, and baroque excess. An accident has reduced Tito Amato’s glorious singing voice to a husky croak. A tragedy— but also an opportunity. The once celebrated male soprano is now determined to prove himself as a director. With the theater losing subscribers to a rival company headed by an unscrupulous impresario, SanVenice, 1745—an age of reckless pleasures, playful artifice, and baroque excess. An accident has reduced Tito Amato’s glorious singing voice to a husky croak. A tragedy— but also an opportunity. The once celebrated male soprano is now determined to prove himself as a director. With the theater losing subscribers to a rival company headed by an unscrupulous impresario, San Marco’s Maestro Torani charges Tito with locating the perfect opera to fill the seats in time for the opening of Carnival. Surprisingly, a second-rate composer provides the very thing—an opera so replete with gorgeous melodies the public speculates it was written by the late Antonio Vivaldi. Even more disconcerting are the rumors swirling around Angeletto, a male soprano imported from Naples to sing the lead. Is the singer truly a castrato or a female soprano engaging in a daring but lucrative masquerade? Both matters lead the perplexed Tito into dangerous waters that turn murderous when Maestro Torani undergoes a series of increasingly vicious attacks ending in his death. And Tito is the prime suspect. His own life as well as the future of Teatro San Marco now depend on his skills as a sleuth….   ...

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Whispers of Vivaldi Reviews

  • Vivian Harrington
    2019-03-10 07:32

    Whispers of Vivaldi, A Tito Amato Mystery~ by Beverle Graves Myers What a rollicking good read! Whispers of Vivaldi is a murder mystery that is set in the gloriously flamboyant Venice of 1745; and the protagonist, Tito Amato, is former star opera castrato who has lost his voice and has a nose for investigating. The tale involves the competing interests of two rival opera houses to present the perfect opera, the extreme measures directors of the theaters would take to gain the advantage, and the reliance of the artists upon the whims of the elite for political and financial support. Amato stumbles upon the libretto for an opera written by an unknown that reminds him of the lyrical beauty of Vivaldi’s finest work. But the Teatro San Marco needs the approval of the cultural officer to stage the production. Amato gains approval, but only if the Teatro San Marco is able to procure Angeletto, a newly discovered castrato sensation in Milan, to play the lead role. Rumors abound about whether Angeletto is a true castrato or an imposter. A beloved Venetian maestro is murdered and Amato is the prime suspect. He must use all of his sleuthing skills and resources to save himself and discover the real killer.This is the 6th book in the series but the first I’ve read. The author paints a delicious portrait of Venice in the waning days of its glory. Tito Amato is an engaging character and the story is well plotted. It is also clear that Ms. Myers has performed a great deal of research on 18th Century Venice. I am eager to read the other offerings in this series.

  • Julie
    2019-02-20 12:47

    Despite the cheesy cover art, a good read

  • LJ
    2019-03-13 10:45

    First Sentence: The one thing I never miss about the opera career that had brought me fame and fortune is jolting from one engagement to another in lumbering mail coaches, watching the roadside vegetation unfold in brain-numbing boredom.Tito Amato is determined to prove himself, to Maestro Torani, as worthy of being the director of the Teatro San Marco. But they are competing for their audience against another theater with a more modern style of programming. When a composer presents to Tito a glorious new opera, styled in the manner of Vivaldi, Tito wants it to be the season opener. The opera house’s patron agrees, but only if Tito can sign Angeletto, a spectacular castrato singer from Naples, to sing. However, is the singer truly a castrato, or a woman in disguise? What is the motive for the brutal attack on Maestro Torani? It all leaves Tito searching for answers.What a fascinating look at the being-the-scenes wrangling, politics and rivalries of a theater. Myers than takes all those intricacies and incorporates them into the equally complex layers of society and religion.Oh, how helpful would have been a Cast of Characters. It did become very confusing, at times, trying to remember who everyone was and how they fit into the story. Even so, the characters are fascinating. Tito is the narrator. For those who follow the series, it is interesting to see how his life has evolved. However, it’s of no matter for those who have not as Myers does provide an adequate backstory both for Tito and his wife, Liya. Their relationship adds an extra dimension which brings particular depth to the book and her use of Tarot and scrying set her apart. The fact that Tito works with the head of investigation, Messer Grande, adds realism to the story. Messer Grande is an interesting character in this own right…”I was familiar with the look that settled on Messer Grande’s face. Documents were leaping from drawer to drawer in the cabinet that made up his spectacular memory.” The use of Vivaldi as a character was wonderfully done. It is particularly interesting as he never actually appears in the story. It was very nicely done.Myers has a wonderful voice…”Venice never slept. Well, perhaps you could argue that my city drowsed during the worst of the summer heat, when the wealthy made their annual villeggiatura to cooler mainland estates. But a deep, snoring, head-buried in pillows sleep? Never.” It is also very clear that she knows, and loves, music. Tito’s complaint about the soprano’s style is one with which I agree about many of today’s singers…”His original tutor must have schooled him in nothing but embellishment, so determined was Angeletto to add thrills and tremolos at every opportunity. Neapolitans! They wouldn’t recognize moderation if it smacked them across the fact and challenged them to a duel.”“Whispers of Vivaldi” is not all about music. There is also a wonderful false path, an excellent plot twist and heart-pounding suspense. I highly recommend it for lovers of music and/or historical mysteries. WHISPERS OF VIVALDI (Hist Mys-Tito Amato-Venice-1745) – VG+Myers, Beverle Graves – 6th in seriesPoisoned Pen Press, 2014

  • Laura
    2019-03-03 12:23

    Beverle Graves Myers brings 1745 Venice to life in her latest Tito Amato Mystery. Tito was once the toast of the town as the adored castrato of the Teatro San Marco. He lost his revered voice in an accident, and now assists the Maestro Torani preparing the theater and cast for each new production. Teatro San Marco must compete against another Opera House for patrons as well as Senate support. Tito must find an opera that will not only sway the vote of the Senate, but also fill all of the seats during Carnival.A relatively unknown young composer approaches him with a masterfully written opera entitled The False Duke. This could be exactly what Teatro San Marco needs to fill the house and avoid snuffing out the candles for the last time. The opera is approved, buy with the stipulation that the new up-and-coming castrato in Naples, Angeletto, must be cast for the lead. Tito once again travels to negotiate the contract to bring the acclaimed male soprano to perform the lead role in The False Duke. Unfortunately, Tito’s problems begin to multiply instead of diminish. Something odd is going on with Maestro Torani. He seems to be hiding something, even from Tito. Someone attacks him, and then tragically murders him. Tito is the main suspect of his beloved Maestro’s murder. Rumors swirl around the Teatro San Marco about both the new opera – could it be an original opera or stolen from the great Vivaldi? And could the celebrated Angeletto be a woman masquerading as a castrato? Amid all of these problems, Tito is banned from the Teatro, and from asking questions about the murder of the Maestro. He cannot stop looking for the killer – even if it puts him in mortal danger.This is the sixth Tito Amato Mystery, but the first one I have read. It easily stands alone as a solid mystery. One might think from reading this review that it is just another cozy mystery set in an unusual location. That would actually be fine, I am the first to admit I love to curl up with a cozy, but this novel has much more depth than most cozies. Ms Graves Myers takes us on a ride down the canals in a gondola, experiencing murder, adultery, deception and intrigue along with her characters. She paints rich, layered pictures with her words throughout this novel. The plot is served to the reader like a delicious, sometimes rowdy, lovely Italian feast. Each course is a joy to behold, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter and wonderfully satisfying in the end. Savor Whispers of Vivaldi, enjoying each chapter as it is laid out before you. Copyright © 2014 Laura HartmanDISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: I have a material connection because I received a review copy that I can keep for consideration in preparing to write this content. I was not expected to return this item after my review.

  • Bev
    2019-03-11 05:47

    Whispers of Vivaldi is the latest mystery in a series by Beverle Graves Myers. Her Tito Amato books are set in 18th century Venice with a hero who has been a singing sensation in the operatic world. Unfortunately, an accident has ruined his beautiful singing voice but his retirement from center stage affords him the opportunity to play a role behind the scenes. His friend Maestro Torani asks Tito to help him find a way to renew the flagging interest in the San Marco opera house's musical offerings. Tito is hard-pressed to find something to bring back the patrons who have abandoned them for a rival opera house.A chance meeting brings a new, untried opera to Tito's attention and he must convince not only Maestro Torani, but also their wealthy patron that a story about a Duke who exchanges places with a huntsman and gives up his comforts to seek solace in the life of a country man has story and music enough to enchant the masses. The score is beautiful and the story has twists and surprises--and most mysterious of all, it is rumored to be the work of Vivaldi himself. Tito manages to convince those necessary and when he also manages to bring in Angeletto, the current male soprano singing star, to sing the lead it seems that all is falling in place. But mysteries continue to surround the production and the plot takes a dangerous turn when Maestro Torani becomes the target of various accidents and finally...murder. More murders follow and Tito must rely on his old friend Messer Andre Grande (the chief constable) as well as his own talents as a detective to unravel the plot behind the deaths before he becomes a final victim..This is a decent mystery. Great historical setting and interesting characters. Ideal for historical mystery fans. An entertaining read for the bulk of the story, although I must admit that I found my attention wandering now and then (I'm not as into opera as I thought I might be). And my Golden Age preferences make me want a fairly-clued mystery. There is, as others have noted, a twist ending...but I just didn't feel like it was adequately clued for the reader to have detected the culprit based on evidence given throughout. There is one big clue that might lead you there...but I didn't pick up on any real evidence for motive or other supporting clues.First posted on my blog My Reader's Block. Please request permission before reposting. Thanks.

  • eyes.2c
    2019-03-06 10:19

    Artistic espionage and murder in 1745?This has it all really. A complex historical mystery set in magical Venice.Castrati, feuding opera houses, rumour and slander, intrigue, deception and murder, and of course, action via gondolas.Teatro San Marco, Venice's premier opera house is failing.Singers and musicians have been poached by a rival company. Now that competitor is looking to steal away the official Venetian patronage that The Teatro enjoys.As a counter tactic and a last bold move Maestro Torani, Venice's most revered opera director, is persuaded by Tito Amato, himself a Castrato, to stage a new production by a Venetian, The False Duke. A production that fittingly echoes reminders of Venice's renowned son Vivaldi.Looking to bring something different to the performance Tito goes to Milan to entice a Castrato, Angeletto, to star in the performance. Rumours and gossip however are already proclaiming that the Castrato is really a woman.Disaster strikes when, Maestro Torani, Tito's beloved mentor and friend, is murdered during a musical soirée held at the palazzo of The Savio alla Cultura, Signor Arcangelo Passoni, a member of the Doge's inner council. Circumstances have Tito as the main suspect. As I moved further into Tito's story, my interest was well and truly claimed. I was fascinated by the places, the descriptions of Venice and the people met.There are some excellent lines. I was struck by Tito and his manservant Benito's discussion about motives for Torani's death, 'Murder is much like the opera--it hinges on life's great passions: love, hate, envy, revenge.' (I'm sure there is a clue here if only I could see it. I nod my head at this accumulated drop of wisdom) Of course, as with anything, all is referred back through 'The Opera!'As I came to know Tito more, I came to appreciate the superb gift he is to the storyline and the reader.A NetGalley ARC

  • Amy Lignor
    2019-02-21 07:27

    Set in 1745 against the incredible landscape of Venice, this is one mystery that highlights the art, seduction and excitement of a world long gone. Tito Amato is Venice’s local opera darling. But the talented male soprano who once brought beautiful music to everyone’s ears is now retired. Not because it was time, mind you, but because an accident occurred that transformed Tito’s once soaring voice into more of a croak. Tito’s new career involves helping the Director of Teatro San Marco, a true master by the name of Maestro Torani, win back audiences that have slowly fled to a competing opera company. Tito is hoping that a new opera, The False Duke, written by Niccolo Rocatti, a former student of the incredible Vivaldi, will help fill the empty seats. Securing permission to stage the opera comes with one condition, however; that Angeletto, another male soprano, be imported from Naples in order to sing the lead. Strangely enough, gossip soon begins that this male virtuoso on stage is actually not a male at all. When the maestro is killed at a reception honoring Angeletto, Tito becomes devastated by the loss of his very close friend. He decides to help with the investigation to find Torani’s killer, but soon becomes the number one suspect in the crime.For readers who have already seen the magic of this series, this is the sixth book by this author featuring Tito. Even for people who are not opera buffs, the stunning history is something not to be missed. This new case uncovers much about Vivaldi, the Red Priest, who any music lover will attest was a near perfect composer. The book is beyond delightful, and many will hear Vivaldi’s famous, ‘The Four Seasons’, echo in their minds as they take a walk through Venice and enjoy the world of opera, and the darkness of murder.

  • Mirella
    2019-03-02 06:32

    If you’ve never read a Tito Amato mystery novel, then you are surely in for a pleasant surprise. The story is wonderfully complex with plenty of intrigue, betrayal, innuendo, and murder. Oh, and did I mention the wonderful setting of Venice?The story centers around the famous Teatro San Marco, Venice's premier opera house, which is struggling to keep its doors open. A rival company has opened and is gaining fame and popularity with opera goers who are quickly abandoning the Teatro San Marco. Desperate to keep its doors open, Tito Amato, a castrato, persuades the director to produce a newly discovered opera by the Great Vivaldi, a native son of Venice. Tito offers to travel to Milano to coax a promising young castrato singer with gaining fame to on the lead role. Much to Tito’s surprise, the singer agrees and follows him back to Venice. That’s when Tito discovers that the young male singer is really a woman. When the director of Teatro San Marco is discovered murdered, Tito becomes the main suspect and sets out to prove his innocence.Because of my strong Veneto roots, and having been to Venice several times, I was truly impressed with the author’s knowledge and research of the Serenissima, its buildings, and history. She truly brought the story alive with rich descriptions that gave me a strong sense of being there. The main characters, especially Tito, are compelling and as big as life. And of course, the plot was simply enthralling. I definitely recommend this novel not only to lovers of Italian historical fiction, but to aficionados of wonderful, cozy mysteries. This is definitely a book to savour!

  • Kathy
    2019-02-19 05:29

    Poisoned Pen Press has a wonderful stable of authors, Beverle Graves Myers included. I love going back in time to 1745 in Venice. The thought of being transported to Venice is enough to make you want to read this book. In 1745, Venice is mysterious and alluring. The author did a wonderful job of transporting the reader to 18th century Venice. And the mystery was well plotted and intriguing. A rivalry has developed between two opera houses. Tito Amato's voice has been compromised thus he takes on directing an opera instead. There are questions about who wrote the opera the competing opera house is producing. Then there are questions about the sex of Angeletto, the soprano Tito hires for his opera. Amidst all these questions there is a murder. Can Tito solve the mystery...I'm not a fan of opera and had barely heard of Vivaldi before reading this mystery but it was not a concern. The story is such that you do not need a prior knowledge of opera...just the love of a good mystery. And all the better that it is set in 18th century Venice.

  • Antoinette
    2019-03-07 09:37

    Venice, 1745. Tito Amato, a once celebrated castrato, has lost his singing voice and works as a director for the San Marco opera theater. San Marco's Mastro Torani charges Tito with finding the perfect opera to fill the seats and then to impost a male soprano from Naples to sing the lead. In the midst of the rumors involving the true authorship of the opera and the actual gender of the castrato, Maestro Yorani is murdered and Tito is a suspect. His murder is followed by another and another, until Tito's life finally is threatened by the most unlikely of murderers. Sixth in the Tito Amato Murder series, the author Bevele Graves Myers clains that this will be Tito's last adventure. Too bad.The book has all the themes I love. It's a mystery, set in the 18th century, in Venice and it's about opera. What's not to like?

  • Steve
    2019-03-15 06:40

    A classic who-dun-it set in the Baroque opera world, with a castrato as sleuth. I liked it for two reasons. First, I'm a long time opera buff and enjoyed the backstage look at opera production in the 18th Century. Second, it is truly a puzzle with lots of twists and turns. Even though this was the sixth of the series, I have not read the earlier five. But, there's enough background that this was not a problem. I probably will go back and read the earlier novels. My only quibble is that the sleuth wife (how's that for a teaser) is a Jewish woman, baptized as a Christian, who actually follows "The Old Pagan Religion." Thirty or forty years ago, this might have seemed daring, now it strikes me as trite. There are just too many "Old Religionists" in a Christian world nowadays.

  • Pam
    2019-02-23 12:17

    Such a nice trip through 18th century Venice. I love these books if for nothing else but that, but the characters are dear and the plots seem realistic enough for me to have the happy hours it takes to read the books and locate myself throughout the Venice of Amato.I gather from a bit from the author that this is the last in the Amato series; I suppose the concept can only be taken so far but I'm happy to conclude on this note..

  • Cissa
    2019-03-05 12:24

    I adore books that give me a window into how people actually lived in societies and eras other than mine.This was very satisfactory! It was a fascinating mystery, and also an intriguing look into a world I knew nothing of.I will be rewarding more of this series!I got this book via Rambles for review, and here's a link to the more expansive review I did there:

  • Kate
    2019-03-03 11:29

    I liked this novel a lot, though it was the first one I had read in the series. Set in Venice shortly after Vivaldi's death, the plot involves an opera with a mysterious origin, a marvelous castrato singer, a personable castrato director, a murder, nefarious plotting, a spoiled "princess" and powerful aristocrats. Fun, good for music lovers, with a unexpected twist at the end.

  • Kathy jenkins
    2019-03-19 05:44

    My first book by this author. Sweet easy read. I liked the setting, Venice in the 1700's and the premise, an opera star solves mysteries revolving around what we now call classical music. Took a bit too long to get into the story but the period is well researched and the plot has some twists and turns. I would read more by this author

  • David Marshall
    2019-03-05 10:18

    A very impressive historical mystery which revolves around the production of a supposedly new opera score in the leading opera house in the Venice of 1745.

  • Amyem
    2019-02-18 10:23

    I registered a book at!

  • Ginger Stanford
    2019-03-13 05:20

    Sad that this is gonna be the last Tito book!