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Knight errant Wikipedia Deadly Premonition Rustle Rogues PART ERRANT Welcome back to the national pride parade G Rogue Errant Michael Leigh Books Rogue Errant Michael Leigh on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Vintage paperback Rogue Define Rogue at Dictionary n s, idle vagrant, perhaps a shortened form of roger with a hard g , thieves slang for a begging vagabond who pretends to be a poor scholar from Oxford or Cambridge, which is perhaps an agent noun in English from Latin rogare to ask Another theory Klein traces it to Celtic cf Breton rog haughty OED says, There is no evidence of connexion with F rogue arrogant. Rogue planet Wikipedia Errant Define Errant at Dictionary Old French errant, present participle of errer to travel or wander, from Late Latin iterare, from Latin iter journey, way, from root of ire to go see ion Old French errant, past participle of errer see err The senses fused in English c but much of the sense of the latter since has gone with arrant. Rogue Definition of Rogue by Merriam Webster W Somerset Maugham, Moon and Sixpence, He s a lovable old rogue a rogue who had nothing but contempt for people who made their living honestly Adjective Americans assume that our country was built by rogue males but there s to the breed than wanderlust and rugged individualism. Rogue definition of rogue by The Free Dictionary The hero s rogue servant, Chispa, seemed to me, then and long afterwards, so fine a bit of Spanish character that I chose his name for my first pseudonym when I began to write for the newspapers, and signed my legislative correspondence for a Cincinnati paper with it. Ramblings of an Errant Rogue About Me Name errant_rogue Location Los Angeles, California, United States I am a living anachronism I m a throw forward from another time Don t get me wrong, I m thankful to have been born here in the th century, because it gives me the luxury to play with and explore that pull I Banks use AI to catch rogue traders before the act Imagine if you could stop rogue trading when it was just the spark of an idea a stray thought sparked by a trader s expensive divorce, a big loss suffered at a poker game, or growing


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