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Sammy's back for another weird adventure! Ever since Sammy discovered that there are crazier animals in the world than just lemurs and lions, his life has become pretty weird. So when a Mongolian Death Worm turns up at his zoo, he's not that surprised. The Death Worm needs help: his best friend, Bert the Yeti Chief, has gone missing. Can Sammy summon the Ministry of YetisSammy's back for another weird adventure! Ever since Sammy discovered that there are crazier animals in the world than just lemurs and lions, his life has become pretty weird. So when a Mongolian Death Worm turns up at his zoo, he's not that surprised. The Death Worm needs help: his best friend, Bert the Yeti Chief, has gone missing. Can Sammy summon the Ministry of Yetis and rescue Bert? He's going to need help from his old friends Donny and Red, not to mention a very reluctant Wish Frog... An action-packed adventure for the Wimpy Kid generation....

Title : Sammy Feral's Diaries of Weird: Yeti Rescue
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ISBN : 9781782061908
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 256 Pages
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Sammy Feral's Diaries of Weird: Yeti Rescue Reviews

  • Pop Bop
    2019-04-08 02:54

    Weird FunAs Sammy observes, "Mongolian death worms, missing Yeti Chiefs and retired wish frogs. Weird by anyone's standards...right?" Yes, but let's back up a bit.Sammy Feral lives with his Mom and Dad and brother and sister at the Feral family zoo. Also living at the zoo are Donny and Red. Red is a moody emo teen with telekinetic powers. Donny is a famous cryptozoologist, cryptozoology being the study of imaginary and mythical animals.But of course it turns out that "imaginary" and "mythical" are rather fluid concepts, and the Feral family zoo is where the real versions of these beasts tend to end up. And cause problems. Or need help.You don't really need a coherent plot for a book like this. In this one, there is some folderol about a Mongolian Death Worm who is searching for his kidnapped pal, the Yeti Chief. Sammy, Red and Donny assist the Worm with the reluctant aid of the Wishing Frog. As you might imagine, this quest is soaked in mayhem and complications. What you do need in a book like this is an agreeable narrator/hero, engaging characters, interesting guest characters, and a lot of snappy banter and weird action. This book scores high marks in all of those categories.Twelve year old Sammy has an excited by basically rational voice, and is an appealing guide through the otherwise lunatic proceedings. The book is meant to be, more or less, drawn from his diary and his chatty narrative and his deadpan acceptance of the more outrageous episodes is what really grounds and sells the story.Mom, Dad, the siblings, and Red and Donny are the insane/manic/odd/endearing characters who perk up the proceedings. Even though they are over the top they don't wear out their welcome and their basic weirdness adds spice to the tale. The guest characters, (including the already mentioned Worm, Yeti and Frog), are the ingredients that add variety from book to book, (an earlier book is heavily into werewolves), and the author really lets himself go in animating the personalities of these characters.But finally, you have to play this for grins and chuckles, and that's where the book works especially well. There is a certain amount of nervous hand wringing by Sammy, considerable banter between Donny and Red, and some very dry, deadpan smart mouth from Worm, Yeti and Frog. There is no violence beyond mild cartoon violence and the menace mostly takes the form of pithy one-liners, so this is purely fun action/adventure.The quality of the writing is quite high; I think the more manic the action the more restrained and tightly crafted the writing has to be, or else the whole thing spins out of control. And the author keeps this enough under control for it to be accessible to and satisfying for a younger reader.So, some laughs, some adventure, and imagination to burn. Weird.Please note that I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for a candid review. Apart from that I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.

  • Stormi (Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!)
    2019-04-16 19:07

    love the Sammy Feral books that I have read so far and can’t wait to continue with this fun and sort of goofy series. Sammy’s family owns a zoo and in the first book some strange things happened to all of his family but him. (I won’t say what in case you haven’t read it.) Because of what happened he met Donny and Red who go around tracking mythological creatures.Donny and Red have been staying at the zoo and nothing in Sammy’s life is ever normal. Everything that happens is always making into his diary of weird. It gets weird when a poisonous death worm comes to the zoo looking for the wish frog because his best friend Bert, the Yeti has been kidnapped. Yep, it’s getting weird!Sammy wants to help Genghis, the worm find his friend and that means calling in the Ministry of Yeti’s which leads to some interesting weirdness.Feral family home turning into a yeti hideout = level 7 on the Feral Scale of Weirdness!Yeti rescue is filled with a lot of fun and adventure and extreme weirdness and that is what makes it a great book for young readers.

  • Barry
    2019-04-20 00:57

    My five year old son picked this one out at the library and 'really wanted to read it'. Since it's going to be a challenge for ehis reading level it's been the bed time story for the last couple of weeks.Well, the little fellow enjoyed it and there were parts where I thought he wasn't following it but then he'd mention plot points which showed he was engaged throughout. It's clearly aimed at older children and some of the content skirted the boundaries of acceptability for a little boy (well, at least his Dad - he found some of the 'animal faeces' slapstick hilarious!). The structure of the book was quite original with plenty of art, images which interact with the text etc. I'll have to get used to text speak in kids books now I think.It was okay.

  • Helen
    2019-04-07 19:47

    I read the first book in this series for my Chatterbooks group, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. So when I'd finished my list for Children's Book Day and could choose my own reading again, I decided to check out the sequel.Sammy Feral's family may not be werewolves anymore, but that doesn't mean the weirdness is over. Far from it. A wish frog, a Mongolian Death Worm and a horde of Yetis make sure of that.Sammy has to juggle saving a kidnapped Yeti with school and friends and 'normal' life. He does so in his own inimitable style. Kids will simultaneously wish their lives were as exciting as Sammy's and be grateful that it is not!A great kid's read, that adults can enjoy too. I did.

  • Mark Buxton
    2019-03-31 19:07

    If the plot seems rather silly, it is. However, it's an easy story to follow, and the silliness makes it entertaining. It's not meant to be classic literature, and it doesn't have any hidden, deep messages about life. This book is the second book in a series, I didn't read the first one, but this story stands by itself. There are references to the first book, but they don't affect this book.

  • Nadine
    2019-03-31 18:52

    Very cute book. I love all the "WEIRD" things that happen to Sammy. Cute series and looking forward to the next book. Happy Reading :). P.S. I myself would love a Wish Frog!!

  • Patricia Proctor
    2019-04-17 21:58

    Fun read. Fast moving with great humor.this book was a delight to read. not sure where the author got all her imagination! was amazing to see what came up next.

  • Kelly
    2019-04-19 01:50

    This was strange and fun. Definitely a good read for kids who love mythical and magical talking animals.