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Frederika “Freddy” McAllister has loved Logan Gabriel since…well, forever. Unfortunately, she’s spent most of forever in the dreaded “friend zone,” harboring what has to be the longest-running crush of all time. But now Freddy has a plan to make Logan see her as more than just the girl next door: She’ll enter him in Elan Magazine’s Eligible Bachelor Contest, then swoop inFrederika “Freddy” McAllister has loved Logan Gabriel since…well, forever. Unfortunately, she’s spent most of forever in the dreaded “friend zone,” harboring what has to be the longest-running crush of all time. But now Freddy has a plan to make Logan see her as more than just the girl next door: She’ll enter him in Elan Magazine’s Eligible Bachelor Contest, then swoop in to soothe his bruised ego when he loses.There’s just one tiny problem: Logan wins! And that means he’s headed to a mansion in New Jersey where six beautiful women will vie for his affections on reality TV. Making matters worse, the producers want Freddy to tag along and help choose his ideal match. Suddenly her perfect plan becomes a perfect nightmare, as Freddy scrambles to outwit conniving contestants and convince the man of her dreams that the woman of his has been by his side all along....

Title : Ineligible Bachelor
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ISBN : 9781612186863
Format Type : Paperback
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Ineligible Bachelor Reviews

  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-03-11 17:31

    Charming, fun, light and sweet, this book was a perfect evening read for me. The storyline itself was original and lighthearted, and it was a clean read, not bogged down with sex or drama. The story is very well written and kept my interest from start to finish, making it incredibly easy for me to finish the book within just a few hours. The characters are FUN. Freddy is sweet and determined to snag the super sexy Logan. From the start of the book, you can tell they’re perfectly matched, and I was convinced that they had to be more than friends. Their chemistry is delightful and leaves you cheering her on the entire book. I really enjoyed my first read from Kathryn Quick, and can promise you that this will not be my last! Reviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books

  • Dena
    2019-03-07 16:25

    A headline I thought this was interesting. A change of circumstance changes how we we someone we have known a long time. I can see it however Freddy's character kind of ruined it she was to self absorbed in many things instead of just taking chances of saying what she feels.

  • Belle
    2019-03-10 15:21

    Quick easy, summer day read.If you like books where friends fall in love.. this is for you !

  • Keta
    2019-02-28 18:04

    Cute readEven though everyone reading can easily guess the outcome, the getting to it is cute. This is an easy quick read.

    2019-03-12 18:29

    FunThis boom was so funny but understandable it shows how love can overcome anything as long as you are friends and willing to work hard at it. Great read

  • Nadia
    2019-03-12 16:29

    I really enjoyed reading this book, it was funny, sweet and a very light book, in the way there were not many obstacles, complications, or much drama.If you in the mood quick, sweet, witty, read then this is the right book for you! This book was in my mind an "obvious" read, you could almost predict what would happen, it had not any mysterious elements to it, it was exactly what I needed at the moment, a book where what I expected is what I got, and even though you almost knew what happened, there were many times in the book I was surprised by what the characters did, especially Freddy. Oh My Gosh, that girl is hilarious with a capital H, *warning* you should definitely not drink any beverages when reading this book!I love Freddy, Kathryn have created this witty, sweet, vulnerable yet very independent girl, I rooted for her from the very beginning of this book. You couldn't help but be on her side, her personiality is soo captivating, she remind y'all of that one friend you have, you know who I am talking about, that one charismatic, sweet, funny and bit dorky friend that y'all love, she is that person! I loved seeing her be determined that although she was the one who entered Logan in the bachelor tv program, she was gong to fight those other six girls, I really liked how she strong she was throughout the book. Then there is Logan, funny, sexy, charming, easily loveable Logan. I coul totally sympthasize with Freddy when it comes to Logan, he easily makes you like him and he will definitely charm you, until you blush! ;)Although I got bit peeved when it took him a long time to find out his feeling for Freddy, I wanted to go "hello DUH! you love her, idiot" but he totally made up for that with GRAND-GESTURE in the end, omg! it was that Hallmark moment in the end of every movie, where the two main people finally are on the same page and express their emiotions, sigh I got a bit teary :)All in all this book was really good, and if y'all want a break from the suspense, drama or otherwise complicated book and just want a "feel-good" book, I would really recommend this book!

  • Crystal
    2019-02-25 16:12

    Oh. My. God. I friggin' loved this book. Such an adorable story. No sex. Nothing graphic. Just a cute, quick book that I started at 1 AM and finished 3 hours later.I'm a slow reader that early in the morning...The two main characters were perfect. Freddy . . . Poor Freddy cracked me up. I almost feel bad for Logan because she is a fiesty one. She knows that the whole show could boost Logan's career and she is willing to have her heart stomped on for him. I was cheering for her as she nailed those women with paintballs (because lets face it, who wouldn't want to do that) and watching her push another women into Logan's arms made me want to buy her a pint of Ben & Jerry ice cream. I loved Freddy's snide comments about the six women. Hysterical! Logan's no slouch in the adorable sector. Yeah, he's been clueless about her feelings, but once he zeroes in on Freddy, he's not willing to let her go. True, he stumbles a bit along the way, but Logan is there for her and is willing to throw out the contract to have a chance with her. He hated seeing Freddy hurt and I think that woke him up.Such a cute book! The writing was fantastic. I loved the characters together (even the six other women). The bickering between Freddy and Logan, Freddy and Roberto . . . oh hell, the bickering between Freddy and everyone else . . . had me cracking up at 2 o'clock in the morning. I really wanted to see what Freddy would do with Roberto's clipboard once she got her hands on it. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a super quick, cute read that is just really sweet. Definitely won't be my last book from the author.

  • CK
    2019-03-18 19:09

    Freddy has been in love with Logan since they were kids but he of course only sees her as a friend. To deal with this Freddy hatches a plan to enter Logan into a reality TV dating show and when he gets rejected she would console him by letting him know that she thinks he's fantastic, only problem? He doesn't get rejected and now she has to help him wade through the bevy of beauties the TV show has lined up for him.This was an enjoyable and easy read filled with light-hearted fun. There was nothing really challenging about this book so if you have a spare hour or two and you don't want to think too much except to have a few chuckles then this might be the book for you. However if you don't want a book that is easy and follows a predicable path then maybe give it a miss.I found I did have to just go along for the ride on this one as the leaps made first in Freddy plan, which was clearly stupid to begin with, and then when they get to the location Logan suddenly finds Freddy irresistible? But I suppose that is the point, right? No challenge and goes neatly from one scene to the next until we arrive at our happy ending, but if you can just go along for that ride, then enjoy!!

  • Sandy S
    2019-03-09 16:15

    3.5 starsREVIEW: INELIGIBLE BACHELOR is a contemporary romance short story that plays right into the hands of fans of some of television’s reality programming. When Freddy McAllister enters a photograph of her childhood sweetheart into a contest she failed to read the fine print-she had inadvertently entered him a contest to be the next Bachelor for a reality program. Heartsick and heartbroken, Freddy is cast by the show’s producers to choose who stays and who goes. And along the way, Freddy’s heart choses Logan knowing she will be sending him into another woman’s arms.Ineligible Bachelor is a cute, quirky read that delves into the ‘unreality’ of reality TV programming. The writing is simple and the storyline is a quick read before bed. Following a script was never more difficult when two heart meant to be together are forced to choose someone else. But like all romance storyline, all is not lost when the producers see something that neither one was willing to admit.If you like fun, romantic, uncomplicated storylines INELIGIBLE BACHELOR is the perfect read. see all of my reviews at :

  • Linda
    2019-02-28 13:30

    Ugh2.5 stars. The sappy friends to something more romance plot was okay. But there was no description of the characters and how the hell can you suddenly love your "friend" so fast?! It's just so ridiculous that I couldn't stand reading the "cute" get together scenes of Freddy and Logan. The guy pissed me off. The girl Freddy/Rikka/fredricka is stupid. The characters were not very likable nor relatable. Reading this made me cringe. Albeit the story was sappy and cute but it disgusted me. The guy was too dense and the girl wanted his attention and finally got it in the end. This is just my personal opinion of this book; it sucked. Maybe some people enjoy this short read but I cringed every time Freddy did/said something stupid. There was just not enough depth to the characters to make me like them.

  • Gina
    2019-02-25 20:31

    Loved, loved, loved this story! Frederika has had a crush on Logan ever since she first started noticing boys, but he's always thought of her as a great friend. She enters him in a photo contest for most eligible bachelor, thinking he'll lose and she can console him so he'll realize how much she loves him. Instead, he not only wins, he's chosen to appear on Eligible Bachelor, a reality show where Frederika will help him choose the girl of his dreams from six lovely ladies handpicked for their beauty! But once inside the Bachelor mansion, sparks fly! Will Freddy be forced to hand over her Prince Charming to someone else? What made this book so much fun for me was the banter between Freddy and Logan. These are two people who know each other well and converse with just the right amount of sarcasm and affection. Fun and fabulous!

  • Rhonda
    2019-02-27 17:07

    This book was a prime example of always looking and never seeing what you have right in front of you. Freddie has been in love with Logan since she was a kid. He's never seen her that way, well until she enters him in a contest that has him picking one of out 6 women to be the one. Who will he pick. Freddie's plan to make Logan see her as a woman and not just a friend backfires. She should've read the small print for the contest. Now she has to help Logan pick which one of the six beautiful women he will spend 10 days with on a romantic trip. This book was hilarious. The things that Freddie came up with to stop Logan from dating the women were cracking me up. I love friend to lover romances and this is a cute one!

  • Cynthia Jones
    2019-03-02 14:18

    A sweet, somewhat predictable love story for reality TV fansI enjoyed this read very much. The Bachelor-type tv show premise is a perfect setting for friendship to bloom into romance - even if unexpected under the circumstances! Logan and Freddy (it's her nickname) are longtime friends who find themselves thrust into the world of reality TV as unenthusiastic participants. But, being legally obligated and threatened into compliance, they embrace the "game" fully. During the filming, they explore their friendship and goals for life, career and family, finding they have more compatibility than they ever realised. But Logan is here to meet the girl of his dreams! How can they avoid each other and meet their obligations? Can they deny their newfound feelings?

  • Englishrose
    2019-03-06 15:14

    This was a really cute read. Though perhaps a bit predictable and shallow, the story was fun none-the-less. The main characters had a fun interaction, though I felt like Logan didn't need much convincing. The romance had some good scenes and was fast-paced. They had a complicated relationship which seemed to be the driving force behind the story. The side characters, and the show itself, seemed to be a blur behind the main characters. I had hoped for some more action in that aspect, but it set a good backdrop nonetheless. Again, I would have liked more conflict and drama, as most reality dating shows deliver, but it was still a fun read.

  • Redheaded Bookworm
    2019-02-25 14:15

    This book was such a fun read. Freddy has to get her sneak on when her plan to win Logan backfires. She isn't above playing dirty or shooting someone...with a paintball gun. LOL I loved that scene. I loved that it was a "play" on the reality shows that are so popular these days. The characters were well done and the story flowed along at a great pace. The relationship between Freddy and Logan was sweet. The ending was predictable, but that didn't take anything away from the story. There are a few funny parts and some steam. I would recommend to anyone who likes contemorary romance! I look forward to reading more of Quick's work!

  • Rachael Benson
    2019-03-03 16:19

    Meh.Just ok. The main character shares with us her childhood. Yet it seems she has not left it behind in her thoughts and actions. Very juvenile speech and decision making for an adult woman. It's definitely distracting and annoying. If you are expecting the book to mirror the show The Bachelor, you will be disappointed. It only slightly resembles it. The show is in the background, and we never get to know the bachelorettes. The book is focused on the love story of the two main characters. The writing is not that great. Overall, it's a book worth skipping.

  • Steph Moles Krayeski
    2019-02-23 18:23

    The"Ineligible Bachelor" by Kathryn Quick was a quick, light read. It reminded me of the reality television show, The Bachelor. I found Frederika “Freddy” McAllister's character to be somewhat annoying because of her indecisiveness, but she did have some really funny and sarcastic one-liners that cracked me up. On the flip side, I adored Logan Gabriel as "the bachelor!" He was handsome, intelligent, and charming...the whole package. I enjoyed the cute story and rate this book as 3 stars.

  • Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥
    2019-03-20 17:29

    If your looking for a good, clean, fun romance then this will tick all the boxes. It was predictable but actually fun. Freddy's predicament is caused when she didn't expect Logan to win the competition she had entered him for and then to top it all she hadn't read the 'small' print either. Thrown into the Reality TV world she has to watch Logan being drawled over by 6 lucious ladies, which is totally where she didn't want to be. As I say it's a good fun, read that is sex free if your looking for a romance story that doesn't contain raunchy subject matter.

  • Rhianna
    2019-03-18 14:08

    That cute aw momentRather fluffy, but hits the high points for a romance book. You know, the guy falls head over heels and has a rather romantic gesture to prove to the rather dense love of his life he really loves her. After of course our heroine does something stupid to try and get him to notice her. Either way, it's a cute love story.

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2019-03-21 16:32

    An intriguing idea for a plot – a reality show where our hero is the prize, the heroine is not one of the contestants but a judge of a sorts!Read full review in the 2012 Holiday issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • Cherye Elliott
    2019-03-10 13:33

    Ineligible BachelorWhat a fun book. Have to love the happily ever after books. My first experience reading Kathryn Quick's book. Glad I fell upon it. Good read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I.

  • Wendy VerBunker
    2019-03-19 14:17

    I want a movie from this book-it would be so fun to watch

  • Diana (DomesticGoddess)
    2019-03-21 21:25

    Available to borrow through Amazon Prime.

  • Sherry
    2019-03-08 13:10

    a nice quick read.

  • Cora
    2019-03-16 19:08

    2.5 starsVery sweet and fluffy.

  • K.M. Fawcett
    2019-03-10 17:23

    Ineligible Bachelor was a lighthearted, quick read filled with fun and witty banter. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a flirty feel-good read.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-15 15:17

    This was a very good clean enjoyable read.

  • Jaime Scarfuto
    2019-03-15 18:33

    Very cute very short read!! I really liked it!

  • Jennifer Barry
    2019-02-25 17:21

    Very cute read. I'll probably come back to this one when I need something light, fun, and sweet to read.

  • Beth Kiesel
    2019-02-24 19:16

    Three stars because I watch The Bachelor and found the book to be entertaining. Not the best written book I've ever read but I recommend it for fans of reality TV.